Scientists have discovered that eating homemade pickles – cures obesity!

The best way to fight “fat bacteria” is to eat homemade pickles.  This is according to a new study out of Harvard, Cambridge and the Culinary Institute of America.

“If you eat homemade pickles, you will lose all the excess weight you carry on your frame,” said famed nutritionist, Jacob Walkmer.  “Five to ten pickles a day after that will help you maintain your ideal weight, for the rest of you life.”



Microbiologists discovered that we are made up of 90 per cent bacteria. Nine out of every ten cells in our bodies are not human but belong to these microbial species (most of them residents of our gut). 


The pickles fight the bacteria in the gut and enhance growth of “fat-killing bacteria.”

“You have to eat the pickles as soon as you wake up and then have two or three right before you go to bed,” said Walkmer.  “If you do this, you will, absolutely lose weight.”



If you change the ratio of bad bacteria to good bacteria in your stomach, you will lose weight – fast – according to the study.

The Western diet, with its refined carbohydrates, highly processed foods, and dearth of fresh vegetables, preserves foods by killing bacteria and then deprives our gut bacteria of much that is good for them to ferment and grow. 


Probiotics – beneficial bacteria ingested either in fermented foods or in supplements – have been shown to calm the immune system and reduce inflammation; shorten the duration and severity of colds in children; relieve diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome; reduce allergic responses; stimulate the immune response; possibly reduce the risk of certain cancers; and improve the health and function of the gut.

And the best probiotic every created – pickles.

So, go ferment some pickles – and lose weight!


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