I’m madder than a leprechaun with a crooked shillelagh about St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is the stupidest holiday of the year, because the Irish are the craziest people on earth, next to the Paleostynians and those nutcase A-rabs. The Irish are basically just Mexicans who speak English.
Why are we having a big parade for a bunch of weirdos who pray to the Pope, believe in fairies and blow each other up?

I know my history, and this great country of ours was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans and other Protestants, not weirdo Catholics like the Irish. If it had been, the Statue of Liberty would be the Virgin Mary!

All the Irish do is get drunk and sing sad songs about dropping dead. Once a year, we let them march down the street, all boozed up on their disgusting warm brown beer. Then they stuff themselves with potatoes and cabbage and stink up the place!

Potato-eating, beer-puking Pope-lovers, that’s what they are!

What have the Irish ever done for America? They stuck us with those damn Kennedys, that’s what. Between their Old Man the crooked bootlegger, down to fat Teddy boy, that family is an embarrassment, not to mention a danger to public safety! Ralph Nader fellow should’ve left General Motors alone and gone after the Kennedys. Their cars should have warning labels instead of bumper stickers.
When St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, don’t get tricked by all the booze and the songs, my fellow Americans. It’s all part of an evil Jesuit plot to help the Vatican take over America! So stay away from all those crazy parades or you’ll end up praying to the wrong Jesus!

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2,288 thoughts on “ED ANGER SAYS: I HATE THE IRISH!”

  1. I have two possible responses to this. If you are targeting Irish Americans (you know, the people who failed in Ireland and their pathtic descendents) then I love you and everything you do. If, however, you are targeting the real Irish, (god's chosen) I lose my sense of humour and now despise you.

  2. Bah humbug to you! There are only 2 kinds of people in this world. The Irish and those damned Orangemen that wished they were. Take that & smoke it. lol in fact very loud. good fun post keep it up. (the posts I mean)

  3. You can thank the Irish for all of these posts. Irish monks preserved literacy and are the only reason we can read and right. So pick up a copy of "How The Irish Saved Civilization"

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  5. I'm as mad as a Kennedy is gunshy!!! Hey Ed, you pinhead, the only reason God created whiskey was so the Irish wouldn't rule the earth!

  6. Absolutely brilliant piece! I can't stand the way the Irish and all their descendants are so bloody pleased with themselves. We're celebrating a race of pathetic, self-loathing drunkards with criminal tendencies. No wonder the planets in the state it's in. All Irish emigres I've ever met are up to no good. Get back there if you like it that much!

    • It's not the Irish it's the Irish Americans … they were the ones to murder African Americans while simultaneously forgetting about their own troubles here in the US as both Anglo and Scotch Irish . Irish Americans delude themselves to anything – they believe that they are the better Irish and at the same time somehow they are able to drink on St. Patrick's Day . They lived with a righteous indignation to be criminalistic , never outwardly Irish , yet they mingle amongst themselves exclusively outwardly displaying this spirit . They're criminalistic and mongrel , but the latter describes them better – they're rabid-deluded stray mongrels assailing and humping everywhere all the while being upmostly proud of and showing off their illgotten German physical aspects in parties and all the while outwardly hinting " Irish " when devising .
      Remember it isn't the " white " people who murdered the Africans – it was the Irish … ALL IRISH …. no Germans .

  7. you're all a bunch of retards. stop wasting so much time on here and find each other, kill each other and let the rest of us move on. i'm irish and i loathe all of you.

  8. I agree with the original poster. I wouldn't hate the Irish at all if they wouldn't act like they are something special. The Irish have done nothing at all throughout history except get drunk, come up with horrible sounding folk music, and think they are important for some reason. That is what gets me: Irish have pride over NOTHING. You have done nothing, you are nothing. They were always militarily weak and played no major role in any World War (all they did was get conquered by England). The Irish are known throughout history as being rather unskilled (I've even had Irish Americans admit this to me). Ireland's history is just plain lame.

    • Pretty sad,the Irish are worthless and have done nothing throughout history?So the Irish have never contributed to massive bloodshed in modern history ,they have never invaded a single country,they have been oppressed and persecuted for almost a thousand years,came close to being wiped out,and now they are thriving,have a successful democracy and government,and have completely dedicated their armed forces to peacekeeping.Trying to clean the mess the colonial powers caused.They speak the most ancient language, Gaelic.The legends and culture have been inspirations to the arts,the monks of Ireland in ancient times spread Christianity throughout the world and preserved literature and the arts in the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire,and have a love for the land and nature only Green Peace could rival.Are the amongst the greatest poets,storytellers and musicians.They have the richest history in the world and have fought for their freedom for centuries and won it from Great Britain at the HEIGHT of its military and imperial power after they forced them out militarily?So they are worthless and pathetic.What you fools have said only reflects upon yourselves.And the Irish are not pushing St.Patricks Day upon you,the majority of Americans want to embrace it,it is a time for them to forget about their troubles,the recession and the pains of everyday living.So put that in your pipe and smoke you stupid peasants

  9. And what is with Irish Americans trying to push their pathetic holiday of St. Patrick's Day (which is nothing more than an excuse to get wasted in the US) on others? They are trying to make it a national holiday in America, and that should never happen. I don't see too many German-Americans, Italian-Americans, French-Americans, or anyone else trying to push their national holidays on Americans, so why do the worthless Irish feel they have to? Their mentality is "Well, we're here, and we've done nothing throughout history………let's celebrate over it! In case you can't figure it out, I HATE IRISH PEOPLE!

  10. Pretty sad,the Irish are worthless and have done nothing throughout history?So the Irish have never contributed to massive bloodshed in modern history ,they have never invaded a single country,they have been oppressed and persecuted for almost a thousand years,came close to being wiped out,and now they are thriving,have a successful democracy and government,and have completely dedicated their armed forces to peacekeeping.Trying to clean the mess the colonial powers caused.They speak the most ancient language, Gaelic.The legends and culture have been inspirations to the arts,the monks of Ireland in ancient times spread Christianity throughout the world and preserved literature and the arts in the Dark Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire,and have a love for the land and nature only Green Peace could rival.Are the amongst the greatest poets,storytellers and musicians.They have the richest history in the world and have fought for their freedom for centuries and won it from Great Britain at the HEIGHT of its military and imperial power after they forced them out militarily?So they are worthless and pathetic.What you fools have said only reflects upon yourselves.And the Irish are not pushing St.Patricks Day upon you,the majority of Americans want to embrace it,it is a time for them to forget about their troubles,the recession and the pains of everyday living.So put that in your pipe and smoke you stupid peasants.Go whistle Dixie.

  11. if the irish want a united ireland, they should go live in ther own country set up for them – the republic! not northern ireland…

  12. Im from spain and live in ireland,And all i can say is the irish are the greatest..really friendly and funny
    who cares wat a bunch of fat judgemental americans think,

  13. I am Irish , We are loved all around the word as we do not think we own it not like the small minded Ed ! , I would say Ed is a redneck who married his sister just like his daddy before him never been out of the usa .

  14. I don't know where to begin,I literally don't . The number of ignorant , stupid and inaccurate comments beggars belief
    First , the lack of historical knowledge is breathtaking. The Irish preserved both christianity and literacy after the fall of Rome,and established centres of learning as far south as Bobbio in Italy and as far east as Kiev in modern day Ukraine. Without the missionary and scholastic vigour of the Irish , Europe would have remained a desolate and illiterate civilisation.Several cities in France,Germany and Switzerland can trace their origins back to Irish missionary foundations
    America has been immeasurably enriched by the tremendous number of sons and daughters of Ireland , that built America and gave her her character. From the revolutionary war, to the present , America has relied upon and has been led by Irish soldiers, generals, and presidents.
    Do any of those who criticise the Irish even know of John Barry,the father of the American navy,who defeated the British navy in the American war of independence? I doubt such mental pygmies knowledge would stretch that far.

  15. The Irish have been very active in the field of science to name a few , Robert Boyle, father of modern chemistery -Boyles law,George Johnstone ,discoverer of the electron. Earnest Walton ,nobel prize in physics for the transmutation of the atomic nuceli (splitting the atom)
    In technology, Nicholas Callen, the induction coil, John Holland first true submarine for the U.S. navy.Louis Brennan ,guided missile. Hypodermic syringe, Francis Rynd.James Drumm,the nickle-zinc battery.James Martin,aircraft ejector seat. Harry Ferguson, the modern tractor.Radiation therapy,John Joly There are literally thousands of patents registered by Irish people every year. Ireland is second only to the U.S.as a producer of software.Much of the technology, software and electronic that is used by the U.S . military is developed by Irish companies. Almost 100,000 Americans are employed in America by Irish companies .The Irish have,on average , a higher education level than Americans ,more than 60% have college education. Ireland is among the leading 10 countries that invest in America, this is remarkable for a very small country of 4 million.

  16. The only people in the world who believe in Lephrechauns are Americans.This is not surprising since Americans know little green men exist,sure ain't they all hiding in area 51.Well apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell is convinced , but wait Mitchell that's Irish isn't it , maybe thats why he's telling stories about little green men.Better watch out for anyone called Mitchell, wicked tricksters who will lure you in with their lucky charms, I fear .

  17. Well I'm glad others hate the Irish. Every Irish person I meet r horrible. The women are two faced, moody. The men r waste of space. Can't handle their drink, act like prats. Some Irish said they can have a good fight…well so can alot of people!! Lack of education. They hate the world even each other. They r selfish n dodgy. Stay away!!!

  18. Hello. I'm 14 years old. I was born here in the United States, in Connecticut. My Dad's parents came over from Ireland on a boat. My Mom is also half Irish. My name is Kaitlin Marie Glynn. I see that there actually to my suprise, racists – mad about MY "mick" descent. I find this so freaking funny! So, my Dad doesn't have an accent but he's full blown Irish. If Irish people are so useless than how come my Dad is making over half a million in salary, selling life insurance, as normal as any other American. (He was born in the US – connectitcut.) LOL yea to amuse everyone even more, guess what my birthday is! St. Patty's day! yup, March 17, 1995. Now, I don't look much into my history. I know that my last name had "Mc" infront of it, which is pretty cool. Haha, so someone said we don't have pride over anything – like hell we do.

  19. The Irish are a nation that should be admired. They originated from a tiny persecuted island, travalled around the world and worked. They built America ! Australia and even built a large portion of modern day England!
    The only people that hate the Irish are trailer trash right wing idiots. They feel threatened by success, which is why they usally also hate the Jewish people.

  20. "Irish people are useless" lol lol lol Funny who they played a major part in the US war of independence and went on to build and rule the greatest country in the World. The USA!
    The British are the ones that are usless… they made a mess of everything they touched. Even in WW2 it was us the americans (many Irish americans) that saved their ass. Ireland is for the Irish get the Brits out!
    The Irish are the true master race!

    • the irish who fought for u s independance were presbyterians from the north,mostly christian men,there is no mention of the pope or mary in the declaration.the irish you are talking about came over here 150 years later starving,not much pioneering spirit among them,it seems they were just out for themselves and what they could milk.good laborers but thank God they had no part in the founding of this country.

  21. Right…
    I'm going to stick a big barbed fence halfway down America. Invade your country, Start a War.take your land, slaughter hundreds of thousands, kill your language,
    Blame it on religion, throw in a famine, corrupt poloticians etc….Do you hear us jeer you on the 4th of July…..no!
    Now lets look at America……
    Watch 'Zeigeist'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. The only thing the Irish catholics have given this world is hundreds of paedophile priests. The lowest denomination of race anywhere in the world.

    • i agree,except its more like thousands.i am irish lived there for 28 years.i never realised what a disgusting race of people we are untill i had lived in the usa for a few years.the Lord changes hearts my friends.

    • Your statement screams of IGNORANCE and bigotry.
      There are tens of millions of distinguished Americans of Irish descent-many Catholic.
      Here’s a few. I have no time to determine who are currently Catholic or not. Those termed “Scotch Irish” are generally Protestant.

      Mathew Brady – photographer
      Kurt Cobain – songwriter and musician, lead singer of Nirvana
      Jerome Connor – sculptor
      Thomas Crawford – sculptor
      Alex Donahue – Artist, Designer
      Michael Flatley – dancer[1]
      William Harnett – painter, Irish immigrant best known for trompe-l’œil renderings of still life[2]
      George Peter Alexander Healy – portrait painter
      Thomas Hovenden – painter
      Carrie Ann Inaba – dancer, actress; mother of Chinese and Irish descent
      Gene Kelly – dancer, actor, singer, director, choreographer
      James E. Kelly – sculptor and illustrator
      Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt – artist, activist
      Edward McCartan – sculptor
      Samuel Murray – sculptor
      Jim Morrison – singer, frontman of the Doors
      John Neagle – painter[3]
      William Rudolf O’Donovan – sculptor
      Georgia O’Keeffe – painter[4]
      Timothy H. O’Sullivan – photographer
      Maurice J. Power – sculptor, politician, foundry owner
      John Ramage – miniaturist
      George Reynolds – painter, student of Eakins, Civil War Medal of Honor
      Augustus Saint-Gaudens – sculptor[5]
      Louis Saint-Gaudens – sculptor, brother of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
      John Talbott Donoghue – sculptor
      Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. – former ambassador to the UK and father of President JFK.
      Diamond Jim Brady – financier and philanthropist[6]
      Dawn Fitzpatrick – Global Head of Equities, Multi-Asset and O’Connor at UBS Asset Management[7]
      John L. Flannery – former CEO of General Electric
      Henry Ford – founder of Ford Motor Company[8]
      Paul Galvin – inventor of the car radio; founder of Motorola
      Franklin B. Gowen – lawyer, president of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, prosecuted the trial against the Molly Maguires[9]
      Herb Kelleher – Southwest Airlines chairman[10]
      John Leahy – COO of Airbus; commercial pilot
      Mike McGrath – Chief Justice of Montana Supreme Court
      Shane McMahon – minority owner of WWE
      Stephanie McMahon – CBO of WWE
      Vince McMahon – CEO of WWE
      Tom Monaghan – founder of Domino’s Pizza[11]
      Richard and Maurice McDonald – founders of McDonald’s
      Edward Creighton – Omaha businessman and philanthropist
      John A. Creighton – Omaha businessman and philanthropist
      Marcus Daly (1841–1900) – A “Copper King” of Butte, Montana, United States
      William Russell Grace (1832–1904) – mayor of New York City and founder of W. R. Grace and Company
      Pat Powers – businessman and film producer
      Bill Rancic – entrepreneur[12]
      Joseph F. Sinnott – owner of Moore and Sinnott, the largest rye whiskey distillery in the United States prior to Prohibition.
      Jack Welch – former CEO of General Electric[13]
      George Croghan
      Edmund McIlhenny – inventor of hot sauce
      Bill Gates – co-founder of Microsoft
      Thomas Mellon
      Louis Sullivan – inventor of the skyscraper
      Charles Stark Draper – Anglo-Irish
      George Bryan
      Martin Luther King Jr
      Mary Harris Jones – “Mother Jones”, educator and labor organizer
      Christa McAuliffe – teacher-astronaut who was killed in the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster; also has Lebanese ancestry
      Joseph S. Murphy (1933–1998) – President of Queens College, President of Bennington College, and Chancellor of the City University of New York
      Victoria Leigh Soto – educator who was killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting; hid students and died trying to protect them[14]
      Film directors, producers and scriptwriters
      Rafael Casal (1985–) – American writer, actor, producer, and showrunner. He is of Irish, Spanish, and Cuban descent.[15]
      Roy E. Disney (1930–2009) – senior executive for The Walt Disney Company and son of Roy O. Disney
      Roy O. Disney (1893–1971) – Walt Disney’s brother
      Walt Disney (1901–1966)[16]
      Thom Fitzgerald – known for independent films like The Hanging Garden; born in New York; his grandparents were immigrants from County Kerry and County Cavan, Ireland
      John Ford (1894–1973) – director, best known for stylish Westerns and the film classic The Quiet Man
      Mel Gibson (1956–) – known for both writing and directing the highest grossing rated R film of all time ($370,782,930), The Passion of the Christ[17]
      Alfred Hitchcock (1899–1980)[18][19]
      John Huston (1906–1987)[20][21]
      Rex Ingram (1892–1950)
      Leo McCarey (1898–1969)[22]
      Michael Moore (1954–)[23]
      John Sayles (1950–) – independent film director and writer, frequently takes a small part in his own and other indie films[24]
      Mack Sennett (1880–1960)
      Quentin Tarantino (1963–)
      William Desmond Taylor (1872–1922)
      Raoul Walsh (1887–1980)
      William A. Wellman (1896–1975)
      Shannen Doherty
      Pat Powers (businessman)
      Gangsters and mobsters
      Main article: List of Irish American mobsters
      Law enforcement
      Raymond W. Kelly – former New York Police Commissioner
      Francis O’Neill – Chicago Police Chief
      Brian Terry – United States Border Patrol Agent, BORTAC (USBP Tactical Response Team) Operator
      Charles V. Glasco – New York City Police Sergeant who served in the New York City Police Department from June 1926 to July 1948
      Buckey O’Neill
      William J. Brady
      Bat Masterson
      James Duane
      William J. Brennan, Jr. – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States[25]
      Sandra Day O’Connor – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States[26]
      Wayne M. Collins – civil rights attorney[27]
      James B. Comey – former United States Deputy Attorney General[28]
      Charles Patrick Daly – Chief Justice of the New York Court of Common Pleas
      Patrick Fitzgerald – United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois[29]
      Anthony Kennedy – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States[30]
      Robert F. Kennedy – United States Attorney General[31]
      Roger I. McDonough – Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court
      Frank Murphy – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
      Roger J. Traynor – Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California
      James Sullivan (governor)
      George Wythe McCook
      James Clark McReynolds
      Charles Carroll (barrister)
      Philip Barry – playwright; author of The Philadelphia Story[32]
      L. Frank Baum – author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
      Ted Berrigan – poet, part of the second generation of the New York School; author of The Sonnets[33]
      John Berryman – poet; one of the founders of the Confessional school of poetry[33]
      Louise Bogan – poet, translator, and critic; served as Poet Laureate of the United States 1945–1946[33]
      T. Coraghessan Boyle – novelist and short story writer; awarded the 1988 PEN/Faulkner Award for his novel World’s End
      Bill Bryson – travel writer; awarded an honorary OBE for his contribution to literature
      John Horne Burns – novelist and travel writer; author of The Gallery
      Jim Carroll – author, poet, and punk musician; author of The Basketball Diaries
      Neal Cassady – author and poet; provided the basis for the character Dean Moriarty in Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road
      Raymond Chandler – novelist and short story writer; author of the Philip Marlowe detective series that shaped the modern “private eye” story
      Mary Coyle Chase – playwright and screenwriter; awarded the 1945 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Harvey
      Kate Chopin – novelist and short story writer; her novel The Awakening (1899) is considered a proto-feminist precursor to American modernism
      Tom Clancy – novelist; author of many bestselling novels, including The Hunt for Red October and Clear and Present Danger
      Mary Higgins Clark – bestselling author of suspense novels
      Billy Collins – poet; served two terms as Poet Laureate of the United States 2001–2003[33]
      Joe Connelly – novelist; author of Bringing Out the Dead
      Michael Connelly – crime novelist; author of the bestselling Harry Bosch detective series
      Pat Conroy – novelist and memoirist; author of The Great Santini and The Prince of Tides
      Robert Creeley – poet and author associated with the Black Mountain poets; awarded a 2000 American Book Award Lifetime Achievement Award[33]
      Maureen Daly – novelist and short story writer; her novel Seventeenth Summer (1942) is considered the first young adult novel
      Philip K. Dick – science fiction author[34]
      J.P. Donleavy – novelist; author of The Ginger Man, named on the Modern Library List of Best 20th-Century Novels
      Kirby Doyle – poet and novelist; associated with the New American Poetry movement and “third generation” American modernist poets
      Alan Dugan – poet; winner of the 1961 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his volume Poems[33]
      James T. Farrell – novelist; author of the Studs Lonigan trilogy, named on the Modern Library List of Best 20th-Century Novels
      F. Scott Fitzgerald – novelist and short story writer; his novel The Great Gatsby was named on both the Modern Library List of Best 20th-Century Novels and the TIME 100 Best English-Language Novels from 1923 to 2005[35]
      Robert Fitzgerald – poet, critic, and translator; served as Poet Laureate of the United States 1984–1985
      Thomas Flanagan – novelist and academic; winner of the 1979 National Book Critics Circle Award for The Year of the French
      Vince Flynn – political thriller novelist; author of bestselling Mitch Rapp series
      Alice Fulton – poet and short story writer; awarded the 2002 Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry for Felt[33]
      Tess Gallagher – poet, short story writer, essayist, and playwright[33]
      Lucy Grealy – poet, memoirist, and essayist; author of Autobiography of a Face
      Pete Hamill – journalist, columnist, novelist, and short story writer
      George V. Higgins – novelist, columnist, and academic; known for his best-selling crime novels, including The Friends of Eddie Coyle
      Fanny Howe – poet, novelist, and short-story writer; awarded the 2001 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for Selected Poems
      Marie Howe – poet; winner of the 1987 Open Competition of the National Poetry Series for The Good Thief[33]
      Susan Howe – poet and literary critic; awarded American Book Awards in 1981 for The Liberties and 1986 for My Emily Dickinson[33]
      Brigit Pegeen Kelly – poet; finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for The Orchard[33]
      Myra Kelly – novelist and schoolteacher
      Robert Kelly – poet associated with the deep image group; awarded a 1980 American Book Award for In Time
      William Kennedy – novelist and author, winner of the 1983 National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for Ironweed, and a 1984 American Book Award for O Albany!
      X. J. Kennedy – poet, translator, anthologist, editor, and children’s author[33]
      Richard Kenney – poet and academic
      Jean Kerr – author and Tony Award-winning playwright
      Galway Kinnell – poet; awarded the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and 1983 National Book Award for Poetry for Selected Poems[33]
      R. A. Lafferty – Hugo- and Nebula-nominated science fiction author
      Michael Lally – poet and author; awarded a 2000 American Book Award for It’s Not Nostalgia: Poetry and Prose
      James Laughlin – poet and publisher; winner of the 1989 National Book Critics Circle Award Lifetime Achievement Award and the 1992 National Book Awards Medal of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters; namesake of the annual James Laughlin Award administered by the Academy of American Poets
      Dennis Lehane – novelist, author of A Drink Before the War and Mystic River
      John Logan – poet and academic; awarded the 1982 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for Only the Dreamer Can Change the Dream
      William Logan – poet, critic, and scholar; awarded the 2005 National Book Critics Circle Award for Criticism for The Undiscovered Country: Poetry in the Age of Tin
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      Michael Patrick MacDonald – memoirist; winner of a 2000 American Book Award for All Souls: A Family Story From Southie
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      Frank McCourt – memoirist; winner of the 1996 National Book Critics Circle Award and the 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography for Angela’s Ashes
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      Brian McDonough-author, physician
      Campbell McGrath – poet
      Thomas McGrath – poet; awarded a 1984 American Book Award for Echoes Inside the Labyrinth and the 1989 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for Selected Poems: 1938–1988[33]
      Thomas McGuane – novelist, screenwriter, and short story writer; nominated for a National Book Award for Ninety-Two in the Shade
      Jay McInerney – novelist; author of Bright Lights, Big City
      James McMichael – poet; awarded the 1999 Arthur Rense Prize
      Terrence McNally – playwright; winner of six Tony Awards and nominated for the 1994 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for A Perfect Ganesh
      Maile Meloy – novelist and short story writer; awarded The Paris Review’s 2001 Aga Khan Prize for Fiction for her story “Aqua Boulevard”
      Margaret Mitchell – novelist; awarded the 1937 Pulitzer Prize for Gone with the Wind
      Helen Curtin Moskey – poet
      Robert C. O’Brien – journalist and children’s author; awarded the 1972 Newbery Medal for Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
      Tim O’Brien – novelist and short story writer; prominent author of fiction about the Vietnam War, including The Things They Carried, a finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award
      Edwin O’Connor – novelist, winner of the 1962 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for The Edge of Sadness
      Flannery O’Connor – novelist and short story writer; notable author in the Southern Gothic style
      Frank O’Hara – poet, prominent member of the New York School[33]
      John O’Hara – novelist; author of Appointment in Samarra, named one of the TIME 100 Best English-Language Novels from 1923 to 2005[35]
      Charles Olson – poet and critic, associated with the second generation American Modernist poets; author of The Maximus Poems[33]
      Eugene O’Neill – playwright; awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize for Literature and four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama

