Weekly World News continues this new weekly feature, honoring the lesser known saints we tend to forget.
For this installment, we introduce:
Saint Edward the Endowed
Patron Saint of Hung Stockings

Saint Edward was born in 1609 in Lourdes, France.  The son of a famed shoemaker, Edward wanted for nothing in his early years.  While Edward was touring Europe and living off his trust fund his family was killed in a freak pig stampede.  Distraught, young Edward joined a monastery.
Still having access to his family’s wealth Edward became known for providing the biggest and grandest gifts to orphans and the needy of any holy man in France.  Come Christmas morning widows in his village would be surprised by a special package just for them.  So large it was that it often took all morning for them to unwrap.
Having a heart to match his bulging money sack Edward also saw to the women of his town who were in unhappy marriages.  Offering a wide shoulder to lean on Edward helped many a housewife whose needs were not being met.  So good was his reputation that it was said even the most melancholic of women could be cured just by his touch.
Now Edward is celebrated as the Patron Saint of Hung Stockings, Large packages, and disappointed housewives.
You can pay homage to Saint Edward, or any of the forgotten saints, by stuffing your stockings and acquiring the Saint Misbehavin’ guide, lovingly created by NobleWorks.

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