Dreamworks has announced plans to film the first Carlos Danger movie!
Carlos Danger (aka Anthony Weiner) is a sexy, bicycle riding former Congressman who takes on big city crime and… wins!  And through it all, he is sexting with hot babes across the Unites States and Russia. The international mensch of mystery – Carlos Danger!
Watch him ride his Citi-Bike:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 30, 2013

Watch him post naked photos of himself – while trying to keep his wife and newborn baby happy.


He’s a man of one disguise:


Carlos Danger makes online woman swoon for him in one keystroke.
One sultry tweeter said,  “I really thought Carlos Danger and I were in love. We spoke on the phone daily multiple times a day for 6 months. We had phone sex.  And then he dropped me.  But I know he has a city to save, so it’s okay.”
Look at the body of Carlos Danger.   Would any criminal dare take this man on?


Carlos Danger even seduced male celebrities, including this man:


And now Geraldo, is Carlos Danger’s loyal sidekick.   Carlos Danger and Geraldo are the new Lone Ranger and Tonto.
New York City is in ruins and there’s only one man who can stand up for New York.  His name?  Carlos Danger.
The movie will be in theaters (and on Twitter) in the Spring of 2014.

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