      J.F. Powers – novelist and short story writer; winner of the 1963 National Book Award for Morte d’Urban
      Anne Rice – horror novelist; author of bestselling Interview with a Vampire series
      Ryan Max Riley – humorist and freestyle mogul skier on the US Ski Team
      Nora Roberts – romance novelist; first inductee into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame
      Kay Ryan – poet and academic; currents Poet Laureate of the United States
      Michael Ryan – poet; awarded the 1990 Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize for God Hunger[33]
      John Patrick Shanley – playwright and screenwriter; winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Doubt: A Parable
      Nicholas Sparks – author and screenwriter
      Mickey Spillane – crime novelist; author of bestselling Mike Hammer detective novels
      John Kennedy Toole – novelist; posthumously awarded the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for A Confederacy of Dunces
      Jim Tully – novelist, playwright, best known for Beggars of Life
      Michael Walsh – novelist and screenwriter; awarded a 2004 American Book Award for And All The Saints
      Roger Zelazny – fantasy and science fiction author; winner of three Nebula Awards and six Hugo Awards
      Media and journalists
      Tom Kenny
      Loretta Lynn
      Dennis Quaid
      Karen Allen
      Jim Acosta
      Mike Barnicle[37]
      Bob Costas
      Greta Van Susteren
      Nellie Bly[38]
      Joseph I. Breen
      Jimmy Breslin[39]
      Howie Carr – author, Boston newspaper columnist and New England radio talk-show host; has claimed family “two-boater” Irish ancestry (i.e., Ireland-to-Canada, then Canada-to-Maine) on his father’s side
      Neil Cavuto[40]
      Phil Donahue[41]
      Maureen Dowd[42]
      Brian Doyle-Murray
      Roger Ebert[43]
      Pete Hamill[44]
      Sean Hannity[45]
      Greg Kelly
      Megyn Kelly
      Chris Matthews[46]
      Bill Murray
      Joel Murray
      Peggy Noonan (1950– ) – author, political analyst and pundit for the Republican Party[47]
      Nicole O’Brian – model, pageant contestant, and reality television contestant
      Conan O’Brien[48]
      Soledad O’Brien[49][50]
      Norah O’Donnell[51]
      Michael O’Looney – New York-based reporter; later a business executive with Merril Lynch
      Bill O’Reilly[52]
      John L. O’Sullivan[53]
      Regis Philbin[54]
      Dennis Roddy[55]
      Tim Russert (1950–2008) – journalist, hosted NBC’s Meet the Press from 1991 until his death in 2008[56][57]
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      Ed Sullivan[58]
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      Debbie Reynolds
      John Barry – father of the United States Navy; Irish-born[61]
      Patrick Edward Connor – Union general born in Kerry
      Michael Corcoran – United States Army general[62]
      James Hickey – leader of Operation Red Dawn; son of Irish immigrants[63]
      Stephen W. Kearny – US Army officer, noted for action in the southwest during the Mexican–American War[64]
      David Conner (naval officer)
      Andrew Lewis – Continental Army general[65]
      Alfred Thayer Mahan – naval officer and author whose work, including Sea Power, inspired the creation of the modern United States Navy
      Dennis Hart Mahan – guiding light and head of faculty at West Point for decades prior to the Civil War; influential author whose published works were the keystone for spreading engineering knowledge throughout the antebellum US; his Napoleon seminar at West Point informed Civil War strategies, North and South
      George Gordon Meade – commanding general of the Army of the Potomac who led the Union forces to victory at Gettysburg in 1863
      Thomas Francis Meagher – United States Army general, Fenian
      Richard Montgomery – Continental Army general[66]
      Audie Murphy – most decorated combat soldier of World War II[67]
      Lt. Michael Patrick Murphy – Navy Seal, Medal of Honor
      Timothy Murphy – marksman, Continental Army; parents were Irish immigrants[68]
      Thomas Macdonough, Jr. 19th-century Irish-American naval officer
      Jeremiah O’Brien – captain in Continental Navy[69]
      Joseph T. O’Callaghan – Medal of Honor
      John O’Neill – United States Army general, Fenian[70]
      John P. O’Neill – high ranking anti-terrorism expert[71]
      Molly Pitcher – Revolutionary War heroine[72]
      John Reynolds – general commanding the right wing of the Army of the Potomac who surprised Lee and committed the Union Army to battle at Gettysburg in July 1863; killed in the front lines while personally rallying troops for counterattacks during the first day of fighting
      Philip Sheridan – United States Army, General of the Army, Cavalry[73]
      John Sullivan – Continental Army general
      William M. Browne
      Richard Busteed
      Joseph Finegan
      William Gamble
      James Hagan
      James Lawlor Kiernan
      Walter P. Lane
      Michael Kelly Lawler
      Patrick Theodore Moore
      James Shields
      Thomas Alfred Smyth
      Thomas William Sweeny
      James McLaughlin
      Samuel Brady
      James Clinton Anglo-Irish
      Stephen Moylan
      James Moore (Continental Army officer)
      Hercules Mulligan
      Thomas Hickey (soldier)
      Richard Butler (general)
      Edward Hand
      John Shee – Revolutionary War hero Colonel John Shee[74]
      John Fitzgerald established the first catholic church of virginia and Aide-De-Camp to George Washington[75]
      Thomas McInerney
      Thomas White (patriot)
      Simon Girty
      Charles Clinton
      Myles Keogh
      Patrick Edward Connor
      Stephen Joseph McGroarty
      Robert Nugent (officer)
      John McCausland
      Lawrence O’Bryan Branch
      Peter O’Brien (Medal of Honor)
      John Gregory Bourke
      Edmond Butler
      Henry D. O’Brien
      Out of the 115 killed at Battle of Bunker Hill 22 were Irish-born some of their names include Callaghan, Casey, Collins, Connelly, Dillon, Donohue, Flynn, McGrath, Nugent, Shannon, and Sullivan[76]
      Robert Magaw
      Capt. Daniel Neil – Revolutionary war hero[77]
      John Rutledge – Anglo-Irish
      Richard Byrnes
      Bennet C. Riley
      Philip Kearny
      Main article: List of American musicians of Irish descent
      Main article: List of American politicians of Irish descent
      At least 22 presidents of the United States have some Irish ancestral origins,[78] although the extent of this varies. For instance President Clinton claims Irish ancestry despite there being no documentation of any of his ancestors coming from Ireland, but Kennedy on the other hand have strong documented Irish origins. Also Ronald Reagan’s great grandfather was an Irish Roman Catholic, and his mother had some Scots-Irish ancestry. James K. Polk also had Scots-Irish Ancestry. Kennedy and Joe Biden were raised as a practicing Catholics.

      Joe Biden (Irish and English)
      46th U.S. President a practicing catholic.
      Andrew Jackson (Scotch-Irish and English)
      7th President 1829–37: He was born in the predominantly Ulster-Scots Waxhaws area of South Carolina two years after his parents left Boneybefore, near Carrickfergus in County Antrim. A heritage centre in the village pays tribute to the legacy of ‘Old Hickory’, the People’s President. Andrew Jackson then moved to Tennessee, where he served as Governor[79][80]
      James Knox Polk (Scotch-Irish)
      11th President, 1845–49: His ancestors were among the first Ulster-Scots settlers, emigrating from Coleraine in 1680 to become a powerful political family in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He moved to Tennessee and became its governor before winning the presidency.[81]
      James Buchanan (Scotch-Irish)
      15th President, 1857–61: Born in a log cabin (which has been relocated to his old school in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania), ‘Old Buck’ cherished his origins: “My Ulster blood is a priceless heritage”. The Buchanans were originally from Deroran, near Omagh in County Tyrone where the ancestral home still stands.[81] Buchanan also had pre-plantation Irish ancestry being a descendant of the O’Kanes from County Londonderry.
      Andrew Johnson (Irish & English)
      17th President, 1865–69: His grandfather suppoosedly left Mounthill, near Larne in County Antrim around 1750 and settled in North Carolina he was of English ancestry. Andrew worked there as a tailor and ran a successful business in Greeneville, Tennessee, before being elected Vice-President. He became President following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. His Mother was Mary “Polly” McDonough of Irish ancestry 1782[81][82][83]
      Ulysses S. Grant (Possibly Irish, Scotch-Irish, English & Scottish)
      18th President, 1869–77: The home of his maternal great-grandfather, John Simpson, at Dergenagh, County Tyrone, is the location for an exhibition on the eventful life of the victorious Civil War commander who served two terms as President. Grant visited his ancestral homeland in 1878.[84] His grandmother was Rachel Kelley, the daughter of an Irish pioneer.[85] Surname Kelly[86]
      Chester A. Arthur (Scotch-Irish & English)
      21st President, 1881–85: His election was the start of a quarter-century in which the White House was occupied by men of Ulster-Scots origins. His family left Dreen, near Cullybackey, County Antrim, in 1815. There is now an interpretive centre, alongside the Arthur Ancestral Home, devoted to his life and times.[81][87][88]
      Grover Cleveland (Irish, Anglo-Irish)
      22nd and 24th President, 1885–89 and 1893–97: Born in New Jersey, he was the maternal grandson of merchant Abner Neal, who emigrated from County Antrim in the 1790s. He is the only president to have served non-consecutive terms.[81] Stephen Grover Cleveland was born to Ann (née Neal) and Richard Falley Cleveland. Ann Neal was of Irish ancestry and Richard Falley Cleveland was of Anglo-Irish and English ancestry[89]
      Benjamin Harrison (Scotch-Irish & English)
      23rd President, 1889–93: His mother, Elizabeth Irwin, had Ulster-Scots roots through her two great-grandfathers, James Irwin and William McDowell. Harrison was born in Ohio and served as a brigadier general in the Union Army before embarking on a career in Indiana politics which led to the White House.[81][90]
      William McKinley (Scotch-Irish & English)
      25th President, 1897–1901: Born in Ohio, the descendant of a farmer from Conagher, near Ballymoney, County Antrim, he was proud of his ancestry and addressed one of the national Scotch-Irish congresses held in the late 19th century. His second term as president was cut short by an assassin’s bullet.[81][91]
      Theodore Roosevelt (Irish, Scotch-Irish, Dutch, Scotch, English & French)
      26th President, 1901-09: His mother, Mittie Bulloch, had Ulster Scots ancestors who emigrated from Glenoe, County Antrim, in May 1729. Roosevelt praised “Irish Presbyterians” as “a bold and hardy race.”[92] However, he is also the man who said: “But a hyphenated American is not an American at all. This is just as true of the man who puts “native”* before the hyphen as of the man who puts German or Irish or English or French before the hyphen.”[93] (*Roosevelt was referring to “nativists”, not American Indians, in this context)[94]
      William Howard Taft (Irish & English)
      27th President 1909–13: His great great great grandfather, Robert Taft was born in 1640 in Ireland and immigrated to America, during the mid 17th century. Robert taft was from County Louth in the republic of Ireland, He died in Mendon, Worcester, Massachusetts.[95][96]
      Woodrow Wilson (Scotch-Irish)
      28th President, 1913–21: Of Ulster-Scot descent on both sides of the family, his roots were very strong and dear to him. He was grandson of a printer from Dergalt, near Strabane, County Tyrone, whose former home is open to visitors. Throughout his career he reflected on the influence of his ancestral values on his constant quest for knowledge and fulfillment.[81]
      Warren G. Harding (Scotch-Irish & English)
      29th President 1921–23[97]
      Harry S. Truman (Scotch-Irish & German)
      33rd President 1945–53[98][99]
      John F. Kennedy (Irish)
      35th President 1961–63 (ancestors from County Wexford)
      Richard Nixon (Irish, Scotch-Irish, English & German)
      37th President, 1969–74: The Nixon ancestors left Ulster in the mid-18th century; the Quaker Milhous family ties were with County Antrim and County Kildare and County Cork.[81]
      Jimmy Carter (Scotch-Irish & English)
      39th President 1977–1981 (County Antrim)[84]
      Ronald Reagan (Irish, English & Scottish)
      40th President 1981–89: He was the great-grandson, on his father’s side, of Irish migrants from County Tipperary who came to America via Canada and England in the 1840s. His mother was of Scottish and English ancestry.[100]
      George H. W. Bush (Irish, & English)
      41st President 1989–93: County Wexford historians have found that his now apparent ancestor, Richard de Clare, Earl of Pembroke (known as Strongbow for his arrow skills) – is remembered as a desperate, land-grabbing warlord whose calamitous foreign adventure led to the suffering of generations. Shunned by Henry II, he offered his services as a mercenary in the 12th-century invasion of Wexford in exchange for power and land. He would die from a festering ulcer in his foot, which his enemies said was the revenge of Irish saints whose shrines he had violated. The genetic line can also be traced to Dermot MacMurrough, the Gaelic king of Leinster reviled in history books as the man who sold Ireland by inviting Strongbow’s invasion to save himself from a local feud.[101][102]
      Bill Clinton (Irish, Scotch-Irish & English)[103]
      42nd President 1993–2001: He claims Irish ancestry despite there being no documentation of any of his ancestors coming from Ireland[81][104]
      George W. Bush (Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Welsh, French, German & English)
      43rd President 2001–09: One of his five times great-grandfathers, William Holliday, was born in Rathfriland, County Down, about 1755, and died in Kentucky about 1811–12. One of the President’s seven times great-grandfathers, William Shannon, was born somewhere in County Cork about 1730, and died in Pennsylvania in 1784.[102]
      Barack Obama (Kenyan, English & Irish)
      44th President 2009–2017: His paternal ancestors came to America from Kenya and his maternal ancestors came to America from England. His ancestors lived in New England and the South and by the 1800s most were in the Midwest. His father was Kenyan and the first of his family to leave Africa.[105][106] His great great grandfather, Falmouth Kearney, was born in the Irish town of Moneygall.[107]
      Michael Collins – astronaut with Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 missions[108]
      Jim Collins – Rhodes Scholar, MacArthur genius, bioengineer and inventor[109]
      John Philip Holland – inventor of the submarine; Fenian[110]
      Simon Hullihen – known as The Father of Oral Surgery[111]
      Charles McBurney – medical pioneer[112]
      O. Timothy O’Meara – mathematician, University of Notre Dame
      Muhammad Ali – former professional boxer
      Danny Amendola – NFL player
      Lance Armstrong – professional road racing cyclist
      Cal Bowdler – former basketball player
      Brian Boyle – NHL player, Florida Panthers
      James J. Braddock – professional boxer
      Tom Brady – NFL player, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback
      Joseph “Joe” Brennan – Basketball Hall of Famer
      Courtney Brosnan, soccer player, international for Ireland
      Phillip Brooks (CM Punk) – WWE wrestler
      Tom Cahill – MLB baseball player
      Ryan Callahan – NHL player, Ottawa Senators
      Kyra Carusa – soccer player, international for Ireland
      Chris Coghlan – MLB baseball player
      Marty Conlon – former basketball player
      Billy Conn – professional boxer
      Dan Connolly – former NFL player
      George Connor – NFL player, Chicago Bears
      Gerry Cooney – professional boxer
      James J. Corbett – professional boxer
      Charlie Coyle – NHL player, Boston Bruins
      Matt Cullen – former NHL player
      John Daly – professional golfer
      Jack Dempsey – professional boxer
      Pat Duff – MLB professional baseball player
      Mike Dunleavy Sr. – basketball coach
      Mike Dunleavy Jr. – professional basketball player
      Patrick Eaves – NHL player, Anaheim Ducks
      Julian Edelman – NFL player, New England Patriots
      John Elway – NFL player, Denver Broncos quarterback
      Dave Finlay – former professional wrestler
      Whitey Ford – MLB player, New York Yankees pitcher
      Mike Gibbons – professional boxer
      Tommy Gibbons – professional boxer
      Mike Hall – professional basketball player
      Noah Hanifin – NHL player, Calgary Flames
      Luke Harangody – professional basketball player
      Jeff Hardy – WWE wrestler
      Matt Hardy – WWE wrestler
      Ben Hogan – professional golfer
      Holly Holm – MMA fighter
      Derek Jeter – MLB player, New York Yankees shortstop
      Patrick Kane – NHL player, Chicago Blackhawks
      Jason Kidd – NBA player/coach
      Joe Lapira – soccer player, had 1 cap for Ireland
      Jay Larranaga – basketball coach
      Jim Larranaga – basketball coach
      Tommy Loughran – professional boxer
      Brian McCann – MLB player, catcher for the Houston Astros
      John McEnroe – professional tennis player
      Donnie McGrath – professional basketball player
      Terry McGovern – professional boxer
      Kevin McHale – NBA player
      Larry Miggins – MLB player, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder
      Shannon Moore – TNA wrestler
      Charles “Stretch”Murphy – late Basketball Hall of Famer
      Connor Murphy – NHL player, Chicago Blackhawks
      Troy Murphy – basketball player
      Larry O’Bannon – basketball player
      Philadelphia Jack O’Brien – professional boxer
      Patrick O’Bryant – basketball player
      Mike O’Dowd – professional boxer
      Ian O’Leary – professional basketball player
      Troy O’Leary – MLB player, Boston Red Sox outfielder
      Ted Potter Jr. – professional golfer
      Jonathan Quick – NHL player, Los Angeles Kings
      Bob Quinn – current general manager of the Detroit Lions
      Dan Quinn – NFL head coach of the Atlanta Falcons
      John Quinlan – pro wrestler
      Ryan Max Riley – skier, US Ski Team
      Freddie Roach – former boxer, current boxing trainer[113]
      Kevin Rooney – NHL player, New Jersey Devils
      Ryan Shannon – NHL professional hockey player, won the Stanley Cup with Anaheim in 2007
      Sheamus – professional wrestler
      Kelly Slater – professional surfer
      Sam Snead – PGA Golf Hall of Famer
      Erik Spoelstra – NBA Head coach (Dutch-Irish American father)
      Giancarlo Stanton – MLB player, Miami Marlins outfielder
      John L. Sullivan – professional boxer, first Heavyweight champion of gloved boxing
      Gene Tunney – professional boxer
      Mickey Walker – professional boxer
      Andre Ward – professional boxer
      Mickey Ward – professional boxer
      Lenny Wilkens – professional basketball player
      Aaron Rodgers – NFL player, Green Bay Packers
      Billy the Kid – gunslinger[114]
      Thomas Fitzpatrick (trapper) – aka Thomas Fitzpatrick broken hand.
      John Kinney Gang
      Lawrence Murphy
      Bill Doolin
      Hugh Glass
      John Daly (outlaw)
      Hopalong Cassidy
      Jesse Lincoln Driskill Cowboy 1824–1890[115]
      Tom O’Day
      Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet
      George Shannon (explorer)
      Joseph Breen – Production Code director
      Frank E. Butler – marksman
      The “Unsinkable” Molly Brown – born Molly Tobin; Irish-born father[116]
      R. Nicholas Burns – American diplomat, Harvard professor, columnist and lecturer; 19th Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs; 17th United States Permanent Representative to NATO; United States Ambassador to Greece 1997–2001[117]
      Mark Calaway – pro wrestler with the WWE, known as the “Undertaker”
      John Chambers (1922–2001) – Academy Award-winning makeup artist[118]
      Cheiro – astrologer
      Eileen Collins – first female commander of a Space Shuttle[119]
      Éamon de Valera – third president of Ireland
      John Dunlap – printer, printed the first copies of the Declaration of Independence[120]
      Wyatt Earp – lawman
      Henry Louis Gates – professor at Harvard University[121]
      Cedric Gibbons – art director
      Ann Glover – hanged as a witch in Boston[122]
      Dan Harrington – world poker champion[123]
      James Healy – Bishop of Portland, America’s first African-American bishop; born a slave according to the laws of Georgia to an Irish immigrant and his beloved African wife; first graduate and valedictorian of Holy Cross College in Massachusetts
      Michael Healy – Captain of the Revenue Cutter Bear; defender of Alaska’s Native Americans; inspiration for Jack London’s The Sea Wolf; prominent figure in James Michener’s Alaska; younger brother of James and Patrick Healy
      Patrick Healy – President of Georgetown University, considered its second founder; brother of James Healy; first African-American president of an American university; Priest in the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits)
      James Hoban – Architect of the White House in Washington, DC[124]
      Mary Jemison – frontierswoman[125]
      Bat Masterson – lawman
      Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – former First Lady; her mother, Janet Lee Bouvier, was of mostly Irish descent
      Margaret McCarthy – migrant[126]
      Marguerite Moore – orator, patriot, activist[127]
      Paul Charles Morphy – chess player[128]
      Coco Rocha – Canadian model of Irish, Welsh, and Russian descent
      Ellen Ewing Sherman – stepsister and wife of William Tecumseh Sherman. Because they would have needed to buy a slave to help with the children, Mrs. Sherman refused to accompany her husband to command at the Louisiana military academy, which later became LSU. During the Civil War, she and their children took up residence at Notre Dame University, with which her family was closely affiliated.
      David Steele – Presbyterian minister
      John L. Sullivan – last bare-knuckle boxing heavyweight champion of the world; first gloved heavyweight champion of the world; first American athlete to become a national celebrity and to earn over $1 million
      Andrew Anglin – Neo-Nazi, founder, and proprietor of The Daily Stormer; a white supremacist, anti-Semitic news and commentary website.
      Kathleen Willey – major figure in the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky scandals involving President Bill Clinton; mother is of Irish descent
      Vince McMahon – professional wrestling promoter and executive American football executive Businessman (paternal grandmother is Irish descent)
      Seth Rollins – professional wrestler (Irish descent)
      Dana White – American businessman and current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)
      Kayleigh McEnany
      Bill Murray
      Mariah Carey
      Harrison Ford
      John C. Reilly
      Macaulay Culkin
      Susan Sarandon
      Anne Hathaway
      Billie Eilish

