ADDIS ABABA – The head of the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia has stated that the Ark of the Covenant will be revealed to the public.
Abuna Pauolos is in Vatican City this week, meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. It is from this holy city that Pauolos confirmed the Ark of the Covenant’s presence in Ethiopia, and that he will be announcing its unveiling this Friday: “Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries.”
The Ark is a sacred container written of in the Old Testament. It is said to contain the original Ten Commandments tablets, as well as some manna, the mythical food that the Israelites ate while wandering through the desert.
It was made of wood, but covered in pure gold. On top, two cherubim faced each other, their wings outspread to form the “throne of God”. It’s supposed weight has been widely debated, with numbers ranging from 180 to 8,000 pounds!
Theologians have never been able to agree on the Ark’s fate, but many believe Menelik I brought it to Ethiopia. Menelik was the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, and was the first Jewish emperor of Ethiopia.
Today, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church boasts that it sits under lock and key in the Chapel of the Tablet, near the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion. It is only used occasionally in ritual processions, but almost no one has seen it, let alone gotten photographic evidence.
Said Pauolos, “The Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia for many centuries. As a patriarch I have seen it with my own eyes and only few highly qualified persons could do the same, until now.”
Even UFOlogists are excited, as some believe the Ark is an example of alien intervention in ancient times. They interpret its its supernatural aspects literally, such as that the operator had to wear a special gem-adorned breastplate, or that it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction.
The world anxiously awaits his announcement tomorrow. But will it be the real Ark, or just a hoax?
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  1. If this is truly the Arc it is wrong for Ethiopia to be in possession of it. Look at the condition Ethiopia is in. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this. If God was happy with Ethiopia having possession of the Arc it would be a fruitful and thriving place and look at the condition of the country.They are not being blessed by having the Arc,but cursed. Also,if this is in face the real Arc and they are putting it on display for the public (probably charging a price to walk by it and touch it or kiss it or something…knowing people like I do) it is totally defiling our Lord and God. The Arc is very very sacred and is mint to be seen only by the holiest of holy people. The Arc also belongs to Israel. It was there's,given to them,for them and about them. It is there's and no one else's!!!

  2. The presence of GOD is no longer in the Arc.I might add that where ever it is.It would be very hard to move being it is made from Gold..It is a great possibility it is in Ethiopia.No one Knows for sure .Maybe one day it will be found or maybe not.

    • zealot????? isnt that what woody called the aliens in toy story when they were trying to free buzz from the claw machine?????? too funny !!!!!

  3. De-filing our lord you say?????
    Michael, religion was designed for man to follow because only a few needed to "understand" . the rest of the population needed to be controlled like a herd of sheep and conditioned (programmed) so even today Jews or Muslims do not eat pork because in ancient times, it could kill you. Even though today we have refigeration and ways to preserve the meat, they do not question why they will not eat it. For many, there is no other way.
    Now that's serious control…that is religion….and all those who oppose your religion are condemned.
    Now that's Division…
    i'm more interested in knowing what kind of radiation the arc had? what kind machine or device was used to generate the mana the Israelite ate? Interested to know if the Ethiopians really had it all this time or maybe this was all for show.
    I want to see historical and religious self serving experts clinging to their "truths" so they can justify their job go down. The same would happen if the ancients (oops…"god") were to visit us again…
    All the lies and the control over us would quickly dissipate!
    and yes Michael you are a religious zealot! but you mean well…i think. hehehehe

  4. i am from TIGRAY province of Ethiopia by the way ……..
    if there are information s about the existence of the original COVENANT in AKSUM what is the world doing? shall it be secret? why scholars do not try to investigate the reality legally?
    I think they should tell as weather it exists or not?

  5. Sir, my which is to purchase the ark of the covenant and establish a church and ministry to the world. Please send to me every detail information, on how i can purchase this ark. Calculate the cost of shipping it to me in Nigeria, Lokoja, Kogi State, thank and have a greate day, From paul unagha, all the way from nigeria

  6. if it is their in ethiopia how did they bring it to ethiopia ? the high priest can only touch it
    the if the real covenant.why they didnt reveleaded it into the rome or the isarael earlier

  7. if the real covenant was revealed what will happen to the israel ?the bible said that their will be a war against israel and if they didnt have the arc surely the will lose against the muslim country or also known as magog

  8. The Ark is not Israel's, it belongs to the Jews of the world, and Solomon's son is a Jew.
    And secondly, many are of the opinion that Ethiopia's abject condition is a curse due to possession of the Ark. But that's comparing the spirituality of the Ark with the materialism of the world, which is erronous.
    They are not living in poverty but in simplicity and faith, which is according to the teaching of the Bible. They are therefore blessed by the Ark and it's presence in their land.

  9. dear michael
    being poor is not a curse brother. Remember where our lord Jesus was born, not in palace. So don't expect the Ark of the Covenent to be in one of the developed nations. Also remember the apostles they were all hated and cursed as being poor, they were not one of the nobles. So please think think think! worldly treasures are not the scales curse and bless in the eyes of God. God sees your heart your inner motive. We Ethiopians truly worship God, so God appointed us the keepers of the treasure . We know we are blessed. God loves Ethiopia. and you know we are a very happy and proud people.
    God bless you brother.

  10. …am almost convinced that the arc is actually thea…because coincidentally ethipoia is the only african country that was not colonised….it conqured the italians…..y…?¿?¿

  11. I will organize a powerful Muslim force with in Ethiopia and all neighbouring Somali territories to capture and take the ark of the covenant. We will open it and there will be victory. I heard that the christian pops don't open it because they are fearing that it will kill it the the fact is that they are on the wrong path. They should submit the TABUT to the Islams before a disastrous military invasion sooner or later. The Arch was mentioned in the Quran and with it victory lies. That is why the Ethiopians were fighting to the point of death against the Somalis. Just because they have the arch but since they discovered now it is the end of Israel and Long term Christian orthodox Ethiopia. Thanks your end is coming soon.

    • The ark has little value for the Catholics ( only historical value as it was a part of the Old Testament ). The ark has no purpose anymore as the ark symbolised Mary, the Mother of God. The golden vessel in which the 2nd Person of the Holy Trinity became human. A pure immaculate vessel which has carried the Son of God for 9 months as the golden ark has carried the laws of convenant.

  12. Firstly there are many gods used on earth but only one creator , The Ark was made as a covenant at the time between the creator and the the chosen people of Israel through Moses to house the commandments. I am sure that if this still exists today it is well hidden away as for if it ever came to light Faith would be thrown in caos around the world and religious wars would flare up most especially in Jerusalem. The ark should stay well hidden away from man. The only teachings we should all abide by is through our Lord Jesus and through his teachings alone we will blessed by our Father the Creator all things Mortal Immortal and Eternal.


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