Tony Appleton, Town Crier, remixed by Noy Alooshe on YouTube. Check it!
Posted by Jenny Swartch on YouTube… a great Royal baby video!


Tony Appleton demonstrated Monday evening, there’s something to be said for the old-fashioned way of doing things.


Appleton’s ceremonial announcement of the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton  firstborn son was fit for a king — the future King of England, in fact.
Donning traditional royal garb and a large, feathered hat, Appleton ascended the steps at St. Mary’s Hospital in London just before 9 p.m. local time. As he read the official royal proclamation, cheers could be heard from well-wishers gathered outside.


“On this day, the 22nd of July in the year 2013, we welcome, with humble duty, a future king, the firstborn of Their Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the third in line to the throne,” he announced with great fanfare. “And our new prince is the third great-grandchild of Her Majesty the Queen and the grandchild of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.”
“May he be long-lived, happy, and glorious, and one day reign over us,” he concluded. “God save the Queen!”
Noy Alooshe – nice work!

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