  23. Sorry to rant on but English people are sick and tired of Irish (and Scottish) racisim/nationalism against us. Where Ireland is concerned, this comes predominantly, almost exclusively infact, from DUBLIN. It seems we open our arms to these countries, because after all they are our nearest neighbours, alot of us have Irish ancestry etc, we are generally very fond of the country…. but strangely we don't get the reciprocated sentiment back (World/European Cup anybody???)…. Either get on with it and live here like/with the rest of us or piss off!!!!!
    And ffs don't bring up the 'history'….OMG if we all carried on like that, none of us would be speaking to Germans or practically anyone else in the world for that matter. 3 words: GET. OVER. IT. You want to live in a black person's shoes for just a week and then see how you feel about prejudice. And no I'm not black and tbh I don't want to patronise black people by even making a comparison. I'm actually a quarter Irish myself. But if there really is a book entitled How The Irish Saved Civilization, I think it's time to start beng very afraid indeed.

  24. I'm 14.I was born in london in 1995 and my mother is irish and my father is english.Well he was born there but his father is from trinidad and tobago and his mother is from south africa.He's black and my mother has blond hair and quite pale.Yes i look very intresting,where do u se a red head with tanned skin and jet black eyes…people say i'm really preety every day…it actually gets quite annoying.Anyway i dont know why everyone is allways so stereotypical of the irish.From like one movie where the irish person(who wasnt even irish and had a TERRIIBLE irish accent)and all they did in it was swear,drink and fight.When the people who probally made that movie and believed in that rubbish are some what irish.The irish having being persecuted for many years and dont forget the famine which nearly wiped out the entire population,eaither dying or emmigrating.Before the famine the population was 8.5 million and now its only 4 million,we still havn't recovered from it in the 1800's.I moved to Ireland to the south in kerry (its georgeous!) in 2002 from london so my accent is kinda strange…a mixture between the two.So what the irish drink,doesn't every race drink??and no i have never seen any irish fight in bars or on the streets and our cities look a lot like your cities all with the same chain stores.In ireland St.Patricks day is a national holiday and we get a day off school woohoo for it.The parade consists mainly of children in their footbal,dance,art classes and people really dont get drunk and fight during the parade..i mean seriously…what century are u living in?Also no offence to any americans,i want to move to LA when i'm older.The standard of education is a lot lower.From americans that i know that moved to ireland,The school work that americans do in their senior year of high school,we do at the age of eleven and twelve.Like simultaneous equations,i learnt how to do them and algebra when i was 11 in school.Also there is no easy "multiple choice" questions in our exams.They ask u a wuestion and u better know what the answer is plus you have to learn loads of essays off.So nobody can say that irish people can't read or write because the have been since hey were four years old.I'm sure that not all americans arn't like this of course.This freak on the computer just doesnt have a life and gets his opinion of the irish from stupid stereo type movies that got some one scottish to do the irish accent.And i think more than half the world can claim to have irish decent…even you…and that's quite scary.

  25. I've never gotten the whole "Luck of the Irish" thing. What's so lucky about them? They got conquered by England like 6 times in 2000. Seriously, They are almost as sad as the French who haven't won a war in over 2000 years.

    • You absolute idiot.
      The Irish built new york city i hope you know.
      In 2000 please dont say your another ignorant american.
      You do know the irish leaving school exAM IS The third hardest in the world.
      The english GCSE and american equivalent is ticking boxes:L
      Any irish man would laugh at your silly tests.
      Your 2000 comment backing up your ignorance yes they conquered all 4 million of us,when they have a far far greater population you complete idiot

  26. IM irish and you know by posting this artical you are being really racist and rude and america is not the center of the world Ireland maybe small and we have stood up for you in wars people decinded
    to your country in the famine because we were all dieing over here also we never insult your culture and we all have as much rights to live on this planet as any of you people who are stuckup anof to write that

    • i suppose but i kind of have the right don't you think since im irish and this guy "ed" is beeing racist toward the irish?
      peace out

  27. The Irish have done nothing?… Why is Ireland known as the land of the poets and scholars then? What about the great artists, writers, musicians and poets like Joyce, Yeats, Kavanagh and Montague that have come out of Ireland? What about the Book of Kelts, Newgrange… Not all Irish people drink. Not all Irish people are religious. And from my experiences of America, we sure as hell are not as ignorant.


  29. irish and civilization in the same sentence,interesting.irish monks are the only reason we can read and RIGHT,downright funny.pick up a copy of the bible and find out how jesus can save a lost race of people.

  30. Irish and civilization in the same sentance?.irish monks are the reason we can read and RIGHT,ha ha.pick up a copy of the bible and find out how God can save a lost race of people.oh,three and tree their is a difference.

  31. Patrick was a christian first and foremost,you ignorant micks have romanised him and turned his name into a drunken pukefest.

  32. these protestants that formed the state came from Ireland. well the North of Ireland, many from the six counties which today remain in the UK. But Irish nonetheless, many expressed an identity seperate to Britain which can be seen in the American WoI and the 1798 rebellion here.
    Irish Americans came in two waves, first was the Irish Scots/Protestant Irish which were central to the founding of the States, and the second being the Irish Catholic wave after the famine, who which have played an integral part in the American society since.
    happy hannakah weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  34. Irish ppl are useless, Ha Ha, What you gotta realise is that the majority of people on the Island consider themselves Irish not "Northern Irish" or "republic of Irish" and no matter how much you try to say otherwise that isnt going to change. Best bet is to get on with life and try and live together. By the way does someone who was Irish before partition all of a sudden become northern irish afterwards because the British government says so?? I think not. If you want to start playing the old childish games of the past, why dont the people who are british head off back to britain and join the rest of your brethren. The Irish were there first…. LOL

  35. im sure you have an amazingly detailed knowledge of irish history do you? one of your points about hating irish people was that we were "militarily weak"!! how ignorant and backward are you to use that as a reason for hating a people. i suppose your respect lies with who has the most tomohawk missiles? i actually pity you more than anything.

  36. are you mad "what have the irish done for america" ha the irish built america new york was built by the irish, the roads were built by the irish, the hoover dam was built by the irish learn your history, the irish are the second largest group in america after germans

  37. Why don't you go and read something, try Ulysses by Joyce.
    Some Irish are ass-holes, of course most aren't, some Americans are ass-holes, most aren't, most people posting on this are ass-holes, some aren't.
    Do you really think that what you're written here is well thought-out and based in reality?
    Why don't look up racism in the dictionary!
    Oh, I'll save you the trouble "Racism – The belief that each race has distinct and intrinsic attributes."
    >"You have fooled a lot of people by acting proud"
    Who isn't proud of their heritage?
    > "they ran out of potatoes in a land where almost anything grows, and with tons of livestock."
    I don't know why I'm replying because anybody can see that your totally unreasonable.

  38. I am english and I love Ireland, as far as I am concerned we are of the same cloth, although there are many who would strongly contest that statement there are many others who would willingly believe it.
    Ignorant, greedy Americans however are not the same, who the hell are they anyway? they have so many mixed creeds, colour and races in that country they do not know who they are or where they are from!! they have no ancestry of their own, they all originate from other countries so who the hell are they to slag off someone elses beliefs and cultures. Americans think they are somethink special but they are what they are on the back of the british and irish people!! ignorant pigs!!

  39. As far as the over the top wanting to be irish goes, the worst place for that is your country the U.S.A, where people are soooo desperate to cling onto some forign ethnic identity, by virtue of a long, long dead great, great grand parent that it makes u wonder how much they must loath the cultural identiy of your great T.V. addicted, pescription drug addicted, meth amphetamin addicted, Junk food addicted, gunt toating, country Invading, police state. The weather is good though.
    From an Englishman of Irish parentage who has lived in all three countries .

  40. what you dont realize is that the irish are a lot better educated race and i find it disgraceful you have made those comments seen as the americans are known worldwide for being polluting,obese,dumb and incredibly bad when it comes to sporting matters.

  41. You ignorant little prick.
    Typical yank.So full of yourself.Im Irish real Irish born and raised not some annoying American telling you their great great great great great great grandfathers uncles cousins brothers sisters neighbour was Irish.
    Guess what I may be a catholic but I dont have red hair really pale skin and I most definitly am not an alcoholic I dont even drink, oh and I dont say top of the morning or believe in leprauchans thats probably some stupid thing you Americans made up haha it probably is you americans and your ufo sightings and crop circles lol!

  42. Thomas, you should really learn to spell, use punctuation and write grammatically correct English before venturing to criticise others on intellectual grounds. As it is, you come across as a sub-literate, intellectually deformed individual, as someone who is trying to be controversial, or even perhaps trying to express some inchoate thoughts, but who has instead publicly embarassed himself by demonstrating that he lacks even the fundamentals of a basic first-level education. I'm guessing you are from N I.

  43. you are such an idiot, you really have no idea what rubbish you spout. I love the fact you hate us so much it is, in my opinion, a demonstration of how brilliant and successful we are in america, you hate us because we are loved the world over. Ha Ha to you.
    The Irish played no part in the murder of african americans, i seem to remember africans where sent to the Caribeen by various other Europeans none of which were Irish. As free men in American they had to deal with a puritin society who considered the african american and the Irish as being one of the same thing.
    The only mongrel race in the world is the americans, and yes my friend all germans did kill african americans and yes quite a number of jews catholics and others as well. Face facts you stupid idiotic mongrel.

  44. Get one thing straight before you attack the catholic church, there are FAR LESS cases of child abuse in the catholic church than any other religion, just research it yourself but the despicable jews and their media outlets are trying to destroy the church by ignoring all the abuse in other churches and even their own 'faith' if you can call it faith because it seems that they worship money and money is their God,
    The murder of the poor palestinian people will come back to haunt these devils and the jewish abuse lawyers that take on these mostly bogus abuse cases with no evidence just the words of mostly criminal moneygrabbers will burn in hell

    • billy you have a case but the Muslims have less child abuse then the catholics even though i am myself bust i did the research. yeah i agree Jews have done a lot of horrible things to the Palestinians.


      then they will truely no what a GREAT COUNTRY IS ROCK ON THE IRISH an we can party with the mexicans

  46. IRISH GIRL HERE u are soo rite we have sooo much history between both our countries alone and what have the americans MMMMMMMMM NOTHING they have no real history no cultur mmmmmmm dose mcdonals count as a cultur
    ENGLAND for world cup

  47. the english didn't teach the Irish how to speak….what you did was came over to us, raped and pillaged our land….forced us to speak English instead of our own native tongue, which we were speaking long before the Brits showed up. The brits couldn't be bothered to learn another language and had no respect for any other culture back then. It was the Brits fault that the famine happened in the first place because of their greed. And as for chasing 'native indians around'…i think you mean native americans…native indians would be the people who are from india. And we're the think ones??


  49. If your an arrogant idiot and talk to other People like your an arrogant idiot, then you'll be treated like dirt as you deserve. Anyone who paints all People with the one brush, is an idiot, pure and simple.

  50. Italy has long gone down hill since Leonardo Di Vinci!! that was a very long time ago. now all the Italian's are known for is being over weight and pizza!!
    the amount of Italians in Ireland running fast food joints. we have some pretty impressive poets of our own and the best musicians in the world. don't get me started on explorers i'll be here all night.. Don't be jealous Mario.

  51. i am irish and i am proud.
    but i abolutely love americans aswell!
    and i love potatoes 😀
    cabbage.. not so much…
    (with help of americans of course lol)
    ehh.. i suppose the english are ok too.. except the ones that are all " Ohh shes irish bate her!"
    dont like that type of english person..
    just thought id let you know..

  52. Jealous Brit. why don't u go on the jeremy kyle show with the rest of the backward twats. least were not banned out of every country in europe, when there's a football match on. and u say the irish can't handle their drink. hooligan fools.

  53. w.b yeats, oscar wilde, bram stoker, wrote Dracula, jonathon swift, wrote Gulliver's Travels. just a few famous poets and writers that came out of Ireland.
    a few irish invention, the submarine. guided missile, Binaural (double earpiece) stethoscope.
    can't name all because i'll be here all night.
    we all know about irish musicians the best in the world nobody can deny that. luke kelly,the script,the clancy brothers, and all the greats even if your in to them u2. were a step above the rest when it come to music. james hoban who was irish. was the architect who designed the white house, influenced by Leinster House, in Dublin, Ireland. did i mention that Halloween is also an irish holiday so if you say ireland didn't contribute anything to the world take a little time to learn some history!! and that just a few little examples iv'e given. what did the italians give the mafia and opera and pizza. ass raping romans and not to mention the best thing that came out of italy leonardo di vinci but that was a very long time ago and you should not be jealous that we are celebrated all over the globe..

  54. Irish people do not push St. Patrick's day on anyone. I'm sure they couldn't care less if other countries celebrate it or not. To say that they have contributed nothing to the world is very ignorant. I never understand why people have such strong opinions about things they clearly know nothing about. Your article shows that you are ignorant, aggressive, and hate filled. I would like to point out that most Americans are more educated that this author, and do not actually believe cliches. Some of the American posters here have done nothing for the stereotype of Americans as ignorant about other countries, loud mouths, and rude.

  55. We are the nearest country to Ireland (i.e. Wales) and always feel that the Irish tend to be over patriotic and think themselves something special.
    There also seems to be a high proportion around here who are always drunk and are looking to con people out of their hard earned cash. Never let an Irish man tarmac your drive (lol)!
    The country is also very backwards (reminds me of the UK in the 1950s).
    Just my real life observations and no offense meant to all the descent Irish out there.

    • i so agree with you. in australia they are the same. they are the ones that always are in drunk driving crashes.

  56. whoa whoa whoa!!!! geez why does everybody hate the Irish?!?! St. Patricks day is not a worthless holiday!!!!! There is a history behind it, obviously. dont diss the Irish until you've read up on facts. we have done much throughout history! you just wouldn't know because I bet ur a lazy selfish american huh? You dont have to celebrate St.Patricks day if you dont want to! It's your choice, but in case you havent noticed most people LIKE St. Patricks day. Go read up on your Irish facts, unless that is your too lazy. Stop being mean to us Irish people!

  57. if the Irish ruled America then wouldn't it be a Catholic country but in fact it is protestant! 51% of americans that claim to have Irish ancestry in fact don't as their ancestors were indeed ulster-scots. Fact- the Irish supported the Nazi's in the second world war hence the POPE being in the Nazi youth so why would anyone desire to be Irish or associated with the country. I mean the IRA, tatties,guinness,famine ridden is all the Irish are good for. They sing songs about the famine and feel sorry for themselves but no wonder the POPE loving,-child abusing priests are the way they are. Those people in Northern Ireland that say they are "IRISH" should scurry off back down South and leave the protestant community alone-what are they still doing there, its not as if the Ulster people are going to surrender they haven't since 1690 to be precise and they ain't about to give up now. All the irish have ever done is emigrate. Scotland is ridden with people of Irish ancestry. St patrick's day is a way of the Irish to say "WE ARE POPE LOVING MURDERERS-UNITED IRELAND" LOL a complete waste of time.

  58. Americans are known by the British of thinking there are Irish, Scottish or whatever even though their ancestors left the country like – 200 years ago! It irritates many people. And what is IRISH-AMERICAN? You are either Irish- born in ireland or American -born in America its not hard. There will NEVER be a united Ireland. Stop being racist about the Irish- (laugh) they are the Nazi's here. You just have to look at the Pope- Nazi Youth!

  59. Dude you basically just described Americans, think they're great, can't fight wars without help, and are completely unskilled. . . . .although you were wrong, with beat England. So unless you're talking about 'Irish' Americans, then you're just plain wrong. . . .

  60. this is pretty offensive to the religion that millions support.. and ye call the irish thugs, how many gangs and murdering physo's are there in america? more than the population of ireland.. yes everyone likes a drink here, its called having fun ye saddos.. im guessing your a man in his 40s who is not married and prob a virgin…. enough said

  61. the irish are really just english. most of irish culture is really english culture. they speak english in ireland, play irish football which is really the english game of rugby. the whole pub culture is from england, and a big chunk of irish live in england at one point or another. without england the irish would have no culture. the irish should thank every englishman they see for there culture.

  62. Gods chosen are the Jews, we dont even believe in hell for that reason.
    the Irish pray to a false god (mary) which is against the the word of god, so if anything youre further below christians for worshipping A. Mary and B. the Pope.
    i also hate the Irish. great article 10/10
    i am also not american.

    • … I don't think it's fair that you stereotype any one born in Ireland to be Catholic or even religious. I'm Irish, not religious in the slightest.

  63. read and Write english, dont be so stupid, Hebrew is one of the oldest scripts and thats still writen today, the same can be said about chinese, you know those real cultures that contributed to the world in a great way, unlike the irish.

  64. i myself agree. in Australia they are bloody every where and the flee here like cockroaches. they are the most rudest bustards you will ever meet. they think they are so great that they are in Australia and try to act like they are better then other people when they came from poverty, i am sorry if i feel so offensive this Irish bustards come to my house acting so posh and offended me. in australia they are one of the most hated people and most place don't like to employ them because they try to scam people. i love this article.

    • If you’re going to put down anyone learn how to spell before you do.
      Australia belongs to the (aboriginal people) that your evil white ancestors stole from, not white racist pigs like you Liz, Australia does not belong to you and don’t you forget that. At least the Irish didn’t live of people’s backs like your evil white ancestors did. Your race is the most hated race in the world, black’s hate you, Asians hate you, browns hate you and yes we Irish also hate you.

  65. He was English and was taken to Ireland for punishment. Then when he was released, he went back to Ireland. . . . atleast get it right

  66. The Irish supported the Nazi's? xD its called being neutral i.e. not taking sides. and for the most part the Nazis were actually incredible, they were the first to begin designing the nuclear bomb, they designed the hydrogen car, they proved that smoking caused cancer well before anyone else. Most of the so- called American discoveries were merely stolen from the Germans and hidden away when they lost the war, the hydrogen car would have destroyed the American car companies and the cancer bit the tobacco industry.
    How would the Irish supporting the Nazis have any effect on the pope in the Nazi Youth?
    The current pop would have been quite young and of little importance to anyone at the time and thus would have no connection to Ireland whatsoever.

  67. I am shocked at the level of racisim in this place. To Americans, the Irish have always punched above their weight in this world. It was the Irish and the Jewish people who built NY and is what is today. Majority of your presidents have Irish connections. Irish have done alot for you. Far more than most !!

  68. HAHAHAHAHAHA at the first comment!!
    All you true Irish people have a little Irish Humour and laugh at this boy!!
    To be fair he's quite witty and very stereotypical! This really shouldn't offend you!
    love the drunken faries ect – think he's been reading a bit too many fairy tales!
    As for Mexicans speaking English ….you really couldn't get anything more different!
    This guy's a JOKA!!

