The  Mayans announced today that when the world ends on December 21, 2012 – France will survive!
Mayans predicted the end of the world – and they are convinced that they will be proved correct.  But WWN has learned that they also predicted that France will survive the apocalypse.


Mayan scholar, Dr. James Bellanca told WWN:  “It seems illogical that the world will end, but a single country will survive.  But what the Mayans have said is that the world – meaning all the humans – will vanish on December 21, 2012.  But, after carefully examining a recently unearthed tablet, it is clear that the Mayans predicted that anyone who is in France at the time of the Apocalypse – will survive.
This might explain why thousands of people are flocking to the  foothills of the Pyrenees, to a tiny village nestled amid breathtaking landscapes.
Bugarach … the place to spend Christmas this year?
Bugarach, with its two narrow streets, 176 residents, little agriculture, scores of wild orchids and virtually no pollution, was barely heard of a few years ago. Now, it’s arguably the most famous village in France, known variously as  “the village at the end of the world” or  “chosen village”, or “the doomsday destination”.
According to Mayan prophecy the sleepy village of Bugarach will be the capital of the new world, France.  The mayor, Jean-Pierre Delord, a farmer in his 60s, was the first to report the apocalyptic forecast about France. He mentioned it at a council meeting, suggesting special security measures, perhaps army logistics, to handle an influx of visitors in December 2012. Someone at the meeting told the local press and before long world news agencies and Japanese TV crews were pacing the cobbles asking baffled villagers their views on armageddon.

Bugarach peak, which some believe will be spared the apocalypse.

Some in Bugarach believe that an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba will come on December 21, 2012 and save all the residents.  However, Dr. Bellanca told WWN that there will be no alien rescue of humans on the Mayan doomsday date.  “No, all of France will be saved.  No aliens will come to save the people of Bugarach.  But, the Mayans predicted that those people who are in Bugarach on that date, will be come the rulers of the new world.  So, if you want to be a King or a Queen in the new world – pack your bags for Bugarach.”


The French government is proud that they are the “chosen people” of the Mayans.  “We always knew we were special and this confirms it,” said former President Sarkozy.  “French people are much more evolved than any others on the planet.  This has been obvious for centuries.”

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  1. ”French people are much more evolved than any others on the planet. This has been obvious for centuries.” LOL. then what about asians o.O???????/?

  2. people who are much evolved than any others on the planet?
    believe it or not…the Chinese (ASIA)
    and the Israeli (EUROPE)
    i mean, theyre a really strong Country right now….
    even if Israeli more active in the shadow (behind american) i dunno, this is just a speculation.

    • China I would agree with but Israel no… The reason why I say no is that internal and struggles leave them weak compared to the rest of the world, an unstable country politically is also one prone to social and economic instabilities.

  3. First of all the apocalypse isnt gonna happen cuz the only reaso. the mayans are ending their calender is cuz theres no more space.
    Second, how in the world are french people more evolved… dafuq o_O

  4. only i can save human lifes as i can communicate with the aliens as they are the ancient gods who created humans as i am LORD VISHNU the creator you have less time contact me-919561895574

  5. If the French are so wonderful, how do they explain what happened in World War II? If it weren't for the Allied forces, they'd still be under Hitler's reign! ;-p

    • And if it weren't for the Resistance, Allied forces would have lost the war.
      Americans still think they won it by themselves … so cute

    • If it weren't for France, World War 2 wouldn't have even happened! Woodrow Willson may well have managed to negotiate a lighter treaty and Germany from that treaty, though damaged, may not have become as crippled as it had been removing a large portion of the reason people flocked to Hitler's Nazi regime… Hell, losing World War 1 wouldn't have been so significant, it was a war over things that had nothing to do with us directly after all and thus it wouldn't have affected most of the world when it was lost. Funny what the murder of a single man in a relatively tiny country in Europe can do when people have tied themselves to countries with a highly unstable government. The main problem however, would have been as they admitted at the end of the war, the already substantial rebuilding fees they had charged would have been significantly greater in the case of the rest of the world have the war been won by them if the treaty of Brest-Litovsk was any indication.

  6. This is just bullsh*t. France didn't exist in the ancient times, this 'news' was probably made up by some French people who thought that France is the best country in the world or some shit.

