LOS ANGELES, CA – Obatma appeared on Larry King Live last night to “tell” his life story.

Due to his inability to form human words, Obatma used an easel and markers to describe his difficult childhood in Kenya. Obatma grew up in the total darkness of caves with only wall paintings to keep him entertained. He did not disclose how he ended up there, only that he felt very alone and neglected.

He then went on to explain how he was discovered by a local university professor, who upon seeing him, made the connection with President Elect Barack Obama. His description of the day he was led out of the darkness to meet his new half-brother left many viewers extremely touched. Obatma’s drawings of his acceptance into his new Obama family even had King shedding a tear.

Democratic Party insiders noted that this personal appeal may be in preparation of his rumored appointment to Obama’s presidential cabinet as Commissioner of the Bureau of Mutant Affairs. One source explained, “We’ve got to make him as cute as possible for the American public to accept him and the new Bureau. Humans will not want to feel like Obama is putting creepy mutants before us.”

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