  69. this is funny. Yanks are the most retarded people iv ever met. We had to put a yellow line a meter back from ours cliff edges cause yanks kept fallin off. Ur all nothing but fat pricks with big heads who think u run the world. U should go on to youtube and look up stupid americans. Its priceless. Haha muppets

    • Hahaha did you hear Irish or American accents from those guys?? Cause if we were watching the same video those guys weren't Irish. So what does it say about Americans? Just because somebody claims to have a great great great great great Irish grandparent, does not make them Irish, it makes them an American idiot

  70. "Majority of your presidents have Irish connections" – This remark is a lot of nonsense – the only president of Irish descent was Kennedy. The Irish take so much credit for accomplishment of the people from Northern Ireland. who are in fact British nationals. Approximately 16 of US presidents where protestants from Northern Ireland also called Ulster Scots. They were descendants of Presbyterian Scottish brought to Northern Ireland starting 1610. This plantation is controversial to this day but the facts are these people are distinct people from Irish Catholics. And the Ulster [protestant people to this day resist aggression from Irish catholic nationalist who are trying to destroy them. And what a joke that is because the IRA have failed to do it in modern times.

  71. Ed Anger is a comical writer who writes for a comical "newspaper". Chill out people! I am Irish and I think America is cool. Most Americans I have met are smart people with a great sense of humour. Although some Irish had a bad time in America back in the day, the truth is that there was a lot more racism against the Italians, Germans, Spanish and Asians, not to mention the blacks than there was against the Irish. I think the Irish just talk about it too much and love to be viewed as the "victim". The Irish regements in the British army were quite nasty to the native New Zealanders and native Australians too. Irish regiments were also involved in wiping out native Americans as well. I say forget the past and hate the real enemy ie.. pesky dandruff.

  72. There were never 20 million people emigrating because we never had anything close to 20million people in the country 🙂

  73. Oh yes all the great men were Irish: Sean McHancock, Padraig McHenry and Tomas O'Jefferson.
    But seriously, the thing that was so incredible about these people was they cared more for their ideals than their ethnicity. These were patriotic Englishmen, who has has enough and said " ef it, we don't need to be English anymore."
    Reading your post I cannot even tell if you are American or Irish.

  74. How can one be offended by such an ignorant baffoon?
    Ranting about the Irish?
    Being of Irish decent myself..I laugh..haaaa
    We Irish have been around too too long to take some silly puppet rantings seriously..

  75. #1. The Irish left Ireland for America because of famine, poverty (& other issues that human beings sadly still face in many countries). Please tell me Liz, who is it that you think are the aboriginal people of America? Probably not your descendants! What I find amusing is that you actually refer to a race of people as 'God's chosen' people (what would be funnier is if you believe this to be true) ….. at the end of the day, we all came from Africa. So we are, one in the same at the core of it all!

  76. Anyone that has anything bad to say about anyone else country is only a wanker that needs to mind there own. I f**ng hate the English but I don't see the piont posting stuff all over the net it just encourages stupid f*** like the one that made this one up to spread hate….

  77. lol and they say that America is not ignorant!!
    1. the irish don't blow themselves up, thats us, thats us the northern irish. have you ever spoke to someone who lived in ireland, believing in fairies is a myth. And as to the Pope? Thats all catholics not just the irish, AND they dont pray TO the Pope. Catholics believe that God speaks through him. Is no one allowed to believe in their own religion?
    2. The Irish, are bilingual, which I'm guessing you are not.
    3. The Irish history is a lot older than Americans, between getting invaded, a lot. being sold as slaves and the great famine. So many americans descend from the irish.
    4. Its an IRISH holiday, no one is forcing America to celebrate it, if you have a problem take it up with your own country and not someone elses, but NOOO america can never do ANYTHING wrong can they. You put everything in a box, possibly leading to the reason why everyone thinks that Americans are stuck up, self-centred, ignorant, arrogant and overweight population that teach us what not to do.
    5. As for the alcohol, america have an alcohol problem in their young. Growing up with alcohol, no one i know are binge drinkers, we enjoy a drink, but thats about it. 1.
    7. Saying all we ever eat is potato and cabbage, is saying the Japanese only eat Sushi.
    By the way.. Russia, China, Iran, France, the list continues do not celebrate St. Paddys day, you should wonder why you do!

  78. listen the irish have plenty of history that half u brain dead arse holes wouldnt understand!! the irish didnt force st patrick day u[on the americans!!the americans stole it and claimed they were all 1/2 irish!!! and as for the fact the irish are egotistic maniacs?? have you americans looked in a mirror?? your all desparate fame whores who afre never going to get anywhere!!! and all the irish do is get drunk?? hello!! half of ireland doesnt even drink anymore!!you seem to think wer'e all alcoholic religous leprachauns!!!!!!!! WE ARE NOT!! saint paddy's day is an important holiday to us!! it marks the introduction of christianity to ireland!! you think its a weird tradfition??? AMERICANS CELEBRATE THROWING TEA INTO A HARBOUR!!! the irish are better than you will wver be

  79. slan leat!! ni feidir leat leigh e seo?? ta na gaelinn nios ffear i gconai!!! ta ár teanga feinn againn ghoid sibh teanga ó na bhreattanigh!! irish people are gr8!! u cant understand what i wrote can you??? ya im deep i speakb irish!!

  80. We would love England, if they would kindly remove the broom handle from up their arse and please return, we have the kitchen to sweep.

  81. This was actually written by an Irishman to get some of your Irish up.God has always shone his grace on the Emerald Isle and its people,who have always been victimized by racism,bigotry and Diaspora. The point here is that even in the land of milk and honey you Irish have here the same hatreds and prejudice,fostered by the English tongue.Remember; its ourselves alone.

  82. They contributed loads of bloodshead. What about all of the innocent British people, including loads of children, blown up by their bombs. We suffered that for years and now they are starting again. The irish sponsored and supported terrorism for years. You are the greatest storyteller if you expect people to believe your yarn.

    • I would just like to clarify that the VAST majority of Irish people think that those terrorist acts were horrendous and in no way support them! However, If you want to tar everyone with the same brush, there are rivers of Irish blood on British hands…… it is far from a pulpit that you should be preaching.

    • Ireland doent even have an Army they have a defence Forse. the are peace keepers. WE are peacekeepers. I can't believe that someone would make an attack on a ethnic group in this day and age have we learned nothing. I don't care what you think i really don't because i know the facts, And i know how Irish people have been slaughtered for hundreds of years. How The Irish in Nothern Ireland did not have equal status, were murdered and generally unprotected by the law. I completly disagree with violence but at least know it was not one sided.. Get a clue.

    • hello there. about 500 british civilians were killed in the troubles. and over times over 25 million irish were killed. think of that

  83. why would someone write such an uneducated article? i just want to say, on behalf of ireland that irish americans are not irish anymore. they are americans. just as the protestant irish (in the republic anyway) are not british anymore. they are irish, and proud. i'm irish and, going by my surname i would be descendent from britain. but i'm irish. you see, the reason i am proud is because we've taken a lot of s***! and have come through smiling. not because of our importance through history (though it does annoy me when you all say we were insignificant throughout history when the facts are blatent). why i don't like americans? they post ignorant and uneducated articles such as this one. they have no sense of belonging. perhaps i too am being ignorant in claiming that all americans are as ignorant as this person. why would you lash out at a country becuase they were forced to emigrate and populate your country due to oppression and famine. St. Patricks Day stands for peace and offers the oppertunity to embrace life. why would you object to having it as a national holiday? and all counties have had their golden age. britain had hers as did ireland beforehand. americas is coming to an end.

  84. The pope smokes dope and so do the irish. nofin new about that, maan! Just have decent birfcontrol, that all Im sayin. this world too overpopulated to hold all your potato farts in it.

  85. how exactly are the irish useless? there a quite a number of people here talking about irish history and the irish people as if they have studied it in depth when clearly ye haven't. we dont want a united ireland were happy out the way things are. you really should read more! wasn't Henry ford's father from ireland…!! everywhere the irish emigrated to we did nothing but work really really hard. if we were such a horrible race of people, why do sooooo many people try at any opportunity to proclaim their irishness(be it true or untrue), Especially americans.

  86. Its because america doesnt really have any deep culture. ireland is an amicable place. we are proud of our history and how far we've come, unlike many western countries who try to shy away from their history because of it's ominous rath of oppression..eg usa, england. so people want to idetify with something deep and harmless like irish culture. so stop being such a prude and dryballs just cause you suffer from your deep inability the have the craic!! if people want to party let them! its not like were starting a war by celebrating our natinal holidy. A bit of advice, go out more then maybe you will learn some social skills and realise enjoying yourself once in a while isn't actually an evil thing to do!!

  87. im irish and proud but i laughed out loud at rant and even more at the outraged posts that followed what we got is a sense of humour and an ability to laugh at ourselves sadly missing in most people keep up the good work / cant believe they dont get it


  89. Brilliant article mate! Irish think they own the world! Bars everywhere. They're all pope worshipping peodophiles!!! The famines over why don't u go home!!!! God save our queen!!

  90. wales is not a country it sold out to the english a long time ago ,its ruled by sheep and a englishman called the prince of wales ,no offence to decent welsh people out there

  91. as an englishman living in ireland, i have to say , i find the irish ignorant, naive, lacking in manners, __illinformed, no social skills and an overblown sense of importance, based on an underlying sense of importance that belies such a tiny country,

    • Then why are you here? Low budget airlines fly to the UK every day. The average Irish person is far better educated than English- the standard of general knowledge among the English working class is pathetic.

  92. Ed Anger sure does rip an interesting article with this one. Would like someone to report on his opinion regarding Obama. If Weekly World News can dig that up would love to see it in print

  93. And 'Irish'- AMERICANS are so well-educated???? They've had an american education so they are bound to be extremely stupid.

  94. And cockroaches are highly intelligent animals….unlike Australians….who are nothing but drunken convicts…and the women are like butch men and the men are ugly freakled faced chauvanistic people all living in the past.

  95. How could anybody be proud to call themselves an American? They are shallow, self centred people. They lack social skills, can't grasp humour and if the word "like" didn't exist then they would be unable to put a sentence together. It has been shown that Americans don't even know where they are on the globe. Thats how self obsessed they are. Bush represented the true Americans really, really well because that is unfortunately how you are all preceived world wide. It is quite obvious from most of these posts written by Americans, that they have never visited Ireland. If that is how they see the Irish then it is all text book stuff. I have been to America many times through work. I am never in a hurry to return because although they have been welcoming there was always a falseness an insincerity about them. When they smile, Their eyes never smile. A cold detachment of emotions. That is how they live their lives, detached.

  96. Typical bigoted hate-filled rant from some retard masquerading as a Protestant but preaching the Devil's hatred. Evil Satanist dolts like you give decent Protestants a bad name.

  97. Im irish 🙁 born, raised and curently living in ireland. Theres nothing wrong with irish people. SOR-RY if you don't like us, but its not our fault 🙁

  98. actually, i live in northren ireland and i just wish we all just stoped pretending irelands part of the UK because….. newsflash ITS NOTT ?!!! :((

  99. In defense of Irish people, I always enjoy coming home because there is no race in the world with as good a sense of humour, generosity, filial duty and intelligence- even amongst those who were not lucky or privileged enough to recieve a university education. And yet most still do. While you struggle with free healthcare, we have that and free third level education. We take care of our own, even if the current political system is failing, our hearts have been in the right place and will continue to do so, as opposed to your dog-eat-dog democracy.

  100. I am Irish but I have spent quite some time living in in Continental Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. In particular- California and Arizona but I have been the length and breadth of the country. You do meet good and bad people everywhere and I refuse to lower myself to your level by tarring all your fellow countrymen with the same brush. I have met some utterly wonderful and also some idiot Americans but in their favour, they are some of the most accomodating people I have met across the board. Perhaps you can take a look around where you live and tell me everybody is up to your standard of judgement? (Although with that article I can see you are ultimately incapable of setting the bar very high.)

  101. So please, my American friends, do not take this personally. The following critique is aimed at the deranged individuals who concur with and you Ed: who-somehow-feels- you- are- entitled- to- an- opinion- sitting- on- your- overindulged- rear- end- with- your- finger- up- it -looking- for- a- better- healthcare-package- to- treat- ailments- that- will- ultimately- stem- from- your- own- inability- to- control-your-culture-of-instant-gratification-compulsion.
    At the very least, you should maybe invest the same amount of time doing something constructive such as studying or writing a thesis, in which you would actually have to do some research for instead of brainfarting your way into our lives with your confederate opinions that are based on nothing but mental masturbation to thoughts of the bad german porn kind. The brain expends energy while thinking and this is where my presumption of your morbid obesity stems from. Degenerate.

  102. Welsh people are really Irish.__In the old days they were Irish people __but some didn't know how to swim.__That made them afraid to get on the boat too.
    So they stayed put__Now they are called Welch.__Everybody knows THAT..!

  103. Your obvious contradiction is shocking to me. I think the spirit of the declaration is lost on you. The Irish that came here during the 1800s fled their country starving because of the oppression forced upon them by the British. They came looking for a better life willing to work hard and try to make something of themselves which many of them did, I don't see how this differs from the hopes of our founding fathers
    Also I have Irish friends and this misconception that all Irish people are pope mad catholics is simply not true.

  104. Poor ED is dying of envy.
    He gave us the best compliment of all,
    "The Irish are basicly Mexicans who speak English"
    BRAVO. The Mexicans know how to party.
    They have beautiful music and women who are
    loyal firecrackers…yes, just like the Irish.
    Sounds like he was shot down by an Irish woman.
    They also have more courage than Bat Boy himself !
    I'm in an Irish pipe bandand when my sad music
    makes people cry, singing, or dancing, we sound good.

  105. America was built by immigrant. Spanish, Mexican, African, Chinese, Polish, German, Italian, Irish……..
    I am an Irish woman who doesn’t drink or sing sad songs. I am also the type of person who shows respect and would never judge a person based on ethnicity.
    Many Irish came to America during a famine and worked hard to make a life for themselves in America, they played a huge part in building the infrastructure in America. They are a proud old race and as I live in Ireland i should know we don’t all sing, we defiantly don’t all drink, we most certainly do not believe in fairies and we don’t all eat potatoes, but the majority of us are friendly to people of all race, sexual orientation & ethnicity . As as for killing each other how little you know. We have a large amount of Protestant living in Ireland they are our neighbours and our friends. And if you really knew anything you would know that the Catholic Church is not as significant in Ireland as you may think….
    The Irish like many other ethic groups make America the diverse country it is today.. Enjoy it..

  106. From what ive observed the irish do have a lot of pride to the point they will either look down on you or want to pick a fight with you if you arent irish. Some talk a lot to look smart but if you actually listen to what they are saying you'll just realize it's stupid sh*t. Most are punks, drunks, or flunks. So far all I've heard is talk about how they fought in wars. No talk of scientific accomplishments. Unfortunently the US is littered with a bunch of irish thugs. Hey if they would just act respectful like everyone else and stop thinking they arethe sh*t I'd see no problem. But from what I've experienced they are racist trouble makers just acting like they want peace.

  107. I am Irish Myself. I do not drink alcohol. I do not take drugs. I live in this country. It would seem that the article written by ed anger at first glance is relative to a trolling article. It is intended for reaction from the internet community. So as to provoke reaction. As with all forums the above posts are nothing more than a creation of cognitive dissonance. Each and every poster is trying to create consonance. But in saying that as an Irish person the article speaks the truth. It is correct in every point. I MYSELF hate this country for it is full of Drunken Binge drinkers and alcoholics. It is full of ignorance, bitterness, and hate. Unemployment is at an all time high approaching 500,000. I was born a Catholic. I had no choice. I was just a child. I had no voice. But now I am totally an atheist. The majority of the Irish are a deluded bunch of God believing drunkards. St .Patricks Day MAKES me want to vomit. The leaders of this country cannot do their Job properly. The iRISH are one of the most ignorant people I have Known. I have been in many countries . I hated coming home to this despicable Nation. But I have no choice. For it is My home. The Irish are a very deluded bunch. With extreme self righteous tendencies . To any American Reading this I would be glad to be an american rather than Irish. Their are some descent people in this country like myself. But unfortunately we are the minority. Ireland is a drastic nation with pity full fools. Idiotic nonsensical and brainlesss idiots. The Catholic church is an institution for the mentally ill. It is either that or alcohol. When You walk the streets at night. It is unsafe. Crime is rampant. Criminal gangs are taking over the streets Of cities Dublin and Limerick. Limerick City is so dangerous that it is now referred to as Stab city. Over 3000 people have been killed from the troubles in Northern Ireland. Countless More maimed for life. Their was a time when a person from the republic and northern ireland were used as human shields. People were forced to drive cars into a designated areas that was targeted for bombings. This is a pathetic country. One could go on but I think I have made My point.

  108. ha…this is brilliant, jealousy is an awful thing lads!
    For the smart arse who wants all "irish" people to move to the republic, how about whether you classify yourself to be irish or "northern irish" you were born on the island of ireland, and no matter whether its the british, americans or the bloody french who claim the north, ur still going to be irish!
    Im in England at the moment, and to be honest with you "northern irish" means f**k all to british people, infact they dont give a flying f**k, to them were all potato eating, guiness drinking irishmen and women…not even the queen gives a F**k about ya! The british dont want ya!
    Is it a crime that the irish people are proud of their roots, proud of their country? ! Whats Britian got to be proud of, cold blooded murder of innocent people, not just in Ireland, throughout the world! Though i suppose england does have its football team to be proud of…o wait no…!
    And as for the Americans, what have they got to be proud of? Sending their children to an early gave by overfeeding them! Keep up the good work! haha!

  109. eh we built the white house and split the first atom which reluslted in the atomic bomb which had you win world war 2 and invented the submarine ireland has had and still does have some of the greatest musicians actors and artists in the world we also have 36 million people in usa claming to be irish!

  110. America is of every nationality; so go ahead and call me "fat, stupid, and whatever else."
    Who really f*****g cares! Oh, and my mother came off the boat! Who f*****g cares! And I despise ALL fast food!
    Humans are Humans, that's the problem in a nutshell.

  111. calm down every1.
    1. Ed Anger is a joke.
    2. For the ppl saying they dislike Irish b/c…(and are not joking)
    stop using this post as an excuse to be racist

  112. what a bunch of ignorant people. ireland has a great and sometimes tragic history. who cares what part of the world you come from? st patricks day is the only national holiday i know of which is celebrated nearly world wide,no one is forced to join the celebrations.. little bit of bad news for all you irish hating people, our stupid government has practically bankrupt our country so we are emigrating by the thousands again. we have for the first time in history a lot of non irish people living and working here because of the so called "celtic tiger", and to each of them and their families welcome and enjoy the "craic". thats not the "crack" that most people will assume. honestly cant understand the stupid ignorant comments on here. are all the irish drunk?are all americans fat?are all british stuck up? are all polish working for less moner?, grow up and educate yourselves those bigotted people who have commented on here..
    if any of you ever visit our country you will receive a "cead mile failte",, hundred thousand welcomes.. nice talking!!!!!

  113. Well holy crap, you should really read back over what you said ED ANGER . . . and think of how you seem to the world outside your little computer . . get laid much???? – mite take the edge off, and by the sounds of it you could use a few drink yourself. The reason Irish people get drunk so much in America is to make it easier to deal with Americans LIKE OMG – spa!!!!!!!

  114. most Irish can trace their roots to Northern Germany and the Viking, Saxon, Frisian and Angle clans, even red hair comes from the invaders. So how Irish are they?

  115. I rest assured in the knowledge that we Irish are, and always will be, infinitely more popular than that most globally despised waste of space- the racist.

  116. To Irsh ppl r useless-Clues in the name love,the country is called Ireland and that is why that still to be returned part is called Northern Ireland pretty much acknowledging it is very much a part of the whole.They can even have IRISH passports if they want to and many do.Roll on the day when even our Protestant brethren in the north realise we wouldn't shaft them like the British government have.Time for them to embrace their inner Irishness like the good Irish people they really are. 😉

  117. Well, u americans really are a bit slow…. Everthing u said here is a stereo type…. Just like me callin u a fat retard because ur american… UP DE RA!

  118. Well us Irish did a lot for history even America We built the White-house we gave the world Dracula much more things that I cant remember lol I say ill get a bashing for not remembering .Anyways why are you acting like America has no problems.I like your stereotype knowledge its very good.And most of the people I know don't even believe in god.

  119. If you hate us Irish so much, why did you waste your time writing about us? Couldn't you use your deflated tyre of a brain to think of something constructive to do?.. honestly.

  120. Hi there, I am an Irishman living in Australia who has stumbled across this website tonight, most of it assine, however, one should point out most persons in your first paragraph were protestant not through Irish as you classify Irishness on this site . I loved Liam Clancy's brilliance but I cant stay up long enough to list Italian contributions. One thing we have in common is the poor government, made up of catholics. By the the way I am a devout atheist who was a catholic.

  121. What the hell is your problem! We believe in fairies? Your a horrid american or whatever country your from (probably america!). And we don't drink all the time! Thats insulting! Yes the irish tend to drink and not all the time! 50 years ago it was normal for the father to come home for dinner and then head off to the pub. Some are alchoholics but they're in every country not just ireland! And st patrick is the patron st of ireland so we celebrate him every year and thats when everyone tends to drink! And why do you all pressume we speak like this " a lads now ye're a disgrace……". We have accents (just not everybody and some have it really strong) just like you americans and your " oh my gawd, like look at that leprachaun". Yeah thats right!……. One st patricks day my friend (who just happens to have bright red hair!) was sat on the grass at a hotel because our families had dinner there and some americans came over when my friend left to go to the bathroom and started asking me things like "whats it like to know a leprechaun?", and some other rather strange things. And they were dead serios! Idiots! Accusing us of being drunks and thick red heads with culchie accents!!!!!!

