Mitch O’Connell discovered Bat Boy at a convenience store in Wisconsin.

Mitch O’Connell was driving from Wisconsin to Chicago a stopped for gas. Inside the convenience store was a stock photo of a yelling youngster on a display to advertise the amazing deals available. O’Connell told WWN that, “a bell went off.”

He immediately ran home and compared the photo to Bat Boy.  He came to a conclusion that Bat Boy was…  alive and in Wisconsin.

And Bat Boy was on the run again:


O’Connell is now being heralded across the country for his investigative journalism.  WWN was reportedly entering into a eight-figure deal to pay him for his services (and the photo), but instead they have placed McConnell on the official Bat Boy Investigative Team.  O’Connell will appear in FINDING BAT BOY, a new reality show that will begin on The Discovery Channel in the fall.


Check out Mitch O’Connell HERE.

And if you see Bat Boy in another convenience store, please – alert WWN!




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1 thought on “BAT BOY UNCOVERED”

  1. Now, if he could actually fly, that would be something. He still looks a bit of adorable, for someone who looks like a bat – or at least has bat ears. He seems dehydrated – he needs more than cave water.


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