Following the news of Kate’s pregnancy, Pippa Middleton announced she has what Royal doctors are calling a “sympathetic pregnancy.”


Royal watchers were stunned to find out that only two days after Kate Middleton was rushed to the hospital for morning sickness, her sister, Pippa, is also pregnant.
“She has what many in OB/GYN field call a ‘sympathetic pregnancy’,” said Dr. Thomas Hillstrom, head of the Royal OB/GYN ward.  “It’s not uncommon for sister’s to become pregnant at the same time.  They are typically on the same menstrual cycle and they generally have the orgasms at the exact same time.  So this was not a surprise.”
It is not yet known yet who the father of the Pippa baby is, but their are many rumors in Buckingham Palace that this man is the father: 


Pippa also had a bout of severe morning sickness.  This is a shot of Pippa leaving the hospital, still feeling a bit queasy:


Pippa has already learned that she is carrying a little baby girl.  She has already upset Queen Elizabeth by announcing that she is going to name the girl, Diana.
Kate also wants to name her baby – if it’s a girl – Diana.
Prince William wants to name the baby girl, Elizabeth, after his grandmother.


Both the duchess and her sister ares expected to remain under doctor’s watch for the next eight months.  There are Pregnancy Guards assigned to protect the royal baby from anything harmful that Kate may put in her mouth.  Pippa  will also be assigned Pregnancy Guards.
Pippa told WWN that she plans on marrying the “baby daddy” before she gives birth and told British citizens to “chill out” –  there won’t be a royal bastard.

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