  122. whole??? Hmmm…. must be that good job those Irish Monks did in preserving literacy. Lay off the juice so you can get your words spelled right, dude. Irish need to step off this high-and-mighty stool they are standing on. The only thing that holds them together s a people is their congregating in bars with like- minded drinking companions and sticky mashed potatoes, which have become a detriment to the health of this country. All of the Irish people I know are corrupt. Stick that under that hideous gnome statue standing outside your house! Better yet, why not put it in his hands and have him hold it up like a banner!

  123. Now theres some accomplishments…. drinking and fighting.
    Why not grow up & let go of the chip on your shoulder; maybe apply yourself to something more useful?

  124. the irish are not the only monkeys in the british isles…yes the scotts and welsh…but you sittin down?…the english are essentially monkey, i mean irish, I mean celtic…no joke…latest gene-based research says that even england proper is mostly of celtic ancestry, not germanic as is the common wisdom…which means i guess that most of us americans are monkey people also as the biggest source of immigrants here was england…see "saxons, vikings, and celts: the genetic roots of britain and ireland" by bryan sykes
    eeee eeee!!! eeeehhh uu uu uu uuuuu ee eeeee!!!!!

  125. I was born in england to irish parents and in england when i'd say my parents were irish they thought that was awesome. We moved back when I was 9 years old. We went for dinner at a pub that evening because we had not got a cooker yet, and expected to see a lot of drunks but the majority of people weren't even drinking anything remotely alcholic! I asked my dad why and he said the irish tend to only drink on special occasions and st patricks day. But I asked him why Ireland has like the 2nd highest alchol consumption rate in the world and he said it was mainly the tourists who drink now a days. People get the wrong idea about the irish. Why do you hate them? What have they ever done to you? Whats your problem? And what

    • "Why do you hate them? What have they ever done to you? Whats your problem?"
      they need to hate somebody — at least in america … we are an easy target because we dont attack back … and we dont cause we really aint much of a "we" as compared to other groups which are more cohesive… and the cowardly bigots know that…which is why they choose us to pick on us in first place. further the upside is great as there is so much bs about us…it makes us seem that we are far more numerous and socially stronger than we really are so they feel like big men going after the "big mic", the supposed tough guy whose ancestors hailed from that island over there which surely must be the size of most of the others

  126. youve got it kinda backwards…its the english who are really celts……see "saxons, vikings, and celts: the genetic roots of britain and ireland" by bryan sykes

  127. "Im irish……………. and im not useless"
    well i AM useless…but the exception proves the rule…i dont know why but it does

  128. Evidence for this story please – otherwise it's an unprovable empty rant ! Details please – details !! Names, dates, places etc etc

  129. i am Irish and i fell this is kinda racists u dont judge people on their religion or nationality, and what i heard when all the irish went to America they build cities like new york and Boston,
    and also America is the most hated nation in the world i feel embarrassed for you

    • Beeing Irish you should certainly feel embarassed a whole lot and then some.95% of Americans with Irish ancestry vote for liberal democrats like Bwarny Fwank or Shumer who
      accepted tens of thousands from Maddof.Irish democrats are either corrupt to the bone like
      Bulger or discheveled poor misguided leftist rabble-rousers.

    • r u kidding me do u c wat name u used to respond…r is that just supposed o be ironic…if so its not funny and us a complete fail…Padraig

  130. Ireland is a secular republic with a secular constitution! That is a fact!
    The majority of Irish Americans are of Presbyterian extraction.
    Both the Protestant and Catholic Church in Ireland celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.
    Personally, I would presume that being the second biggest ethnicity in the States, Irish people have contributed a lot!
    One noticable contribution is that Americans pronounce their R's which comes from Irish immigrants. Only for Irish immigrants, you would have adopted the inability to pronounce an R just like the British!

  131. Northern Ireland is in Ireland! Otherwise, it would just be called Northern. It is quite logical!
    Ireland has only been divided for 80 years and only about 800,000 people on the the entire island are against reunification. The devision is completely artifical!

  132. We in Britain will never forgive the Irish for their insulting attitude towards our gracious royals.
    The fact that Gaelic was replaced by English is just another illustration of how the British brought civilisation to the hordes of irish primitives. A six pack and a boiled potatoe says it all.

  133. this is rediculous, the irish are one the most liked and wellcoming people on the planet. and in any way you cant judge a race as a whole it is the individual that counts, so next time you want to put a nationality down remember the individuals who built your country

    • maybe they are to your face, its what they do behind your back you should think about, beware the mayo man for he care for no man but himself

  134. This is the most pointless piece of bad writing I've ever seen. Not to mention ill informed and immature. You shame your country and reinforce the global idea that America has serious problems with it's education system. Get a passport and see the world. Then comment.

  135. Lol, americans really are dumb. You cant even spell!! Go get an education before you start posting things on the net, trash. I mean, could you even find your country on a world map?! Doubt it! I dont think I've ever come across such a close minded, ignorant and downright DUMB nation of people. Have you ever travelled outside of your own country or even state?! Doubt that too! Europeans travel and educate themselves and appreciate culture and diversity. Americans, well, you lot just shoot eachother up and procreate (much to our dismay!) and say ridiculously embarrassing things. Whoever wrote this article should be put down, before they get a chance to spread their seed and make more dumb animal americans!!!

    • buba= insecure tiny weener personality disorder
      what happened Buba u tried to score an Irish woman and she rejected you?! thought so!!! lol

    • Amazing is a huge world, come down…I would say more behind the time and wild where the ignorance is living…

    • I don't understand, why you have to mention willies. Is this the only thing the Irish has, their willies bigger than American? That is really saddddd but yeah, maybe that is the only one, 😉

  136. your just jealous of the irish.
    The irish would have this world takin over if it wasn't for alcahol.
    They have the best sence of humour on the planet and always see the good in every bad situation.

  137. Before you go and judge the Irish, you might want to go and actually have a conversation with one who isn't in a bar. Not all Irish people are alcolholics so get your facts straight. And I think its sad that you make reference to leprechauns, no one in Ireland even talks about them, its yee yanks that dont stop shut up talking about them! And may I ask add what is wrong with Mexicans. I can tell from that piece that you are a incredibly rude and racist person who seems to have low self esteem that feels the need to talk about other cultures. Before you go ranting on about other cultures take a closer look to home your country aint that great Dude! So get a life and move on maith an fear!
    Ps Potatoes Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. I think that they irish are ok to a certain extent , just depends on what terms and with regards to what . i think its a bit harsh to genralise the whole country as it just doesnt make sense. However, i have to admit that id never trust a person who is irish..and mainly for two reason :ALCOHOL & ATTITUDE. and their very selfish tendancies.
    I'm 32 yo and i have never met an irish person who cant leave alcohol alone, i mean ffs, why they have to plan to get hammered every weekend just bemuses me, i think that between 60%-80% are just simple pissheads.FACT
    another thing with the irish ..in my experience, is that you just cant trust them, ( i just cant put my finger on it ..all i do know is that id never employ one again. in 10 years of our business we have caught about 9 people stealing ,5 of them were irish , 3 were scousers and 1scottish. about a year ago i vowed id never take on a celt again…im my experience they never cased me nothing but trouble..not to add the distress they caused other team members because of their constant unprofessionalism and lying.
    actually , thinking again i think i do dislike them if im being honest…i mean why would i like them…they have proven to me that they are dishonest , scheming, and overall a nasty kind.maybe its the way they are brought up …and the general attitude of the irish…who knows, just as long as they dont come near my life or my families.

  139. Two words moron – Benito Mussolini 🙂 Yeah Italians never forced anything on anybody sure. Research the Italian occupation of Ethiopia, where the Italians rather loved to massacre people. And use mustard gasbombs on the Ethiopian military and the civilian populace. They loved their concentration camps Croatia too. Nothing against Italians, I love their people, culture and have visited their country many times but please don't be ignorant of history.

    That's not true. The Irish invaded Western Scotland, West Wales and Cornwall. The Brythonic Celts did not trust the Irish and gave them the name 'gwyddel' meaning 'raider'. St. Patrick was abducted during one of these raids.
    Saying that, I like the Irish. Nice people.

  141. There isn't that much Irish culture left anymore. The countryside is very Irish but Dublin felt like a mix of British and American culture to me.

  142. I think this was satire, guys. Calm down. 300+ comments being ignorant racists, one way or the other? I know there's idiots in every country but goddamn, I thought we had a sense of humour…

  143. I am unfortunately half Irish. That side of my family are a bunch of drunks who cause trouble for everyone who knows them. Usually drop dead from drinking or fall down the stairs drunk. Drinking, fighting and screwing until Mr. Willie stops working from too much alcohol. Few make it to old age. I avoid them like the plague.

  144. I had a chance to experience the Irish nation…. i have to say i was not fund of it… most filthiest and disgusting nation iv ever seen…yakkk

  145. I love the Irish. Such a fine bunch of erudite scholars this world has never seen. The descendants of Colmcille, of centuries of learning, of craftsmanship, of manuscripts, of art, of bards, poets, harpists, of kings, táinistí and druids, The people who century after century have resisted the most powerful empire in the history of the world. There's is much to admire in the Irish, in particular in those people in Ireland who continue to speak the Irish language, play native Irish games as organised by the massive organisation known as the GAA and play traditional Irish music. For such a noble, strong and admirable tradition to continue despite the colossal British military, economic and political might is worthy of immense respect by any standard. Long may Irish culture and distinctiveness continue in its best, positive sense no matter what the British do to suppress the flame of Irish freedom.

  146. I have to agree. The Irish, for the most part, are shower of idiots and I'm Irish. Cant have a real conversation with an Irish person. Cant make deep freindships with Irish folk. The women are for the most part chastised. They have a frame of reference as wide as a keyhole. Intellectually speaking they are lost. Idiots I have to say.

    • They take the piss in all the world as they are well known as drunk people….in Saint Francisco I have seen a T-shirt on which there was irish yoga drawn, people were laying on the ground in different positions as drunk…

  147. I wish one day this island finished at the bottom of the ocean….disappearing forever…they are too proud of their Crap

  148. ddorfing If u studied harder at school and got sufficient grades to attend university you might actually be in a job you like instead of being stuck making coffee in some accounts department managed by the Irish- see its not really the latter you hate its yourself for being such a loser!!!
    P.S. Get an education x

    • The problem is that irish people in general are loosers and they believe to be clever…without foreigner they could not have a prosper economy as you irish are unable to work…then the bunch of money came too quick and you f8ck yourselves with your hands….as you cant manage even money…you ignorant so now there is the recession

  149. STOP GENERALISING David should the world hate America because Ted Bundy was a sick man who happened to be American??? Thats the problem with this world too many generalisations perpetrated through ignorance and hatred.

  150. Cormac homosexual slurs should not be used in your defence of the Irish okay don''t retalliate with more bigotry thanks.

  151. Jack you are a prize c**t and a traitor I am Irish myself and spent 5yrs living in NZ and I am disgusted at your put down of your own people and country sounds like your racist against your own people what an irony and what a pathetic excuse of an Irishman actually you don't deserve to be called Irish are u sure ur not British u sound soooooooo bitter!!!!

  152. Firstly Ed after reading ur racist statement I have no doubht but that your are an IGNORANT ARSEHOLE. If you ever visit ireland and left ur narrominded, braindead country you would soon realise that the irish are highly educated people, which are open to to all religions and cultures. It seems that your until you take your american flag out of your hole and open your eyes you will remain a Stupid Yank!

  153. ders tonnes of gud lukin irish people
    pierce brosnan
    saoirse ronana
    cillian murphy
    danny o'donoughue fron the script
    irish are just the same as everyone else so leave us a lone and put all your pathetic anger elsewhere.

    • No Irish person I know hates the English and I know quite a lot seeing as I live in IRELAND. England (and Britain) are our closet allies.

    • Such sentiment is somewhat lost, between the subtle lines of arrogance, and the oppressive wave of injustice bestowed upon the emerald Isle at the behest of your blood – lusting, nefarious,
      vultures you refer to as ancestors, more like vicious, incompetent vessels of hate if the truth be known.

    • well youl find that your ancestors basically tore our country apart stole our food and money and completely forbid us from speaking our own language i dont have a problem with english people as my mum is half english but if you look at the history you will learn why some people hold a grudge

    • They have hundreds of years of reasons to. Except for the few most Irish of today, do not hate them. We all have family members that fought in two world wars for the British, and also fought in Yemen and other places for that. We all have cousins living there because a lot the Irish who fought stayed in the army and brought their families over, and others that didn’t stay in the army, stayed in the country too. So you are most likely to be the reason the few have no time of your ancestors. And all these years later, it’s a non issue.

  154. May I ask how are we without a culture? I know we are going through some economic strain but Greece is a lot worse than us. Ireland is also one of the most pro-European countries in the EU

  155. In this article you have made some idiotic remarks. Firstly, the pope is the head of the Catholic Church, no one prays to him. No one in Ireland believes in fairies. It is folklore and legends. And with the whole 'blow each other up' bit you only hear about the bad stuff that happens between Ireland and the North. So much progress has been made between the two that any time I have gone up there is no hard feelings whatsoever. The statue of liberty was given by the FRENCH to America as a gift. The reason? It was about the french revolution so no it would never have been of Ourlady. And finally 'pray to the wrong Jesus' ehh Catholics are Christians so how it could it be a different jesus?

  156. What i have just read is disgusting !! U racist pricks !!! Ireland is a great country and we dont believe i bloody fairies its flipin folklore not everyone has red hair and the 'dots' are called freckles and not everyone has them either !! How about u actually come to ireland and stop believing every stupid stereotype u hear from people that dont have a flipin clue!!!! Ive never seen something so offencive !! :@

  157. Not only are your prejudicial, and incessantly ignorant remarks, a reflection of your obviously deprived educational merit, but you lack the ability to ferment complex thoughts with lucid articulation. Perhaps in future, you may consider impregnating your brain with actual facts, before you allow your thoughts to meander and gestate, such fractured fallacies. I am quite proud of my beautiful Island, which was not built on impoverished ineptitude, or preconceived illusions of superiority, but structured upon the minds of some of the greatest literary scholars, to grace the pages of time. If you ever have the privilege of visiting my home city of Cork, I will be more than happy to acquaint you with the facts, so that when you leave, you will be well versed on what it means to be Irish believe me!! It's quite sad that America is still in puberty, and has many years of maturing yet to do. Sláinte, George.

  158. Loving your Random mix Of Upper and Lower Case letters Jack. You're doing A Fantastic Job selling the (mis)Education of your Country. Stop trying to use big words and lose the Tall Poppyness, be proud of where you come from regardless of its issues. Maybe think about having that drink…

  159. I am irish I get drunk and I have a laugh I enjoy my yourh …I am born a catholic but I am not religious nor is anyway my age ireland if fighting against the catholic church at the moment because of its past with sexual predators so ireland personally does not want the vatican to take over america And also you hate us cause we get drunk and sing sad songs ..well i hate u because of ur gun violence I hate how ever year your public schools keep dumbing down what they teach meaning ye have the worst education possibly in the world .Your stupid enviormental policy you treat your rivers like your toilet .How your small fries is a large one in ireland and you wonder why theres such a weight problem .Krispy kreme doughnuts because as long as your all goign to be clincally obese you might aswell die with donut powder on your lips.How you buy oil from the arabs and drill into the amazon wen you could find an alternative way but that would mean using your brain which you were never taught how to ….I hope yu enjoyed reading that you might see how getting drunk and singing a few sad songs isnt so bad now .

    • Drunk useless human being=IRISH
      Medium level of intelligence for IRISH=genius already as the rest of the population is under the medium avarage so its retarded but irish consider this level of intelligence as normal

    • Um, maybe you should sort out your grammer and punctuation before you post on a public forum, Clara?! Your post is a mess.

  160. F*&*k"ing country Ireland. I have never seen such a sh£t place in my whole life…awfull weather, dreadfull people…horrible cities…if someone wants to end his life, this is the best place where to do it as it helps a lot….I wish I have never came here…huge mistake…so many nice places where to live or to go on holidays and Ireland is not in the list….

    • Again Gill you sound really really bitter.You must be a failure and hate yourself and everybody else for it.Gill,you are the type that will drift around Europe scrounging wherever you can.You will resent your failure and continue to beat yourself up.Sure you are welcome back here anytime..

  161. Jack, I couldn't agree with all of what you have said more. I have always felt very out of place here, despite the fact that I am, unfortunately, Irish. The people are, at large, superficial, mundane, and incredibly sheep-like in their behaviour. If you don't like booze and sports, forget about it. I hope to emmigrate to America within the next year.

  162. I am Irish and completely agree with you. I work very hard, but still have to put up with this nonsense all the time. Moving to America where people actually care about and value their jobs and focus on something other than getting to the pub at 5.30pm is my dream.

  163. I wish irish do not exist…they are racist and thats why people do not like them.
    They are too osbessed by themselves and too arrogant to be nice people…they threat who is not irish like sh8t, so why the rest of the world should threat them better? I totally dislike them and their "country"…What really piss me off is that they are the most ignorant creatures on the earth and they think are the best in the world…they cant work, they cant make decisions, they do not have culture. The way how they live in that island is impressive as everything look like is made to let you live like sh8t…poor quality in food , in accomodations, in style of life in general…I am sick of this place, I dont want to hear about it anymore….

    • I have to disagree. I moved here from Poland 5 years ago and found Ireland to be just great. I have made a good life here and do not understand where the negativity with all these comments has come from.

  164. Even australian people hate them as they act as if they are in ireland, getting drunk as crazy, picking up fights and making only troubles…I think they hate them all around the world as they cant behave normally. They are lazy and incompetent in their job and they think they are brillant…the only thing they can do is to be at the pub at 5 to drink as sponges till they vomit…Dublin is absolutly a dirty city, cover by escrements and vomit and has a terrible atmosfere always so gray. I think that a place like Ireland should not even exist for the love of God and the human beings….

    • Jordan
      My god you really do have a bee in your bonnet.Whats the problem, were you caught scrounging off the welfare system or did you lose your job ?Where do you and yours head off to now–mmmmm
      somewhere 30 of ye can sqeeze into an apartment , live off cheap vodka and scrounge off the welfare system.

  165. Yeh Gill we are everywhere and you had better get used to it.Do not forget my dear Gill that we breed like rabbits.Gill,we Gaels(Irish ,Scot and Welsh)together with our close colleagues the Anglo (English) civilized this god foorsaken world -you read like you are the polluter.

  166. Just do that ddorfing -change your name asap because your grammer is atrocious–sounds like you are another Vodka drinker who has been caught out by the welfare people–next stop?-wherever i can earn E2 an hour ,share an apartment with 30 others and live offl cheap vodka .

  167. Recognizing your natural talent we brought you lot in to do the crap jobs.Now that we do not need you you become resentful and bitter.Is it the fact that you worked for e2 an hour while also claiming social welfare ,have been exposed and cannot take it.Please use your proper name and do not sully the great Irish name of Rosemary with your diction..

  168. Ludmilla
    You must have lost the old dish washing job and welfare or even the boyfriend .Sure dont worry about little ireland at the bottom of the ocean off you go to another land to scrounge and drink vodka

  169. I hate the irish….I hate ireland….I hate the irish…….I hate ireland…I hate the irish……I hate ireland…I hate the irish……I hate ireland…I hate the irish……I hate ireland…I hate the irish……I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…..I hate ireland…I hate the irish…….I hate ireland…I hate the irish……I hate ireland…I hate the irish…….I hate ireland…I hate the irish…….I hate ireland…I hate the irish…

  170. Will you please get a hold of yourself?
    It is evident from your extract that you do not understand Ireland, its culture and the wonderful holiday that is St. Patrick's Day.
    I agree with you in the fact that many people use the day as an excuse to consume an excessive amount of alcohol, but that does not vouch for you to start calling the entire group of people ignorant idiots.
    I understand that we have our fair share of imbeciles, and I am not proud of those people, but so, too, does the Land of the Stars and Stripes – probably in a higher concentration!
    So, until you show me your History Degree (IRISH History Degree) or your academic achievements, your words are meaningless.
    I love the United States, probably more than Ireland – but you have no right to make these ridiculously bigoted assumptions. You've probably never even been there for God's Sake!
    Racist idiot….

