Kate and William named their newborn royal boy – Murray!   Named after tennis star Andy Murray.
The royal baby is born!  And his name is Murray!
Murray was 5,000 to 1 odds at being picked – and did not appear in the top ten choices:

Prince William and Prince Kate are BIG fans of tennis star Andy Murray, who just won Wimbledon – ending a 77-year-drought of a British winner.  The timing was perfect.  William and Kate agreed that they would name the boy after Andy Murray but William wanted to name the boy Andy and Kate wanted to name him Murray.  Well, we now know who won.

Some Royal Watchers say that the baby was not named after the tennis star, but instead after a character on a very old sitcom – The Odd Couple.  Murray the Cop was a popular character and Prince William and Princess Kate love watching the show on cable.

The Royal couple also love bagels and when they were in New York they ate many bagels from “Murray’s Bagels.”
The couple had so many “signs” so they named the baby Murray.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles hate the name and are begging the young couple to change the baby’s name, but Kate and William are sticking with — Murray.
As with most things in the royal family, following tradition is a key aspect in figuring out the perfect moniker for the first Prince of Cambridge (which is a title that hasn’t been used in over 190 years).

SVictoria Arbiter, ABC’s royals contributor and daughter of former Queen Elizabeth II press secretary Dickie Arbiter, tells E! News that there was an overwhelming amount of pressure on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to pick the the best name. And now… 
Long live King!!!

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  1. The queen got her way the name is not Murray. The name is George. England had a King George in 1776. THIS NAME IS AN INSULT TO THE PEOPLE OF THE USA ! Dethrone royalty.

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