Soon after Sen. Rand Paul ended his filibuster, the White House ordered drones to follow the Kentucky Senator.
Sen. Paul, R-Ky., filibustered for almost 13 hours early on Thursday.  After he left Congress and headed home he learned that the U.S. government was targeting him.


“Drones can kill American citizens anywhere, if there are reasons to be worried about that citizen,” said a source in the White House.  “We can not confirm or deny whether Senator Paul is a target or not, but we would advise him to stay away from cafes and restaurants.”


Paul’s filibuster was at least two hours longer than most in U.S. history, as most flame out around 10 hours. Paul finished speaking around 12:40 a.m. local time, and his filibuster lasted 12 hours and 52 minutes.
“My legs hurt. My feet hurt. Everything hurts right now,” Paul told Fox News shortly after stepping off the Senate floor, saying he believes “we did the best that we could.”
“I would be surprised if we didn’t hear back from the White House,” Paul said.
Soon after – he did hear back.  “Senator, you better get your eyes on the sky.  There’s some drones coming for you,” a White House advisor said.
In a show of support, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell came to the Senate floor and congratulated Paul for his “tenacity and for his conviction.” McConnell also called Obama’s choice of Brennan a “controversial nominee.”


Paul is one of several lawmakers — on both sides of the aisle — who has raised concerns about the legal justification for launching drone strikes against Americans overseas. But Paul took to the floor after receiving a statement from Attorney General Eric Holder that creaked open the door to the possibility of using a drone to kill an American inside the United States.
President Obama is reportedly personally operating the drone assigned to Senator Rand Paul.  “The President wants to personally make the decision whether to use the drone on Senator Paul.  He’s confident he will do the ‘appropriate” thing.”

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  1. Freedom to say what you want is OK but when you start condemning drones because a few thousand people get killed this is serious .Its not the drones fault if a citizen is blowing out the candles on his 96th birthday cake and a drone crashes thru the roof hitting him on the head with high explosives. You cant blame the drone Its ridiculous drones should be protected they are part of mans heritage and Paul should be droned

    • yawn.. a "valid" contribution as always form the idiot left. Keep it up, we love to laugh at the low IQ "comments" of liberals like yourself.

  2. Obama would actually do this too, as he has no respect for our freedoms, independence, Constitutional rights, or any laws of the country.

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    You should be having idea about the issues that are being noticed in a while.”


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