George Zimmerman was reportedly in close contact with Casey Anthony during his trial – and how he’s dating her!
There were a few similarities between the Zimmerman case and the Casey Anthony case.  In both instances, the state was basically arguing something that they couldn’t prove.  Some legal scholars say in the both instances the prosecutors overcharged the defendant.


But during the Zimmerman trial, and the time leading up to the trial, Casey Anthony was in contact with George Zimmerman – offering support and advice.  “George was smitten with Casey almost immediately,” said a source close to the court.
During the trial, Zimmerman reportedly met with Casey on a number of occasions and there are rumors that they stayed together in a hotel near the courthouse during the trial.  After Zimmerman was acquitted, Zimmerman reportedly called Anthony first.


“Casey has been keeping a low profile and trying to live a normal life,” said a friend of a court watcher.  “She can’t help who she falls in love with.  She knows what people will say, but she doesn’t care.  She thinks that George is her soul mate.”
Both Anthony and Zimmerman are free and can not be tried again – although the federal government is trying to go after Zimmerman on Civil Rights violations.

George Zimmerman

“George and Casey want to move to Europe together and live a quiet life, start a family,” said a source close to Anthony.  “They think that they will make it as a couple.”


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