Sources say Selena Gomez has given birth to a baby girl.  Justin Bieber is reportedly the father.

According to people outside the hospital, Selena welcomed a baby daughter, whom she named Justina.


Selena is reportedly thrilled to have a baby girl.  Her mother, Mandy, was right there for the birth.  “Selena was a real trooper through the whole delivery.  It was a very easy delivery.  She even sang songs to the nurses while delivering the baby.”

Some sites are reporting that Selena’s mother actually had the baby.  But WWN can confirm, after talking to sources in Culver City, that Selena is the mother, NOT her mother.


The 20-year-old singer is currently working on her latest  masterpiece “Stars Dance.”  On Wednesday, June 12,  Ed Sheeran was pictured leaving Selena’s house with a guitar, which sparked speculation of collaboration. The “Everything Has Changed” singer wore a navy blue sweater, denim pants and black sneakers as he put his guitar case into the back of his waiting car.


Justin Bieber is rumored to be the father of little baby, Justina.  He could not be reached because he was hiding from his neighbor, Keyshawn Johnson.

WWN wishes the baby girl, and her baby… all the best.

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64 thoughts on “SELENA GOMEZ HAS BABY GIRL!”

  1. Why don’t you people get a life. Who cares. Like any crap in this rag of a paper is real. Purely entertainment for the uneducated rednecks and inbred hillbilly people.

  2. Which is right she had a baby or her mums baby or her sisters?

    Thanks for her mobile number ill text her tonight.

  3. Watch her on the early morning talk show this morning(7/26/13).. I think it was the one on c8s.. She kept covering up her stomach.. On another show yesterday she was accentuating her abdominal section.. With a very noticeably short tank/top.. Also,, I noticed right away a different look to her mid-section.. An obvious lump and/or indent to her stomach.. I noticed all this stuff before I got on here and even KNEW there was "Pregnancy Rumors".. So,, it's not like I am "feeding" into the gossip.. Watch the early morning show yourself on the net..

  4. Fake!!!!!!!! she's probably holding someone else's! she's not! they didnt have baby and nobody knows when she is or what the name is!stop telling lies just to make us upset.

  5. look leave the girl alone it don't matter if she is pregant or not it's the press wanting everyone think this shit and selena is a beautiful young lady

  6. i dont believe that Selena has had a baby … that baby shown looks nothing like Selena or Justin … it looks more like Selena's mum anyway !

  7. i dont think it would b selenas think about wounldnt we hve knwn early on she didnt even show come on selena i love you but people of the world stop lying for once that is not selenas baby. PEACE OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  8. your're just jealous of selena's success b***h go get a life and stop being a b***h you just sad that she got justin bieber you were never going to get him sweet heart go f**k youself and leave selena alone ;D

  9. Is it true, Selena , that you had a baby girl? If you did congrats!!! Btw I love all of your songs and you’re a role-model for so many people, including me!!

  10. OMG AMAZING SHE IS SO CUTE SELENA I LOVE YOUR BABY SHES CUTE AND I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. stop being a hater were you there to see her sleep with every man in hollywood no and from rumors justin is the male ho and you sound like my daughter justin is so perfect selena is the bad one she doesn't like selena because she dated justin. Grow up I hope and pray that if it is her little girl that it isn't justins cause from all I have heard of him he would be a dead beat dad anyway

  12. Selena Gomez does not have a baby and she never had sex with Justin and Justin is not the father and this is completely wrong and fake and disrespectful to show people to make them think that she has a baby and she has never given birth and it’s not true because the internet is wrong about this because. This is showing no respect for her and this some made story about this.


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