  171. This is so offensive its unbelievable! Funny how u americans are viewed as big mouthed fat sorry obese drama queens who have taken over from the English in invading other countries and stealing their resources and claiming them for their own. Hence the whole 9/11 etc. There are many people in my country who are idiots and drink to much or take drugs, unlike america where no one drinks or takes drug or is plain thick! Oh wait yes there is in fact america had major drug problems before any other country and this state has filtered down to other countries over time. Who ever u r who started this thread ur a useless feck of a person who I hope is targeted one day by his own homegrown criminals and gets his comeupance! Prick

  172. The view you hold is only a mirror of your own inner riches or your own inner turmoil and an indication of your placement on the evolutionary tree

  173. Ireland = terrorist breeding ground shame you guys didn't stand up to the nazi's in WW2 instead of trying to collaborating with them eh? And the irish are the most racist cunts out ain't many blacks in ireland is there now and you hate anyone who isn't catholic or gaelic you dirty swine

    • you are an idiot i am an irish southern protestant and have never received any ill treatment.I have many friends both catholic and protestant.while you call ireland a terrorist breeding ground you are neglecting to mention the fact that the british army has killed or helped kill more civilians then the IRA and loyalist paramilataries combined.you seem to be an ignorant fool,who has no knowledge of irish politics or history yet you come on here making foolish statements.ireland may have been racist in the past however,we are now a multi-cultural country which sees none of the pointless riots which were seen in london recently.If you read up on your history im sure you will see the british army are responsible for more acts of terrorism then any paramilitary organisation.here is some suggested reading topics:bloody sunday,black and tans,dublin and monaghan bombings,1916 rising and come back to me when you have a basic understanding of irish history.Until then please refrain from posting uneducated waffle

  174. Best fighters in the world… hahahahahah you humor me you nonce you have been invaded more times than a 3rd world country best fighters …. hahahaha you have made my day mick

  175. Now don't start gettin ahead of yourself now you've had a few to drink my boy Irish tend to talk some right irish when they've had a few eh boyo

  176. Typical Irish-yank talks a load of irish twoddle and thinks he's black as the ace of spades hardman ain't ya drug dealing little c**t i'll come t'boston (shippin up) and knock your socks off give ya a glasgee kiss smelly mick its a f****n kilt and bagpipes by the way wee jobee southie knock ye clean out on your favourite day as its easier to knock someone out when they are that f****n steamin

  177. You are american southie you mong you was born in america and raised there that makes you american with irish ancenstry how many americans are born in ireland and say they are american irish thats just ridiculous man where you are born and raised it what you are otherwise america wouldn't be america would it it would be english,irish,scottish,welsh,german,spanish,french,belgian,dutch states of america ppl in brazil don't say they are portuguese-brazilian they say they are brazilian

  178. we love the polish and we dont have a problem with any other countries you are a complete uneducated idiot 10% of our population is immigrants and i think youl find its the likes of barack obama who consider us as the salt of the earth we have no problem with other countries is this day and age i think youl find thats why were a popular country so why dont you take your head out of your ass and educate yourself you clearly havent been to ireland who are you to judge !

  179. i am irish decent, i dont get along with the irish because they are hypocrates, they live in a country they hate(england) and go to mass on a sunday and they still complain, all the irish are to me are travellers with houses with no wheels, pikeys, diddycoys, call them what you like they are good for nothing

    • Show me some evidence that the Irish hate the English, the only people that say that is the English themselves. I couldn't care less for the English just like 99.9% of Irish people.

    • I am in total agreement with you, one of the most frustrating traits of these people is that they seem completely incapable of understanding that you do not like them, as if everybody loves a celt………..it's frustrating but also in a way it is pathetic. I have some Irish heritage and Ireland and Irish people mean nothing to me.

  180. I'me an Enlish Londoner with nothing but English heritage on both sides of my family all the way back,but unfortunately all of my ancestors have been very poor and opressed by the higharcy. Why is it the Irish have this distinct hate and jealousy of the English for things that happened 200-300 years ago.Surely the English and every other nationality can go back in history and find an opressor.
    Why is it then the Irish still feel they have this never ending right to see the English as there sworn enemy.Particulary seeing as that the Irish and decendant population in Enland exceeds that of the population of Ireland, and England gave them emploment and a home for the past 60 years.
    The bigest joke is that the Irish -Americans have adopted this same hatred but don't really know why!
    America was colonised by the English in the 16th century the majority of Irish never arrived until
    300years after that. Thats why Americans speak English.
    Can't you paddy's just get over yourselves and go find another scapegoat for your inherant ignorance,after all some of you can be quite good blokes.

    • just want to say the British army did not leave Ireland until the mid 2000s and they still wont give us the north of our country back . until the day the British leave there will always be hate in Ireland for England . u cant divide a country and expect them to like you . i put it to u like this if it had being the other way around would u like Ireland ? . if the north of England was under Irish rule would u like us ? I THINK NOT .

  181. im irish and im proud of it because if you actually met some of the irish people in leinster from the country side you would know that they are decent human beings like everyone else on this planet.. its not fair that the whole world has this horrible image about us and priests and fairys and leprachauns … :/ xxx

  182. u are soretarded . bet ur fat ugly and just bitter as u were probs f*&* by an irish man and he wanted nothing to do with you . only thing good about u is that you have a good IRISH name .

  183. well said Daibhi o bruadir.
    There are a lot of plebs on herespeaking throught their but h*le.
    I am from scotland my self, where much like ireland spoke gaelic before being raped by our neighbours for hundreds of years you see they themselves were raped by the romans and the normans where they learned much about colonization and they themselves went on to be the largest empire the world has seen.

  184. i think if you really have a problem with the Irish its your duty to fly there and tell them, i would recommend telling there friendly traveler community, they live it caravans dotted around the country, there always looking for objective criticism

  185. For your imformation you nutcase not all of the Irish are Catholic. My family comes from Ireland and WE are Christian. Did you re-read your post?? I do not think that St. Patrick's day is a vicious plot to help the Vatican take over America. I seriously DOUBT THAT. Get a life and respect others!

  186. One i do agree with you to a point but please dont show your white trailer trash uneducated opinion here. I am Irish i work hard and i enjoy life i treat people with respect and i expect the same in return so dont tar everyone with the same brush because dont forget we won you your dam freedom and we built you dam Nation. Remember that.

  187. Go get a college education and make something of your self – Life aint all sunshine and rainbows you got to stand up and be counted and stop blaming others for your small mind and your refusal to educate your self.

  188. Charlie i am true Irish i come from a good family and i am educated and i worked for my money i show people respect and you should look closer to home before you judge others – He who is with out sin cast the first stone by hell you are not with out sin you uneducated ignorant white trailer trash fool.

  189. I am 100% Irish and i am proud to be, yes Irish have alot of issues but no one in here who has attacked my Culture, Traditions and my nation has that right you think American Culture, British culture are clean and pure all go f*** yourselves – Afgan, Iraq, South America Libya, Rwanda, Somalia need i go on you killed steal and plunder nations and force them to live the your system.
    So please go away and educate yourselves before you mouth off about Ireland you bunch of uneducated Hippocratic fools.

    • A very rich comment coming from a nation who wanted to harbour and re-fuel German sub marines in World war 2 to help sink British and American shiping.The country that wanted to help Hitler by provided him with agents.Do you think he would have upheld your culture and traditions.
      Those countries you mentioned are all problem countries of thier own doing colonised or not and Ireland is just the same an ignorant race what will never be able to stand on thier own, not even 90yrs after independance.
      It's a shame because most paddys I know are really decent blokes to be with.

  190. here smart arse the irish helped build your country and one of your greatest presidents had irish ancestors so you might need to think about that. I could laff at you talking about potatoes you sick human making fun of the irish famine would it be funny if i made fun of hurricane katrina i guess not. But us irish arent like you were not sick and evil. JFK was the best.

    • Stupid maybe but factualy correct.
      And someone who can only offer a one line answer instead of a point of view is obviously an authority on stupidity.
      Or did the inherantly ignorant bit touch a nerve?

  191. There is good and bad people everywhere, the Irish are aggressive and can be sly sometimes, but you will never meet such kind and social creatures.
    I find as an Irish man that there is a social problem due to people from different countries not mixing with Irish people, it goes both ways.
    That is down to ignorance and thinking your superior to any one else, sad.
    I find it sad that people raise hatred about Irish people, I hate nobody and never will.
    I admire all people from different countries in so many ways.
    I have no hatred againnst the English and never condone cheap hate and bile that brings back a history that really made the rich of England condone war on Ireland, it was never about how you prayed.Poor English people fought poor Irish people.
    I have had bad experiences in other countries, but the good out way that in so many ways.
    This negative sight would not exist if people started to mix with each other more, for gods sake I see so many good looking foreign women and they never have any interest in being a friend.
    You can hate the Irish but you know thats not the real problem, you'll find someone else until you know its you.

  192. To you the people who say they hate the Irish… use have a sad fooking life's to go on the internet and say that ..! it people like use why this world is fooked up and full of hate . do me favour go and Jump of bridge ….it sounds to me you guys are sad and lonely Dicks and have never been laid 🙂

  193. You don't see the point. Yet you hate the English………And you've posted stuf?
    To clarify the matter I personaly don't dislike Irish people,but there are points which the Irish have to face up to…..The only paddy's I dislike are the ones like you who use the Enlish as a scapegoat to compensate for any shortcomings of thier own.
    And I don't need to swear on line to make a point.

  194. The average Irishman dos'nt hate the English you said. Then you come out with the rest of that inacurate venom.
    The average Englishman couldn't care if Ireland sunk! But try to explain your point of view to the protestants in the north. They are your problem not the English. And they wether you like it or not they are IRISH.
    By the way what language is it you are speaking in?

  195. Scotland and Scotish people were part of Great Britain when we ruled the world for 3 hundred years and you stil are. So be proud that your heritage is part of the Nation which dicovered,educated,civilised and gave the world so much.

  196. You have 36million Americans claiming to be Irish decendants but the true figure is nowhere near that many. Most are Irish wanabees [god knows why] with blatant English names.
    This denial by Americens to recognise the extent of thier English bloodlines goes back to the stigma of being English after the American war or independence.
    All of the founding fathers were direct English or Scotish decendants,The Irish never arrived in any substantial number until many years after that. Thats why Americans speak English and thats why English was the first language spoken on the moon.

  197. Boston is a town in Lincolnshire which is in England.
    Didn't you have a president called Lincoln…wonder what his decendency was?
    Most English people don't know what projects are but I think we have an equivelent called council estates……..Should you want to visit one of them I'me quite sure they would accomodate by KICKING YOUR A***

  198. Do you actually remember all that yourself then!
    Maybe I can remember how persecuted we were by the Romans, Normans and saxons.
    Anyway I probably will die before you ,sounds like I'me older which is why I have more Knowledge than you.
    Theres alot about the Irish most English people can't forgive,but thank god most of us do.
    Sounds like you've been indoctrinated with evil.

  199. A grudge for somethings that went on 2 to 300 years ago?
    Its a good job the English/British never held a grudge over the cowardly murders of the IRA in your name.
    At least wer'e still young enough to remember Irish misdeeds.whereas you could have only read about ours.
    You just need a scapegoat enemy.

  200. Your interpretation of arrogance is a covenience used by the peasant inhabitants of that Isle. Who aren't qualified to judge nor comprehend what constitutes injustice.
    And have nothing to rely upon but folklore to substantiate alleged oppresion two centuries ago.Arrogance is surely self titling as 'The Art Of Truth.

  201. Yes very cultured
    But insults are actually not part of a constructive debate.
    But then again there was no indication to give anyone a clue as to which post you were actually replying to.

  202. The people in the West country and on the South coast of England sound thier R's too.
    And being that many of the original cross Atlantic sea farers were from this part of England and the English were the first and largest colony in America I would say that gave the forthcoming Americans that R thing. Don't forget the Irish never arived in numbers until 300 years after the first English.
    So you theo'R'y dosn't hold water.

  203. Of course we all forgot all of your misfortune was Great Britains fault.
    I surpose when it becomes evident that your worthless economy,scrounging government and under educated drunken inbread population cannot substantiate financially being in the EU,when you get kicked out that will be the EU oppresing you.
    Or if that dosn't stick just revert to blaming and hating the English again.
    Perish the thought ude actually look to yourselves.

    • where do you be getting the idea irish people are all alcoholic's? If anything the english are the one's who are a bit to fond of the drink!!

  204. Well Ed.
    If you read through all the posts and replies you will see over the past few weeks I have validated your article through an average English working mans prespective.
    And as expected from the Irish was met with a volley of miss informed ignorance.
    They never fail.
    Why not do a follow up.
    Through these posts and replies you can see the Paddy's have already built the gallows.
    Keep it going and we can watch them hang themselves.
    Will keep looking for responses.
    All the best from your earliest cousins and closest allies
    Crippsy the Brit

  205. Every part of your verse above is badly factualy flawed to the point of being fictional.
    Have you ever studied the plight of the English working class and how they suffered for centuries under landlords and royals by much the same oppresion.Obviously not. Thats because the Irish sufferance will allways be depicted as the bigest travesty in the history of the world ,This being told that way to perpetuate thier hatred for all the English both gentry and working class.Thus substituting thier own failures as a people and a nation for international pity.You must have spent many hours in that same basement on a computer studying how to distort Irish history to the detrement of the British.Do you really need us as a scapegoat for your own shortcomings that badly? Obviously you do proof of that being The Irish free state then later the republic has been independant from Britain for 90 years and has had to sponge off of the rest of the international comunity to survive,even still now.Philpot has a valid point.None of our other former dominions have a problem with us like the Irish do, for the best part they've all moved forward,but Ireland never will. The reason for this being they are an inherantly ignorant race with no inititive just wallowing in self pity.!

  206. Philpot is ok,
    From you coments I can see your an uneducated ****hole who knows****all.
    You sound like an ignorant paddy or yank.
    Go read some books W*****

    • Of course ifs right and in the U.S. its the only place in the world where the Irih get any credibility.
      In the rest of the world they are a laughing stock. And rightfully so.

  207. ahem, Lordphilpot? is it? haha oh my god you made me throw up! Your gracious royals?? Are you serious? They should bomb buckingham palace, surprised it hasn't been done already! Civilisation?? Your country is far from civilised. Full of arrogant, nasty, pompous idiots such as yourself! Your "civilised" people raped and murdered and stole from our country and you are proud of that? not to mention all the other only country you invaded and graced them with you "civility."

  208. To the Ed who wrote this blog there isn't much point in making a comment on what you wrote as really you just seem like someone that has too much time on their hands to write such uneducated bigoted rubbish. However I would like to make a comment towards the few remarks by people who say they hate the Irish due to the their English ancestors being hated. Whilst I do not hate the present day English, unfortunately their ancestors have a lot to answer for because of their invasion and persecution of many countries not just Ireland. When the residences of a country try to force the English out of THEIR country, they are then known as terrorists and English media, propaganda and history books portray a one sided version of events. No country has the right to invade another and force their regimes on them, yet the English think this is correct. Name a war down through history and I can guarantee you the English were stuck in it somewhere, so really can you blame any people for disliking your ancestors? Right is right and wrong is wrong and you should be ashamed to say that you hate the Irish especially when it's the Irish that should hate you.

    • England gave up most of its empire freely,even India the jewel in the crown.This was because the second world war bankrupt England to fight it.
      Remembeer the second world war? It was England who stood alone for 3 years against what you actually could call tyranical invaders. England as you choose to call it is actually Great Britain.If Britain hadn't have stood up against Germany and Japan alone for 3 yrs the whole world including the U.S. would have fallen.
      Whilst the dear Irish colaborated with the Germans providing them with agents and harbouring thier submarines. So obviously sanctioning the holocaust!
      The Britsh educated the world by means of peace and commerce and all of the underdeveloped countries including Ireland sank into chaos on their departure.
      The Irish misdeeds against the British{IRA} are a lot clearer in peoples minds than the reverse which were so long ago they are based merely upon folklore.
      The Irish have allways been jealous of British civility leadership and intelegence. whilst the Irish intelegence has been a laughing stock the world over.Get over yourselves.

    • India should never have been part of Englands empire in the first place. You say it so freely and give the impression that it it was Englands right to force themselves on yet another country that did NOT belong to them. I am not denying that the English did good work during the war and who knows where we would be today without their involvement, however the English have on a more tactful basis down through history invaded and persecuted countries and the fact that they helped put an end to WW2 does not justify this wrong doing. I distinguish England from the rest of Great Britain, because the Scots and Welsh were just as persecuted by the English down through history, so I do not hold them responsible . That is in fact a lie that the Irish colaborated with the Germans during WW2, the Germans harboured their submarines of the Irish coast because Ireland remained neutral during the war and the Germans saw this as a safe base. In fact even though it remained neutral Dublin was bombed during WW2. It is a bit of a joke to say that the English educated the world by means of peace when in fact they done the complete opposite by causing unrest and innocent bloodshed. As regards the IRA, I do not in any way condone the killing of innocent people but unfortunately it is innocent people who suffer in these situations. The IRA was actually set up after British soldiers opened fire on unarmed civil rights protestors in Derry on the 30th January 1972. In fact your prime minister David Cameron has now issued an apology for this innocent bloodshed, so don't tell me these things are merely folklore when there are people alive today who still bare the effects of this wrong doing. I could go on and on about the persecution of the Irish by the English but all I will say is that things have happened in too recent a history to be forgotten too easily.

    • I think your slightly missing the point about the English ,do you actually think the English working class people were exempt from oppresion,so who was it who was forced to run infront of enemy cannons for five hundred years to maintain the empire and other campaign,has the English working man ever enjoyed any of the spoils of our nations empire? The answer to that is no.
      Yet the Irish never stop to think of that. The Welsh the Scots and the Northern Irish protestants which I know are proud to be British and don't worry they were involved in bloody Sunday too so your theory on that is absurd. And for your information British soldiers were sent to Northern Ireland originally to protect the catholics, but the IRA
      seized the oportunity to make them as targets.
      The English working mans opression goes back to the Romans,Normans ,Vikings and its own royalty and governments.
      But unlike the Irish the English don't wallow in self pity and use someone as a scapegoat hundreds of years on.
      I'de like to know when a British Prime minister is going to apologise for the 1000 years of wrongdoing to its own people let alone one incident in a terrorst conflict.

    • I would just like to make it clear that I in no way hate the average English person and most Irish people I know do not hold grudges against the average English person. However you can rattle on as much as you want but a fact is a fact, the English should have stayed out of countries that did NOT belong to them. I find it interesting that you noted that the British Prime minister should apologise for the 1000 years of wrongdoing to its own people, it really shows up the type of people that were in positions of authority down through English history. If they could do that to their own people what were they capable of doing to others? Who exactly were the 'terroists'' on 30th January 1972? Was it the unarmed civil rights protestors? It's not just one incident in a ''terroist'' conflict, it represents the innocent bloodshed that occurred on both sides after this event and in your own country too. I don't know why you say the Irish are blinkered by ancient history, I would consider this relatively recent history wouldn't you? I refer to facts not just drunken Paddy talk as you call it. Did your Prime minister consider it drunken Paddy talk when he apologised? What's done is done now and there is no taking it back but facts are facts. You in fact are the prejudiced one as you have made it clear in the majority of your posts that you are anti Irish.

    • The prime minister never apologised on behalf of me.
      The British soldiers were fired upon first.
      But then again you would know because the Irish/IRA then were experts on murder.
      And it is you who is obviously anti- English
      Tried to touch on some common working class ground with you in an attempt to validify some of your biased sentiments and what came back was terrorist venom. Your jealousy of the British Empire overwhelms any fair judgement you could make about the English.
      I'me not anti-Irish I just pity thier ignorance

    • To be quite honest anyone reading you're last post in particular can see you have no grounds for argument. The fact that you said the British soldiers were fired upon first is completely unfounded as the Saville report states quite clearly that those shot and killed were unarmed and the killings were unjustified and unjustifiable. Where are you basing your information on?? I already explained that I am not anti the every day English working class person but FACTS are facts and you can't change that. So I made a few points that you appear not to be able to handle and it's terroist venom??What English empire are you talking about?? The hoard of countries the English have forced themselves on at one point is it? Maybe it's you that's ignorant as you appear to recognise only selective facts.

    • Britain not England never forced themselves upon anyone.We were welcomed as teachers and providers and history has proved we are now missed.
      David Cameron was 5 years old in 1972 so his apology is unqualified.
      Unjustified killings are all the cowardly bombings of innocent people carried out in your name.And many more unjustified acts of murder carried out over a 20year period those are the overwhelming FACTS which you choose to ignore.
      You've had independence for 90 years and your still blaming the British for your own inability to be a credible nation. So whay happens when the EU throws you out finally realising they are actually suporting you, will the EU then be oppresors or will you just find it easier to carry blaming Britain.
      Ireland is nothing and its ungratefull uneducated drunken people have no credibility in the world.

    • Crisppy it's quite clear you have apparent tunnel vision when it comes to your one sided facts. I already said that it wasn't right that innocent people suffered (both Irish and English) during the northern Ireland troubles but innocent people are always the victims in these situations unfortunately. You can dress it up any way you want but the fact is these troubles occurred because of Britain's occupation of Northern Ireland. Remember there would have been no IRA if the English had stayed out and therefore no killing of innocent people on both sides. Remember the UVF did their share of killings also. The Saville report was released in June 2010 not 1972. I'm afraid you'll have to come up with a better one than David Cameron was 5 years old in 1972. That is just a stupid remark. David Cameron didn't write the Saville report on his own, he just made the apology on behalf of your government. To be fair the English have to be recognised for doing the right thing in that instance for once. Was England welcomed in Australia as teachers and providers? Was that before or after they forced the aboriginal race out to the point of near non existance?? It's only common sense that if one country invades another that unrest is going to occur. It would be the same in your own country if America for example tried to occupy it. The only providing the English intended to do was provide themselves with more colonies. As for the EU Britain is hardly in a position to talk, they are one of the weakest nations in the EU at present and the EU could possibly collapse because of the strain on stronger nations like Germany and France. There is no point throwing insults about Ireland's position in the EU when your own country isn't in the healthiest position. Was it not a couple of weeks ago that there was a big protest over pensions in Britain? I think I could go on and on talking but it's clear you have a bigoted one sided view of Ireland and nothing I or anyone else can say could change that so maybe you should be left to your one side ''educated'' tunnel vision!

    • Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain and the reason it stayed that way is because 75% of the population there are protestants who are prond to be British.And this was confirmed 3 hundred years ago after the battle of the Boyne.When you talk of invasions isn't that excactly what IRA/Irish tried to do by means of terror in Northern Ireland a country what isn't thiers.Try to explain your point to a Nothern Ireland protestant.
      On the issue of Northern Ireland the average Englishman could'nt care less,the protestant loyalists are your problem not the English.
      But unfortunately for someone like yourself who suports a terrorist movement those facts are ignored.
      Great Britain is one of the worlds strongest economies,propelled by a nation of 60million people,we don't need the EU but Ireland is just a bitter twisted dot on the map which will allways need help from someone.Your attitude is so anti British you are blinded by hate and obviously indoctrinated by evil. Your part of a people who are incapable of progessing because they hang on to their misfortunes of 3 hundred years ago like no other nation.Just get in the real world and move on. You are a joke and a bigot.

