MT. REDOUBT, AK – Scientists set up a webcam on Mount Redoubt to monitor volcanic activity, but discovered more than they bargained for.

Mount Redoubt has erupted three times in the past century, with the 1989 eruption lasting five months. Scientists now believe they can predict upcoming eruptions, and the Alaska Volcano Observatory set up a webcam on the north flank to observe any suspicious activity.

However, on the night of January 29th, viewers got a big surprise when an Alaskan yeti discovered the webcam. At first confused, she soon settled in front of the cam to communicate with viewers through a rudimentary laptop attached to the camera.

Internet users quickly began flooding YetiCam.net to ask the creature questions.

stapleman32: what do u like to do on the weekend?
yeti4eva: i love chillin with my girls (what up littlepaw?!) and finding cute grizzly bears to hang out with, yum!!!

teenycryptid: Hi! I am a 13 year old skunk ape in the Florida Everglades. I think I’m really ugly but my mom says I just haven’t “blossomed” yet. I want the guys my age to notice me. How do I get to be as pretty as you?
yeti4eva: thanks, teeny! but don’t ever call yourself ugly! you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. listen to christina aguilera’s song “beautiful”, she is so wise!!

The yeti also set up an Amazon.com wishlist, for admirers to buy and send her gifts. If viewers purchased a T-Mobile G1 phone, she would “totes love you forever!!!”

Observatory scientists armed with stun guns are currently hiking to the cam’s position to reclaim the camera.

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  1. How can you say it is a fake? WWN is the only TRUTH newspaper in the world. Thank God the CIA cannot prevent it from publishing online, as it did with the paper edition. Long life to WWN and the yetis!


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