North Korea launches a ballistic missile attack on Pyongyang, their capital city.

Much speculation has been made to the target of a ballistic missile displayed by North Korea in recent weeks, as the country is now known to have the ability to reach Japan and South Korea with its weaponry. Officials answered that question Thursday evening and made a bold move: They fired the missile at themselves.

Though no nuclear warhead was attached to the weapon, the display of power was baffling to many who wondered how the country would assert itself as a force that inspires fear. While many poked fun at the move, others saw potential “brilliance” in the action.

“Politically, it’s the smartest thing you could do,” says Dirk Halstead, a U.S. military strategist. “They can’t provoke a backlash with this move; they can only show that yes, their machines are working. Unless, of course, it was just a misfire.”


The latter theory has gained traction, with many feeling like it was just a military action gone wrong. The missile had apparently made a giant loop backward after soaring several miles toward the southern part of the region. It landed in a forested area, with the only fatalities being vegetations and few, small woodland animals.

“Taking out a couple squirrels seems like the clear path to success for these guys,” Halstead said. “Unless, again, it was just a misfire. I can’t stress that possibility enough.”

Whether it will prove to be a masterstroke or miscalculation by leader Kim Jong Un remains to be seen. One thing is for certain: North Korea has the world’s attention.

Weekly World News will continue to follow this story.


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  1. Anything could have happened planed or not, only they would know. I think that's what they probably want, to know something that no one else knows; or it could have been a computer hack into the gyro-navigational system? or maybe it was deliberate? Maybe he wanted the world to jump like frogs at the thought of world war? It's all a power trip with anyone anymore. Sad, world wide in human exsistance, we'll never become civilized enough to reach the heavens with the gods, for god would be ashamed of what we are. If they show up, they would have to start all over again with the human species.

  2. No, this is propaganda. The west had attacked Pyongyang ,and just wants to cover it up with this kind of a story ,infear of retaliation from the Communist powers. They must understand that they cannot get away with this kind of back-stabbing.


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