    • Crisppy this is my last post because you are just getting nasty now by trying to say that I support the killing of innocent people. My mother is from Derry, Northern Ireland, as well as obviously many of my relations so in no way do I support the bloodshed of innocent people. I have made it very clear in all my posts that I do not support the killing of innocent people but that is what happens in these situations. It is the innocent that suffers. Why do you put up ill informed facts such as 75% of Northern Ireland is predominately Protestant? That is lies, the fact is that it is roughly 50/50 Catholic with the other 50% being a combination of protestants (mainly) and no religion etc. In fact Protestantism in Northern Ireland is slowly dropping over the years. You contradict yourself by saying that the the protestants in Britain are proud to be British, and then stating the protestant loyalists were Ireland's problem. Were they not killing in your name? no? Try taking a relatively neutral opinion, instead of a extremely pro English and extremely anti Irish. Your points will only be proven when you write correct facts for a start and when you recognise that Britain is not 100% right and Ireland is 100 % wrong. You give too one sided of an opinion. I at least will recognise the English if they do something which is undeniably right therefore that does not make me a bigot. In fact I made it clear in my posts that I do not hate the average English person nor do most Irish people I know. You however seem to hate everything about the Irish. Also another stupid remark is saying Britain doesn't need the EU. What are they in if for then? I think they aren't really in much of a position to say that at the moment. Unfortunately Crisppy you decided to attack me personally by implying that I support a ''terrorist'' movement and therefore the killing of innocent people, so I won't be replying to any more of your comments. I'll just leave the people reading them decided themselves.

    • Elaine,this is my last post too.
      But I must say your'e facts on most of the issues must be based on folklore.If you check out the majority of your points on wicepedia you'l find you've been very inacurate.
      Your first post was a response to 'Ed's article about St Patricks day in America.
      Ed never once mentioned the English.Read it again and you'l see. You then launched a volley of of inaccurate venom about the English as a reply to him.
      I think your obsesive hatred for Britain and its people has become an illness for you and I think you should get some therapy.Its pointless trying to debate or find any common ground with someone of your disposition.
      These posts have been scored + or – by the readers look at it and you'l see thier opinions.
      No more to be said.

    • Ok I'm going to say it one last time I DO NOT hate the everyday working class English person, in fact quite the opposite. Haven't you read my posts properly???? I think they are much the same as everyday Irish people. I responded to a couple of people that said in their posts that they hate the Irish because of their English ancestors being hated and that the Irish were ignorant to their gracious royals. I didn't notice that you were one of these people until you replied to my post.
      I think that you should check your facts, I can list a few here of your inaccurate ones (by way never refer to Wikipedia, it is a great site but can be edited)
      1. British soldiers were fired upon first on 30/01/1972 – Wrong, Saville report states that this was not the case quite clearly. Maybe you are referring to the pre-dated Widgery tribunal?
      2. David Cameron was 5 years old in 1972 so his apology was unqualified – this one is just a completely stupid remark, like I said David Cameron didn't write the report!!
      3.The Irish colaberated with the Germans in WW2 by providing agents and harbouring their submarines. The Irish remained neutral and the Germans took advantage of the this on the submarine issue.
      4. 75% of Northern Ireland is protestant – another stupid remark, anyone can check this fact so I won't elaborate.
      I would like to know what information you are basing these statements on?????? I think it's you that should get therapy as I only came across this site by accident and I just wrote a few remarks to defend my country. What is your excuse?? racism? because that is what this blog clearly is. It's pointless trying to debate with me is it? What common ground would you like to find on the debate? The common ground where I agree that the English were correct to do what they done. Again let me make it clear I do not hate the average English person in any way that is the truth. As regards the + or – , well off course mine are minus cos the majority of people commenting on here are Irish haters or else you are + your own comments some way. No doubt you'll have the last word anyhow Crisppy so I'll leave it to you.

    • But your very first sentence was in reply to ED who didh't mention the English. The I don't hate the average Englishman dosn't work.Your comments are so anti British and incorrect, its insulting. And I too stick up for my country too.I'me not goind to atempt to prove the points you listed are correct I'me not that sad.
      I too found this site by accident which is an American site who you would percieve are your pals.
      The readers score says it all.
      The End

    • Someone calling themselves Sir Robert would certanly be an expert on idiosy.
      Oh and I'me not your pal either.

    • It looks like your so prejudice against the English it has blinded you to the TRUE facts of history.
      To hold a grudge for 2-300 years is using the English as a scapegoat for your own shortcomings which have caused your misfortune.
      Your blinkered by jealousy and hatred which has made you see ancient history which you have never been affected by as an excuse to hate the English.
      Its a good job the English don't hold grudges against all the wrongdoings that they can't remember themselves,its just as well otherwise we'd be looking for a scapegoat too.
      Look to the history books not drunken paddy pub talk.

    • Cripsy, the brits knew about Austwitz in 1942 and didnt bomb a train line into it. England gave up nowhere freely, and lost more wars than any other country in the 20th century.
      dont make me laugh the USA would have fallen if it wasnt for the English!!!!!, I am American and not of Irish descent, but your claim of we are you oldest allies is ridicolous, we were in a 50 year war with you on and off, 1780-1830, if we really liked you woudlnt we have a big St Georges Day parade!!!!! you guys are easy cannonfodder for us

    • You mean the war where the Americans who actually by the majoity were English decent fought the British army who were mainly German mercanaries.
      If the allies new about Austwitz why didn't the Americans bomb it. Anyway theres nothing to substantiate that,so don't make me laugh.
      If Britain hadn't won that air battle and had fallen the US would have had the Germans on one coast and the Japs on the other you'd have stood no chance.
      The only war you ever went to without us is the only war you ever lost. That was Vietnam.
      If you don't feel we're your allies thats too bad ,I know a hell of a lot of Americans and none of them would agree with you.

  209. Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain.It was left that way because the inhabitants there are 75% profestant and are proud to be British.__And thier position there as inhabitants was confimed three hundred years ago after the battle of the Boyne.__When you talk of invasions isn't that what the IRA tried to do by means of terror to take over the North,a place which clearly was a diferent country. Try to explain your point of view to the protestants in the North.
    You obviously don't know any Irish

  210. Look every irish guy i have met is great they are a developed country with highly educated workforce and many NMC's have their european HQ's there. and a lot of research comes outta the place too. also for you scumbag english chavs who think irish people are uneducated, think again, i bet you are typing from a council estate (typical of yous). and the vast majority of irish people dont support the terrorism. the brits still think they are a world power. think again.
    Why dont you go to ireland for a show down? Your ass would be handed to you as a souvenir.
    And im not irish so dont go making generalisations about people its like saying my people the americans are all fat hillybillys who are uneducated.
    Point proven

    • Sounds like another uneducated yank
      Ireland was developed years ago by the British and now relies on handouts from the EU.
      Until they get kicked out of it that is. Then they will blame they Eu for thier own shortcomings instead of the British. Can't wait.
      Your obviously an American wanabe Paddy can tell that by your ignorance.
      Allready had the showdown with them SAS finished it.
      You know nothing about England thats obvious.

  211. I'm a scottish jew so I have no leaning one way or another on religion. I went to uni with a load of irish and most were fine, however NI catholics on nights out were known for there hatred of the english and the British. I got into a discussion one night about scots history and they showed their true ignorance. They mentioned the english were to blame for highland clearances, in fact landowners were and they were nearly all scots. I mentioned the scottish enlighten was based on the break from the catholic church and not anti catholic and I was racially abused at that point!! I now live in oz where the same people lie all the time telling ozzies with scottish names that they are irish and should hate the english it makes me sick! Their country is about to slide into another decade of terrible struggle and frankly I'd rather help the southern irish than keep NI catholics in the uk. Americans stop listening to there lies its the only thing there people can do.

    • I think this is ridiculous…I am a NI Catholic and actually find this offensive! The only NI Catholics that are "known for there hatred of the English and the British" are the ones that have or have had to deal with it every day growing up. Its what they have been brought up with and just live in an older generation. No one can blame them for what they have been taught. I, however have grown up with Catholics and Protestants, along from the majority of the 6 counties. You have obviously ran into a couple of the "die hards" and have tarred us all with the same brush. You can never really understand what it is like growing up in NI unless you experience it. So, no harm….. but stick to what you know and can be sure of!!!!!

    • Deal with what everyday? A peacekeeping force which were trying to protect you.
      You're tryng to make excuses for terrorism.
      Own up you hate the English because your jealous.

    • Really like…it is this "peace keeping force" that causes the arguments whether you want to admit it or not. Its in areas like Belfast where the Catholics and Protestants in certain areas get a kick out of causing hurt to the other. This is not how all areas act. In other areas Catholics and Portestants can get along fine and im saying this from experience. Im not making any excuses for terrorism, like any sane person I wish it didnt exist but its something that we all have to deal with. Im proud of where I come from so I dont know where your getting this jealousy thing out off..I was brought up to show respect to every person, no matter what nationality they were. And in result of that Ive done very well for myself. Not all NI Catholics are bad!!!!!

  212. Irish/Northern Irish people are the most annoying around! They go on about how much they drink (um just the same amount as any other place mate) and the are the most unfriendly, unwelcoming people ever! I'm an aussie, i spent a couple of months there on a year visa and left after 2 months coz i couldn't stand the people. Moved up to Scotland where I still am and love it here, love the people, the country. Can't stand the irish twats.

  213. To ni girl, I have met more ni catholics than I can count, give them some drink and the lies and hate comes out, the stories about granddads tongue being cut out is the best, I heard the same story 3 times in one night. They tell me because I'm jewish and want me to hate the english! Sorry but being brought up in scotland I heard all this sectarian crap more than you can imagine. Personally I can't stand orange or green but I know fine well were I've heard most of the anti english/British sentiment. Sorry I prefer the irish to those from the north, I've also never been racially abused by southern irish for being either british or jewish! I suspect you should learn about stones and glass houses. If you have issues with fat little men who predominantly support rangers and play flutes take it up with them. What makes you think the UK actually wants the hassle that is NI? Unfortunately we have democracy which means we adhere to the wishes of the majority regardless whether WE like them or not!

    • Go back and read my post..never once did I say that I had any problem with any English/British settlement. I said that Ive been brought up among Catholics and Protestants along with the majority of the 6 counties in NI..and that the ones that would have the problem is the die hards that have been brought up in Catholic areas, where thay have been taught to hate the Protestants. Scotland is a different story altogether because of the Celtic/Rangers feud. Maybe itl take a couple of good mannered Catholics for you to step out of your box. As I said before… dont tar us all with the same brush!

    • completely agree I'm from the south and went to uni in NI, everyone both catholic and Protestant got on great, I can safely say that I've made friends for life with a few NI prod's! you only find problems or issues such as the ones mentioned in the disadvantaged area's and that goes for both side's (i.e. ares where Catholics dislike protestants, and in turn areas where protestants dislike catholics) and its a shame that the youth in these area's are raised knowing no better!! and in my experience I found that it was my fellow southern class mates who were the ones who drunkenly began to sign rebel songs one night and I can tell you right now that this was stopped instantly by a very angry NI catholic who was appaled and insulted by their behavior (he's best mates with them) and he began to explain that given they didnt kno what it was like for young people growing up previously that had know right to start shit like that and that everyone with a brain in NI have moved on from that and is happy to live in peace so yeah @Scot from my experience of living in NI you've either defo unfortunately stumbled upon a minority or your just full of SH*t

  214. im irish and lets get this straight we are not igornat we are the nicest people on the planet and yeah there is a few of us irish that act in a stupid matter but you should not judge us by those people and the way they behave we and so what we belive in faires and leprachens but we also belive in freedom you americans slaved black people and i you now have one runnin you country, you americans arent great either so theres no need for you to stick your noses up at us yeahh we drink but doesnt every country your ancesters are more and likely irish and oh yeah didnt you realise yur president you have had for two years now is part irish so you and i the irish haters and your country slan go foil goodbye in irish

  215. Poor little minority. Don't worry, us irish catholics will forgive you the same way we forgave the english. Btw say hello to king henry for me when you go to hell 😉

  216. Boy is this one dumb-ass hate-site. You all need to switch off your computers, go out more, and get laid once in a while.
    Being Irish and having lived in Holland, Germany, the US & UK (and having never encountered the hate and ignorance I see here in any of those places) before I came home, I can say that no country, or race, is any better or any worse than any other. They all have their pros and cons.
    Some people are great, some people are ignorant and hateful, and most of us just spend most of our time working and trying to pay the rent. .
    All nations, and peoples, have something to be proud of, and plenty to be ashamed of and tend to be 'led' by greedy assholes that shame the people they represent.
    Lose your pointless anger and have nicer lives.

  217. If your a foreigner who hates Ireland why dont you go back and live in your own country? Oh wait you can't probley getting to many free benefit's, free houses bleed the country dry having babies so they can be of irish nationality so ye can fcuk off back to yer own country and keep claiming benefits!! Give me a break!!

    • The Irish have migrated all over the world spreading there anti British poison.
      Thats because there own country cant support them.
      You are quite amusing


    • James your right.
      The paddy yanks would see us fight forever……..it serves thier need to belong…..why dont they be proud to be Americans……if they could they would see that Briiain was the loyalist allie they'd get.

    • the irish did`nt have to spread poison about the english. its common knowledge what the english are ,just look at them when they travel abroad on holiday. a set of thick drunken bald headed ignorant no nothing plonkers

  218. ernest walton first person to split the atom ….. you say he is irish …first of all his name is walton which is an english name and next he was protestant ….we all know where the protestants of ireland originate from ..england and scotland and you also fogot to mention his partner who worked with him to split the atom cockcroft an englishman

    • whats so good about splittin an atom, hasnt that caused all the shit were all in at the moment? its just "so english" to divide and conquer, but the rest of us will have the last laugh, pity the germans didnt wipe you out, but since they failed im sure you will do it to yourselves, cause you live in the biggest dump on the face of europe, ha ha 99% agree, die english scum die, now its your turn

    • Uneducated thick paddy.
      Divide and conquer ……… bet you didn;t think of that yourself, It's an age old term.
      Didn't really have to do that you divided yourselves.
      This site is getting dumber by the day.
      Educating the ignorant has proved imposible.
      Time to bail out of this site it's futile.
      Its been a laugh.

    • Does this make John Lennon and Paul McCartney Irishmen?
      Indeed,does it make Gerry Adams an Englishman?
      I would propose that you look into the amount of native Irish that converted to Protestantism before you assume that all Anglo-Irish are actually racially pure English or Scotsmen.

    • No one said anything about being racially pure..
      The names in the British isles over the past 300 years have been intermingled Cromwells' people took English names to Ireland and decendant populations in Ireland and Scotland moved to England to work.
      Thats a stupid asumption of someone trying to make a point that dosn't exsist.

    • You're not telling me anything i don't know.
      I was correcting the claim that Irish Protestants came exclusively from Britain.They didn't.
      A large proportion were 'natives' who converted.Many were also French Huegenot refugees and there was a substantial number of Palantines from Germany too.

    • What's to be jealous of? Narcissism is nothing to be proud of, (I get this from your posts, not generalizing the English) . Also who cares what country you're from, in the end everyone is the same. Seriously, you have to generalize a whole country, and use racial slurs ( Paddy) I am Irish myself, national identity doesn't mean much to me. But, in trying to answer your question, until the English move out of the north I doubt the prejudice you speak of will stop. You're right in some ways, but don't tarnish your insights with silly stereotypes. Ed Anger is effectively a troll, thus the name. He's trying to wind people up. After reading some of the other posts, I can see that you people are giving the Irish a bad name.

  219. That about says it all!! Not catholic so should be in hell!! One hell of a bunch of ignorant racist scumbags and sneaky to go with it. You should have finished all us non catholics of in the dark ages! you are nothing but white jihadists! Why cant you all move back to Ireland?

  220. really is that not because the irish famously tell everyone they are irish even when they are not just so you gain influence. liars!!! everyone seems to know that these days.Enjoy paying of the Germans for the next 100 years.

  221. Some of you right wing Brits make me laugh, especailly when you come over here and spout your "oldest cosuins and best allies crap" you have no idea how anit Biritish our origins are, the simple fact of the matter is we have mbraced Irish culture like no other here in America, whethar it be St Patricks day or Halloween or just simpley haveing a good night in the our local Irish bars.
    You may know Americans who agree withh you but where? in right wing chat rooms, but of course they would you guys are our cannonfodder, you guys clear landmines which save american lives.
    YOU SEEMED TO BE OBBSESSED IN YOUR HATRED OF THE IRISH, you need to get over this and learn the history abit more,
    P.S THe GERRY ADAMS VISA to the USA 1994 must have hurt, Special realtionship??????????????????????????????????/

    • All of the founding fathers were decendents of English parents.__I love America and I used to live there, thats how I know you're wrong.__The only Americans who I have a problem with are the wanabe paddys.__As you have a name like Schmidt you probably know who planted those landmines.__Particlulary as your pals the Irish aided Germany in WW11.__Learn your history pal and dont listen to those hatefull drunken paddys using Britain as a scapegoat for thier own shortcomings in those Paddy bars.__I think the special relationship excudes A********* like you.

    • They may have been descendants from the English but they soon renounced their Englishness, you used to live here? how did you get in? you dont seem educated or skilled at anything to warrant a visa. Where is your evidence that the Irish supported the Nazis?, they seemed to be neutral? as did most small countries, as for Britain knowing about Auschwitz Anthony Eden said in parliament about it in December 1942, you guys invented the concentration camp remember. Where in the states did you live it most have pissed you off, talking about special realtionships only for yanks to recount stories of what was done to their Irish ancestors, its not your fault its the way hisotry is thought in your schools. I just love the way you personally insult me, kind of shows you up for waht you are

    • You started the personal insults.
      The Irish supplied the Germans with agents and re fuelling for German subs read up on it.
      Believe it or not education in Britain is unbiased confirmed by facts whilst Americans are only have Holywood to indoctrinate them.
      If it was anoonced in parliament about auschwitzt and the information was reliable then why didnt the Americans take up the job they were in the war eventually in 1942,it would have made another great movie for you guys.
      Not educated enough to let me in, don,t make me laugh you let the Irish in didnt you.

    • why do u say you like Americans and then insult us?, it was announced in your parliament december 1942, please look it up, but back to you personally what level of education or skills do you have? where does your hatred of the Irish come from? someone like yourself surely has graduated into hating Pakistanis, or Eastern Euopeans by now.
      or are you just bitter that you are no better off than your ancestors 200 years ago? my ancestry is German, English and Scandanavian for your information.
      P.S 110 million Americans wear Green on ST Patricks day, yet only 20 million watched the royal wedding, once again SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP?

    • Listen Mickey Mc Schmidty its getting boring trying to make you see any sense.
      Looks like you've been poisoned by your Paddy pals thats why your so anti- British. Which is wierd for any free thinking American.
      Not going to keep repeating myself to an indoctrinated fool like you.
      Its plain that you've only distain instead of admiration for what Britain gave to the civilization of the world.
      My education skills are obviously much more than yours otherwise you'd be able to absorb facts and debate sensibly instead of repeating disproved issues.
      Besides Ive been to the school of life. On Paddy's you know f*** all.
      110 million wearing green… {is that the jealousy green]
      The decendant population of Irish in the USA is only 30 million look it up!
      To reitterate I love America but its only misinformed a***HOLES like you which I dislike
      Or are you multiplying the fact that Micks are 3 times as stupid.
      Don't bother responding to this because I'me not bothering with reading this site anymore it's pointless.

    • well you answered my question with regards skills and education,
      you have none and probable left school at 16, as for leaving in the States I dont believe you, you probabley went for the odd weekend in New York and Las Vegas and were shocked into how powerful and influential the Irish lobby is here and how much they resent what was done to them.
      Just remember they didnt ask for being treated like slaves in their own country and if you knew the history like they do you would feel the same way, the issue is you are ignorant of the hisotry and have been brainwashed by the right wing reactionary press.
      As for the 30 million of Irish ancestry that is self reported the figure is probabley higher as people who are fourth or fifth generation tend to report their ancestry as American.
      I have lived in your country and I am very pround of my English heritage, but why would the Irish be jealous of the English, the Irish are far more educated, far more hard working, far more likely to come from a stable family background and far more liked than the English in this world.
      P.S of the top 4,000 earners in London only 10 per cent were born In England, what an awful indictment on the English education sector

    • Ok Mc Schmidty… One very last time.
      I don't believe you lived in England you know far too little and you're certainly not proud of your English heritage
      I have just returned from the States where I have been visiting my family in New Jersey where I lived for 5 years.
      Unfortunaiely its not posible to let you know my profession
      Which needed very much education.
      Go to wycepedia you,l see that all of your embittered anti English facts are wrong. You should be ashamed of your views which have eminated from from your misinformed Irish pals. It seems you've conducted an Anti British/English research project using Paddys twisted views for your information culminating any damning facts you can get.
      Your not proud of your English roots don'tmake me laugh.
      I know what the average American thinks of the Irish read Ed's post its all there. I'me 63 years old and I know I'me right.

    • The Irish did not aid Germany in WW2.This is an outright lie.
      It amazes me how often i read that line from your ilk.You are a truly brainwashed nation of chavs who would believe any old rubbish as long as it is tailored to your long list of prejudices.
      And then you tell Mike to learn his history?!!! You truly are a spectacular ars""ole,the absolute embodiment of why the English are disliked in Ireland and way beyond.
      The Empire is over,nobody owes you anything.Stop using it as license to talk out of your collective arses…

  222. Have to say I like the Irish but admit ive had the exact same issues with people from the north. sorry Mark I think you may be the one full of it. While at Uni I was also party to nights out when certain people started horrendous racist banter. my parents are English so i consider myself English and the hate and terrible abuse i heard was from students from the north. I suspect nobody wants people like you around.