  7. LoL. 10 years ago, everybody were saying it's a country of idiots and coward for not wanting to go to war and now some people are just having an unjustified inferiority complex. This news is just a troll, most of the french don't wan't any kind of attention when our country do not have anything to stand out nowadays.
    How come people cannot mind their own business? If they did, the world wouldn't be so crappy.

  8. how can people say stupid crap about what the mayans supposedly said!! and worst of all how can other people believe it? i am mexican an obviously live in one of the main countries with mayan culture, they never talked about the end of the world! but the end of an "era" which are two different things!! and they never talked of france!! my god they didn't even know of france!! such ignorance!!!! french chosen people of the mayan my ass!!!!

  9. how can people say stupid crap about what the mayans supposedly said!! and worst of all how can other people believe it? i am mexican an obviously live in one of the main countries with mayan culture, they never talked about the end of the world! but the end of an "era" which are two different things!! and they never talked of france!! my god they didn't even know of france!! such ignorance!!!! french chosen people of the mayan my ass!!!!

  10. WTF is this???
    I AM FRENCH and i think THIS "THING" IS STUPID beyond belief!
    Since when are we more evolved than humanity or whatever? And I never hear of his stupid village. And Sarkozy is a buffoon, I didn't vote for him aniways.
    If this guy think flattering us will make us swallow his sh*t he is mistaking.
    I have no problem with all this "end of the world" joke and all but please DO NOT INVOLVE MY COUNTRY with your sh*tty stories. Damn I dont react to every trash i find on the internet but THIS go really to far.
    If you read this just remenber that the guy who wrote this is has serious psychiatric troubles.
    So please dont let your image of France be tarnished by this… piece of sh*t.
    Thank you.
    (I hope you understand what I meant if some words or expression where not used the good way)
    (And I hope I did not overreact over some kind of joke too)

    • Yes I do and I do not believe the world will end and because there is many ressons for not finishing the calandor and I mean come on we live millions of year so why end now.
      And let's just say this really does happen they predicted ( the Spanish ) that England will be hit first witch is close to France so good luck 🙂

  11. I ddon't know if something will happen 12 21 this year and if France will be saved,but I'm sure that the New Year tourism will record a Boom in december in France.Happi new year! If people,if.

  12. adivasis (literally- 'ancient people'). the forest-dwellers. are the most evolved, because they have seen through deceit of the 'civilised' world. they live with nature. in nature and of nature. the rest civilised are all barbarians.

  13. Yeh Sab bakwaas ha Kayamt Oa wakt tak nahi aye gi kab tak Allah ka Hukam nahi ho ga. Aj sy pehly b kai martba scientist keh chuky hain k Kayamat aany wali ha koi chez zamen sy takrany wali ha yeh hony wala ha wo honay wala ha.. Magar kuch nahi huwa.. Allah ny Jo nishaniyan btai hain Kayamt ki wo pori nahi hui abi tak to phir yeh kaisy Isy Doomsday kehty hain…

  14. No one know exactly what will be happen.. And which one Country will survive… If u have any confusion about 21 december 2012 contact to me i have a super power in which i could tell other that what will happen exact..
    Here my nmbr is..

  15. In the first place, this whole thing about the world ending isn't going to happen unless we keep burning down trees and stuffs. We'll die out of heat.
    Why only France is safe? If it's neighbouring country got hit by this apocalypse, it would also be affected. This whole piece of news sounds like a fake to me.

  16. if this is true why only france can survive in apocalypse? there have no proof that the prediction is true … there have many prediction that is not true… dont make people bother for this thing… dont scare your self.. thanks

  17. you thing this is One Piece animation or what the new world were meant for those who treat others well . end of the world my ass the if the world were meant to end so be it . That doesn't mean all well die those who are god fearing will leave and never speak about the end of the world again all this lies can go to hell

  18. Are you serious people? I'm 99% sure that this is a satiricial article aimed to make fun of the "end of the world" deal. Just chill out.

  19. The world ended already in truth. Look at the chinese calendar and its like 5000 years. so 2012 already pasted. France turned out not to be chosen and besides if the world were to be destroyed everyone will die wont matter were u are.


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