SOUTHAMPTON – The advent of Google Earth has made the search for crop circles accessible to anyone in the world!
Google Earth is a mapping program from Google, which uses satellite and aerial imagery to give users visual access to virtually any part of the world.
Since its creation, crop circle enthusiasts realized that this was a new and important tool for finding images of the strange formations. No longer were they confined to searching out images taken by passing planes. A user merely has to punch in coordinates and they are taken to a satellite image of that exact spot.
Crop circles are patterns that are usually created in fields of grain, where the stalks have been flattened to create an image. They almost consistently appear overnight, so there has been no video evidence of their creation thus far. Many believe the crop circles are created by aliens trying to communicate with us, as they are often complex geometric figures that can only be seen from the sky.
Others believe they are all man-made. In 1991, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley announced that they had been hoaxing circles since 1976, using only planks, rope and wire. Many more have proven that they were also capable of creating crop circles by hand, however none of these images have approached the complexity of the most intricate circles ever found.
As the 2009 crop circle season winds down, believers are looking online for images of the best circles. Here are just a few of the ones that appeared this year:
To find Google Earth images of crop circles, check out this collection on a Google Earth message board.

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  1. If crop cicles are created by aliens, then it means that they must be here with us, right? If they are here with us now it must mean that they are vastly superior in intelligence and technology to us, right? I mean we cannot visit their home planet/s. So why,oh why, don't they just talk to us instead of all this fancy mumbo jumbo. The only people that have claimed that the aliens have talked to them are the whacked outs of this world. Why, oh why?

  2. if the crop circle are made by alien, -I dont think they are here…, no, it is a very technologicial form of robots, maybe from other dimensions and maybe from the future, I think, -but it is also possible that it is messages from the dead……… -but the most interesting are that we are the makers of cropcircles, -by our thoughts…….!

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