    • You are agreeing with him [as we all are] then saying he's full of it.
      As an Englishman you should never use the cry baby term[RACIST].
      Thats a term invented by foreigners pretending to be oppressed to gain sympathy or benefit.
      That banter from the Irish was thier jealousy.
      Be proud to be English not a wimp.


  224. haha god bless yee..ye know nuting about us irish,how many americans claim their irish??more than 3/4 of yee,and why??.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,because yee have the proof to

  225. "Inbread" population? The correct spelling is "inbred".You twits invented the language,perhaps you could learn how to speak it and stop worrying about our education system?
    It's an interesting description of us Irish though and it defines the the difference between us when it comes to grievances.You see,anti British sentiment in Ireland has always been driven by political and social discontent whereas with anti Irish sentiment amongst your mob it's always been far more racial.
    This has been going on since the Victorian era and despite your claims of English high-mindedness,discoveries in modern genetics still have not been unable to cure you of your ignorance.It's always a race to the bottom with the English.

  226. We didn't colaborate with Germany.Are you stupid?
    Terrorism is over but don't forget,the British played their part too.UVF,UDA etc
    Their are plenty of blacks here.
    Calling us racist somewhat undermines your argument.Can't you see the irony?

    • Stop trying to sound credible… you're embarrasing yourself.
      Nit -picking at the British is futile.
      Why not find something Irish you can actually be proud of.
      Sorry I forgot you havn't got anything.

    • Credibility is a piece of cake.You should try it some time but you might have to get that colossal chip off your shoulder first.
      Angry individuals like you are prone to talking out of your arse,you get so wound up by the object of your frustration that you can't even gather a rational thought or see your own hypocrisy.
      UVF,UDA,UFF = British terrorists.
      No point in trying to take the moral high ground here,these organisations were just as brutal as the IRA although far more sectarian in their choice of targets.
      To say that Eire collaborated with the Nazis is simply contrary to truth.It amazes me how often it's regurgitated but stupid people are like that,who cares about the facts eh? They would rather give into their prejudices even at the risk of embarrassing themselves.

    • I've been around along time and all over the world and I've never encountered any dislike for the English except from jealous ill informed Paddy's like you.__Mikes facts are wrong and so are yours.__How could any one calling themselves futuradvocate with a picture of a Paddy barman be taken serious.__Your bitter twisted views have left to that massive chip on your shoulder.

    • Who says i dislike the English? I'm your mirror,when you try to denigrate us by drawing on outdated Victorian era psuedo science i'll respond to you in kind.
      – The Irish are uncivilised and stupid? Well then so too are the English if XFactor,Jeremy Kyle and the English love for recreational violence and football hooliganism is anything to go by.
      – The Irish are all terrorists because of the IRA? Well then surely the same rules must apply to the British when one condiders the atrocities carried out by the UDA & UVF.
      These aren't my rules besides,they have been defined by you and all the other irrational racists on here.
      What facts of mine are wrong? That the UVF were terrorists? That the Irish state did NOT aid the Nazis?
      My picture isn't a "Paddy barman".It's a picture of Harry Enfield – an English comedian.

    • well said futureadvocate you are spot on. the bleeding idiot didnt even recognise one of englands best comics.in the words of del boy [ what a plonker]

    • Oh dear, If I do recall England and France were the two countries responsible for creating a climate in Germany in which evil could flourish.



  229. cripsey u cockney c,,, , like the way u got that bit in about america bein colonised by british,did your ancesters try that in ireland.,.,YEA THEY TRIED,suceed?? HELL NO..DONT GO TYPING SHITE U KNOW F ALL ABOUT,,.small country like rep of ireland made ye run like hell,and what yee did to people to get ireland is another story,ur comment was txt in the nicest maner but meant inside u to hurt,you wana get into history ill fkin embarress ya

  230. Welsh people are the original English. When the Romans invaded they ran to the hills for protection,those hills were Wales.
    Irish people ar'nt really even Irish let alone Welsh.

  231. Your trying to sound much smarter than your dopey Paddy mind will allow.
    All your facts are wrong.
    THe English tried to help ypu.
    If you need an enemy that badly…….look to yourselves you inbreads.

    • he has is facts completly right. what planet are you on, you brainless cretin, they must have broke the mold when they made you


    • dont be bloody stupid ,the americans celebrate st patricks day because they have millions of irish catholics and protestants who want to, if the english wanted to do the same for st george i doubt if they could find enough english stock to form a que let alone a parade. english descendants my ass

    • you say the americans are english stock, yet if someone tried to organise a english parade i doubt if they would find enough old english stock to form a que let alone a parade

    • Oh dear, catholicism and the protestant church are essentially the same, if your going to divide people over religion you really are bleak. And if I recall, a mass of european nations flocked to america in the beginning, not just the english. Please don't get too angry over an internet debate, and do people a favor by turning off caps lock like a good chap.

  233. But, wishing murder on someone is ok? Lol. You're on the internet, dont expect people to have any sort of humane morals on here, smfh.

    • did you know my bigoted friend
      that it was george washington who proclaimed st patricks day a holiday to thank the 60% of the army who were of irish descent both catholic and dissenter, who fought and died throwing out the english.

  234. Crippsy I've got to hand it to you you've taken all that ignorant anti British abuse and beaten them all.__By the way you are spot on about the Irish coaborating with the Germans in the war, I've looked it up.__Well done my countryman.

    • They never collaborated…. Ireland was neutral during the war, many immigrated to England to help fight the Nazis. Crippsy is ignorant, all his posts are completely biased and racist. Any significant insight he makes, he soon tarnishes with his disgusting vulgarity. I am now expecting a reply calling me a paddy, or a yank. Whatever he can come up with. But remember Churchill don't believe everything you read on the internet. Crippsy isn't a very good representation for you chaps. Best get a new speaker, maybe one who can act civil.

  235. Having read through this site all I can see as a response to Eds post [which was kind of tongue in cheek] .Is a venomous attack upon the British from obvious Irish posts which is strange considering Ed never mentioned the British.
    Full marks to Crippsy who defended his country with proven facts.
    But I'me not sure if any British people realised there was so much hatred from the Irish towards them.
    Now the troubles in Ireland appear to be in the past I'me sure that the average British man in the street hasn't got any particular opinion on the Irish one way or the other.
    So lets all just try to get along.What do you say?Huh

    • I agree with you, but don't defend Crippsy. He is quite hypocritical, he resorts to level of the people he insults. Quite sad really. People arguing about nationality. Every country has its own share of bad history and also the enlightening bits. In the end we're all the same, quit creating segregations.

  236. I would sooner the Irish decendants just cocentrate on being better Americans.
    As for the problems between the Briish/English and the Irish I would say the Brits have the stronger case. They're Americas staunchest allie and have never let us down.
    Also thier bloodlines go back furter in the U.S. than the Irish.

    • sorry pal the iriish have been in america since ealy colonial times,and if im correct at least fifteen of youre presidents were irish

    • Lets get it right I'me not your pal ok.
      And as far our presidents are concerned they've all been American.
      The Brits formed the original colonies very few Irish were there then.
      Our constitution was based on the British form of government.
      The Irish never came in any numbers until a long time after independence.
      Also more U.S. presidents have been of English decent including George Washington.

    • They should concentrate on being "better Americans"?
      What exactly is the ideal American in a society as polarised as yours?
      The fact that Britain is your staunchest ally doesn't give them a "stronger case" in the former problems between Ireland/UK.They are a foreign nation who tried to impose rule over us,it was immoral behaviour,end of story.

    • all i can say to you mate is read some proper history books.because im telling you the irish werei in america from the begining. ithink youve been reading to much propaganda like the irish didn`t arrive until the famin of 1845. and by the way inever said anything about the american constitution being anything else but british , why would i in those days, ireland like scotland and wales was part of the union. goodbye first generation yank ps im english

  237. You sir, are an idiot of the highest order, i say this not as an Irishman,Englishman,Protestant or Catholic. "England gave up most of its empire freely", choosing this oxymoron as the opening line of any argument is reason enough to pity your ignorance. I doubt you personally "remember the second world war", because if you did you would know that Irish authorites interned german pilots and soldiers captured on "neutral" Irish soil while returning the magority of allied servicemen(mostly british) to their respective homelands. On top of this the number of Irishmen who served on the allied side dwarfes that of whom served with the axis,a fact those of us who's familes fought with Britain against facism are eternally proud. The very fact you brought up the second world war, A WAR AGAINST FACISM, in support of your facist, racist, idiotic little diatribe shows the epic extent of your ignorance….that and the fact you spell intelligence wrong.

    • So if the Irish were that sympathetic to the English in WW2 why didn't the declare war on the Germans. Like the U.S. did.
      After all they enjoy the freedoms the allies fought for.
      England had to give up its empire freely the second world war bankrupt them and they couldn't sustain it.
      Sorry pal Crippsy's right.

    • If you want an answer to why Ireland remained neutral then i would propose that you research it.
      Do it properly,avoid history lessons from football hooligans on the Rangers football forums.They're not exactly reliable.

  238. Who said they were a foriegn nation Ireland was actually part of Great Briain and you were British.
    Sounds like someone like yourself wants to see that conflict go on and on.
    An ideal American is someone who just wants to be an American and dosn't want to poison everyone into sympathising with past european conflicts.

  239. The Irish are The scum of the Earth.They stick together like glue, they are bitter, twisted, and promote racist attacks on the British. They are Hell bent on revenge against the UK. And I for one think we ( Great Britain ) should have wiped this infection out hundreds of years ago. Message to all Irish Americans, your not Irish in less you were born in the country. Even then, still half breed scum. Never known a country with so much underlined hatred towards the British. Had enough of irish propaganda.

    • And you wonder why we (and many others) get pissed off with you?
      Maybe if some of you weren't such a bunch of obnoxious loud mouths we could get along? For all the supposed hatred towards you i can't ever recall an Irishman calling for the British to be wiped out.I see this all the time from your side.
      You are like a bunch of Muslim fanatics who can't control your emotions.

    • Think the problem you.ve got is you can't stand the truth
      Com'on just admit it you hate the English because you are Jealous

    • I can't stand what truth?
      You keep bleating about "the truth" mysteriously like some obscure character out of Twin Peaks.Please specify this "truth" you are talking about because i am unable to associate that concept with your posts and irrational hatred.
      I don't hate the English.I have the patience to make a distinction between normal English people and scumbags like you or Andrew the Jihadist.
      What do i need to be jealous about?! Your stupidity or Andrew's bloodthirsty fanaticism?

    • Me Andrew and all the rest of the free world that sees the Irish as a burden.
      I'me your mirror too.
      But unfortunately yours is a distorted fairground mirror.
      Stop being annoying to us all the Irish have and allways will be a joke just lay down and except it you've nothing to offer.

    • You're not my mirror.Don't flatter yourself.
      You're an inferior,feral,racist scumbag who is incapable of conctructing a rational thought.
      We're not even mildly concerned if the English think we are a joke.They like to denigrate their neighbours to feel better about themselves and then start crying when they get it back in return.
      Get over yourselves.If you can't deal with the criticism then start treating others with a bit of respect.

    • No you just love blowing us.
      At least you are honest about the way you feel…….unlike futureadvocate who tries to sound informed to cover his hatred.
      No matter how much you damn us you will never catch us up.
      Your a nasty twisted little person.

    • Nice try.
      I have nothing to lose or gain by being honest with you.This is the internet afterall,i could easily abuse it's anonymity like you do and never have to worry about dealing with consequences.
      This the problem with perpetually angry,they believe that everybody else thinks like them.Sorry to knock the cock out of your mouth,but i'm simply not as bloodthirsty as you are.

    • I completely agree with you. Especially on the point about bringing racial slurs into an argument. A true intellect shouldn't have to use such degrading terms. Also to brand a culture or nation is complete ignorance, and delineates the fact the speaker is not too knowledgable of what he is talking about. National identity isn't very important in the grand scheme of things. In the end we're all the same. But again, some people fall into the propaganda and ignorance that is created by segregation. Crippsy, you seem to keep bringing up the fact of Nazi sympathizing Irish citizens. But it's your ideology, that reflects the roots of the Nazi Party. You said Irish people are a burden to the planet. You don't sound very different to the anti-semitism ideals of Adolf Hitler. And also, I've read some of your arguments about how Irish people are using pure ignorance and hatred towards the British in this thread. You've adopted the very thing you seem to point out as ignorance. The result portrays how ignorant you've become over the weeks of you're rant that fuels acts like genocide, and civil injustice. You can't seem to see, you've become what you denounce. This comment was written without a single derogatory term towards your heritage. If you reply, don't be as predictable and lower yourself to such an appalling level. But I won't judge your country based on your bigotry, I'm not as close-minded as you seem to be at the moment. But again, I hope you will develop your insights into human nature. Instead of pointing out constant stereotypes, or bringing the two parallels of christianity (protestant church and catholicism.) If you follow your church correctly, you would have learned to love your neighbors, or treat others as you'd have yourself treated. I am atheist, but it doesn't stop me taking lessons from the book of christ every now and then.

    • "I for one think we ( Great Britain ) should have wiped this infection out hundreds of years ago" Ye tried, many many times. but ye could not keep us down. you burned us, you beat us, you starved us, you forbade us to speak our own Gaelic language, ye claimed we were terrorist in our own country, so you could treat IRA solders, like there were criminals and jail them indefinitely without proper trial. while men on the side of the uk were allowed to walk free for committing the same crimes, and you have divided Ireland and its people simply to fill the pockets of the royle family. The British are the scum and to cowardly to own up to what they have done to not only the Irish but the entire world (Tiocfaidh ár lá)

    • Can't be that bad millions of Irish live in Britain.
      Do you actually remember all those misdeeds youself then.
      Ok Andrews text is a bit over the top.
      But I've encountered similar extremism from the Irish on here.
      Think your royal family theory is a bit off the mark.

  240. No Churchill you've got it wrong.
    It was the English on here taking Ed's comments at face value that the Irish responded to.There is nothing more venemous than wishing for the genocide of an entire nation and that kind of fanaticism has come from your end.
    Crippsy has claimed that Eire helped the Nazis in WW2.He is has proven himself ineligible for being taken seriously with that claim.
    If you think all of the bile is moving in one direction then you are out of your mind.

  241. its obvious your profession, something to do with defence, and thats why you hate the Irish so much is that you probabley served in Northern Ireland, I thought you would have gotten over that by now or at leat have researched and read the truth.
    Known of my facts are embittered anti English just criticisms but I can be critical about my own country as well, doesnt make me anti-american. I dont really have many Irish pals so my information has come from books, I read alot you should try it something!!. dont just get your opinion from the Sun or the Daily Mail.
    While I am proud of my English heritage I am proud of the culture and language, probabaley something you dont know very much about, but unlike you I am not proud of the Empire and the uninvolved Innocent civilians that were killed with it.
    As for American opinion of the Irish, if you lived here for 5 years you would know how much they are liked and admired and its not always at your expense, broaden your mind old man, let the hatred go,
    READ EDUCATE and INFORM yourself

    • Ok mike I think we're finally finding a little common ground.
      Lets beg to differ on our opinions on the Irish.
      My opinions ar'nt in anyway formed by British newspapers but true experience.
      And of couse the British empire wasn't perfect but you're ignoring every positive it gave to the world
      if you were proud of the English heritage you'd certainly recognise those positives.
      As for the Anglo- American thing I can tell you in my time I've worked for both governments and in those circles believe me the special relationship is still alive. I won't listen to anyone badmouthing my country as you wouldn't with yours,but like you yes i will listen to sensible critism.
      Yes I'me old but I've seen a lot which has formed my views.
      But not fully retired just yet still do some consultancy work.
      Got all the education I need thanks.After all as I said after the British the Americans are truly my favourite people.

    • the worst thing about you Crippsy is you defend the indefensible, you are like a former nazi still going round bad mouthing Jews, your country behaved appalingly towards the Irish, why cant you admit that?, instead of hating the Irish, hate the people who brainwashed you to fight them.
      The reason you hate Irish americans so much is cos they know the history and the facts and they are not anti british just anti slavery anti injustice and anti genocide of the Irish, did u kill a kid in northern ireland and are you trying to justify it ever since?

    • Mike I've followed this differnce between you and Crippsy. And as a patiotic American I can see where he's coming from.
      The guys a patiot you can't change his opinions. It's like someone badmouthing America and excpecting us to agree.
      I've got nothing particulary against the Irish Americans but I feel a lot more comfortable having the Brits as our closest allie than anyone else.
      I've met a lot of Brits and I can say they feel more akin to America than anyone.This pleases me.
      By the way my decsendancy is German/English.

    • me and my boys? what the hell are you talking about, are you having a go at the germans now.i did six years in the british army stationed in germany. me and most of the lads got on well with the germans.except those with idiotic nik nams like crippsy

    • We have alot to thank the Irish for in America, they contributed so much, he shouldt behave the way he does towards them, England is a great country but their treatment of the Irish has been shameful

    • Like what?
      Historicly the English gave us much more.
      Just read your last post to him YOUR OUT OF LINE MAN!
      Are you sure know you what saying.

    • he has an irrational racial hatred of the Irish, the Irish here are just pointing out the history he is wallowing in insulting them, i have no doubt h served in Northern Ireland and no doubt that he did terrible things, The Irish and English have contributed massively to our country, but they also gave the Irish 800 years of what the Jews had 6 of, this is an inescalpable fact. i know what side I am on and thats the side of our brave fire fighters and policemen

    • You're making a hell of a lot of assumptions about this guy.
      Ok sure the Irish may have had a tough time under the Brits so did many others including our own ancesters.
      But don't trivualise the holocaust in an attept to make a point.
      And people on here are saying Crippsy's full of hate.
      Give me a break!

  242. i cannot believe i am reading these comments about "how bad the english are" seriously is this the english that fought a war single handed for 3 yrs to protect every country?? is this the england that has lost over 300 men in more 10 years to fight in a "war" that has really nothing to do with us that AMERICA started over oil!!!! but us been good neighbors you can say helped when you asked!! how many countries have america upset over oil or there arrogance you call us rapists and whatever else but isnt it the americans afgan iraq kuwait that hate the americans and not english???? as for the irish comments i am irish and proud dont use what happens in NI against the whole of ireland!!!!!

    • Nicola that is the most truthfull and realistic post I've read on here from anyone who is Irish.
      Your a credit to your country.

  243. Seriously,if I didn't know this was a troll,I would be super-p*ssed off.The "I will sneak into your home and castrate you" kind of p*ssed off.

    • for once i agree with you yank, because you cant judge protestants in other countries by the way they turned out in northern ireland, anyway all religeons in the war of independence would have been united by a comman cause

    • Don't talk stupid.
      I'me protestant the NI protestants were in danger of being overun thats why they were so vigilant.
      As for the war of independence in the U.S it had to happen because of the taxation law. But the people fighting for freedom from that oppression were inherantly English.
      Don't look to me for justification of your British/English hate its a no go.

    • plasic limey, read your hitory books again.did you not read the bit were george washington thanked the irish for there help in winning. the war.even one high ranking british officer proclaimed, the irish have lost us this war, ok thicko now get back to your history books and try again yank

    • Actually he is playing a character called William Ulsterman in that picture.It's a parody of Ian Paisley.

  244. as one posh english officer was heard to comment, when the irish turned up on the front in the first worled war in there kilts and playing the irish war pipes [bag pipes] the irish are here now we can realy get cracking. and this while there familys were being harrased by the black tans [english terrorist[. at home.

  245. So what do you want to be called.
    You paddy's are hilarious.
    Tomorrow I will give you the wycapedia page numbers to confirm your Nazi colaboration. You are distgusting cowards and no good to this planet.

    • Predictable as always. You're quite foolish to brand a whole nation or culture with derogatory terms. Maybe referring to me by my username would be nice. As you see, I did not lower myself to your level by branding you by any stereotypical slur with relation to your heritage. A real intellectual does not need to use these to delineate his points. It just lowers yourself, and makes you out as a neanderthal. But go ahead and keep making yourself out as a racist. I will not judge a whole class of people based on your ignorance. If I did, I would be no better than you at this moment. Regardless, I wish you all the best. I hope maybe someday you will be enlightened, and see the worlds people as more than racial divisions and segregations.

    • Why wait till tomorrow?
      Let me guess,you have to edit the wiki page first? I can imagine you sinking that low.

    • You can imagine me sinking that low…..Just because my views arn't the same as yours dosn't mean my integrety is less than yours.
      Obviously everyone has to just go along with your opinion.
      Did it not cross your mind that the only recruits you've had are fellow Irish.

    • Of course my "recruits" are Irish,we are the ones under attack here.
      What upsets you is that you have been unable to drag myself,Facepalm or maccartaigh down to the depths of vulgarity that you are obviously used to.We've stood back and watched you attempt to denigrate us Irish while making an outrageous spectacle of yourself and single handedly disproving any claims of your superiority.Well done.
      Interestingly,the only people you have been to conscript into your level vulgarity are your fellow English while myself,Facepalm and maccartaigh have maintained a stoic and reasoned response in the ugly face of bloodthirsty calls for genocide,outrageous racism and outright lies and propaganda against our country.
      I felt i was being generous towards the English when i speculated that the fanatical posts on here were merely the work of a loan gunman."Yank" has already admitted to not being an American.
      I'm still waiting on that proof regarding Eire Nazi collaboration…

  246. the angles and saxons etc didn`t arrive until the 4th century you prat, the welsh are mainly celts as is there bryonic langu