Scientists have discovered a rat infestation on Mars.

Nasa’s Mars rover Curiosity took a photo of a rat on Mars in early May.  Some dismissed it as an optical illusion, that it was just a rock, but NASA has reportedly confirmed now that it was indeed a rat.


AND in the last few days, NASA has reportedly found that there was not just one rat on Mars – there are thousands of rats on Mars.  They are not sure how the rats got on the red planet… but many feel that rats are the first beings that come to life on any planet.

Yes it really does look like a rat. Of course it’s probably just a rock but let’s face it, that’s a boring conclusion. The internet is full of theories about the “rat”. Like for example, maybe it is a rat. Has Nasa released the rat on Mars as part of a secret experiment to see if the planet supports life? Huh? Is it a lab rat? Or is it a Martian? 


It is ironic that there are rats on Mars. For years we have used rats in experimental studies to further the scientific advancement of humankind. We’ve poked them, prodded them and even injected them with diseases and supposed cures. There’s probably no other animal, apart from their cousins the mice, that humans have taken more advantage of for ourselves.

It has been somewhat of a war since the beginning of time for us and them. They hit us first with the biggest blow by spreading the Black Death back in 1348-50. The plague killed an estimated 200 million people and it took a century and a half for Europe’s population to recover.


In the 16th century it was our turn to hit back at the rat. We did it with a cool looking German bloke who had a pipe. The Pied Piper of Hamelin was an expert rat-catcher. No one knows exactly how he did it but there’s a lot of speculation surrounding the general magic-ness of his pipe and colourful garments. Needless to say he got rid of all the rats in the town. Sad story short though, no one fronted up with the cash so he used his pipe to evacuate all the children as well!

Since then the rats have come back ten-fold. They’re all around us.  And they are on Mars, and Venus and… maybe even the sun!


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