After the re-election of Barack Obama, 20 states have declared they will secede from the union.
President Obama is facing an avalanche of requests by citizens of numerous states requesting permission to secede from the union.  The Attorneys General of these states have also petitioned the U.S. government for permission to secede.

President Obama who reportedly has “no use” for the Southern states, may sign an Executive Order, allowing certain states to form their own government.  “I can see President Obama allowing 11 southern states to go it on their own,” said a source close to the White House.  “It would save the government a lot of money, and it would make the U.S. more blue.”

Insiders say that the President actually would like to form a new country that looks like a “ring” around the old country.  “President Obama feels that if all the coastal states and border states remained in the U.S., then we can give up those states that just hang around in the middle.  That would be fine with the President.”  Obama is particularly anxious to “get rid” of the Southern “albatross.”
But it’s not just Southern states that want to secede.  The list includes New York and Pennsylvania.  “New York has never felt that it was part of  this country,” said a White House spokesperson.  “Governor Cuomo feels that New York is more akin to England and France and wants New York to join the European Union.  President Obama understands the Governor’s concerns, but he’d like to keep New York in the fold. So that request will be denied.”

In order to petition the U.S. government for permission to secede a state needs at least 25,000 signatures.  In just one week, Texas has gathered over 1 million signatures and hopes to have every citizen in the state sign the petition.  Mississippi already has signatures from 96% of its citizens.
So, New America will have 30 states and the Old America will have 20.
Here is the full list of states that plan to secede from the union:

  • Missouri
  • Pennsylvania
  • Arizona
  • Oklahoma
  • Arkansas
  • South Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Tennessee
  • New York
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Indiana
  • Mississippi
  • Kentucky
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
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72 thoughts on “20 STATES TO SECEDE FROM THE UNION!”

  1. As I'm looking at these on-line petitions, I'm realizing that this article has no merit. Your numbers are a complete fabrication of the truth. As of 9:45 EST, Texas has 65,606 signatures, not over 1 million like you reported. Mississippi has 11,807 signatures, not 96% of the state's population. These are just two falsities in your report. And, where are you getting the information that the state's Attorneys General are supporting this? How about we report facts, not lies to get readers. That's despicable. Shame on you.

    • Courtney, this is Weekly World News where unrealistic "news" is written just for fun. It is not even true, but that's what makes it funny!

  2. Courtney, I don't think you understand what "news" organization's website you're on. This is the group that published a "news" magazine for years that you could grab next to the registers at grocery stores. Stories included things like a baby born with antlers, Batboy (Google him, it's hilarious!), and Bigfoot. This is not meant to be a reliable news source. It's for entertainment. I used to buy the magazine all the time because it gave me such great laughs!

  3. This is just too funny! These people hate the POSTUS that bad? And I'm sure they say they're christians. They need to pray more. SMH……

  4. I used to buy the Weekly World News for laughs while traveling. Once I had an overly talkative "agressive" seatmate who would not "take a hint", so I got out my copy of Weekly World news and started reading it as if it were the Wallstreet Journal…………..´nuff said…………wish I could have caught that on camera.

  5. lol at courtney of course this is all complete fallacy its the weekly world news its supposed to be made up look at the rest of their stories.

  6. The racism of yesteryear has come full circle in our county. The entire world embraced our choice of a black President four years ago and most nations of the world still support him. The fringe elements of Republican sect have crept through into the mainstream once again with conservative mouthpieces planting the seeds of hate. The only doubt lies here at home rooting from bigotry. Watch the white hands paint Obama in Blackface at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/bamboo

  7. Okay, all who want to leave the United States of American…..go ahead and catch the first train out…..Why am I not surprised……As for me, this is my country. Blood was shed for our freedom. So, if you don't like it just leave.

  8. Really? I'm from Alabama, and I have to say that this is sad. JUST. SAD. I bet you all a million dollars that whoever signed those petitions were not thinking of the Union soldiers who died to keep this country together during the Civil War. If you don't like the FREAKING President, screw it. Wait until its all over in four years and persuade people to vote for your choice. You won't die because Romney, aka Big Bird Assassin, was overridden by 2%. IF YOU ARE READING THIS: Don't sign the petition. One Nation, Under God, INDIVISIBLE, for liberty and justice for all.

    REPASS THE STILL-DUE 1776 DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: IT'S STILL THE ONLY LEGAL-SECESSION <a href="http:// {www.Repass1776Declaration.Blogspot.com}” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://{www.Repass1776Declaration.Blogspot.com}” target=”_blank”>{www.Repass1776Declaration.Blogspot.com} AND A CRIME TO FAIL TO SUPPORT AND DEFEND!!! (In Fact, Opposition To This 1st Consitution's The Reason For The Bogus-Elections and the Deficit)..BE SURE and Tell All Your Friends To Sign The Only Legal Secession Petition, Today!!! at http://wh.gov/XqED ADD YOUR NAME TO THE "FOUNDING FATHERS LIST", NOW (Repass the STILL-DUE 1776 Declaration of Independence Campaign)!!!

  10. You are a moron. What about the Confederate soldiers that died to protect our freedoms. You live in Alabama. You should know a little more about your southern heritage. If we wait another 4 years, things are going to be so bad, that they can't be reversed.

  11. Most of these states are the biggest welfare states in the nation. I mean they get from the federal govt. many more times the amount of money they send to govt. in the form of taxes. We are supporting most of these states with our taxes. Let them break away from the union and we could pay off the deficit and have nice highways in our states and maybe some other things we don't get now since half of our taxes is funneled back to those states.

    • Mitch, you show your ignorance with every thing you type. ALL 50 STATES have now filed to secede from the Union. As for the Welfare states, look to the big cities and see where the Welfare states are. Places like LA, New York, Chicago, all of whom voted solidly behind the Liberal Messiah Obama. All of whom have the largest population centers receiving Welfare. That's why they voted for their King, to keep the Federal money rolling in. Free housing, free food, free healthcare – recipients of those things are dogmatic Liberal supporters. Not sure where you're from Mitch, but methinks you know less than you think.

    • Thats because you idiots keep voting to send these welfare mamas a check! If my state secedes there will
      be no more welfare here. There will be a mass exodus of "give me something for nothings" all headed to
      your state.

  12. In 1617, discouraged by economic difficulties, the pervasive Dutch influence on their children, and their inability to secure civil autonomy, the congregation voted to emigrate to America.. Ok folks, I copiedand pasted tje first sentence from a historical page of the Mayflower. In 1617 rhis would have been called "suceeding: had the word been known at that time. I would like to know WHO started these 2012 petitions and if they are from the WEALTH of the USA. I do not feel we, as Americans, and I, as a Tennesseean, have ANYONE in office on a State, nor National level that can assure all of us (you and I) that we will survive under a succession. There is nothing about this that sounds right. Common Sense has surely died.

  13. Just leave it? It's ours as much as it is yours. We do not leave, we stay in place and take half the country. I do not see or want a path forward with the socialists of the blue states. Lets do this without a civil war, if possible, but lets do it!

    • Why don't you all just leave the United States! Find an island and create your own! You do have the FREEDOM TO LEAVE!!!

  14. Im not racest or anything if there is a cival war it wont be about racism it will be about how the comman man in america his own homeland is struggling 2 survive the government has shut so many jobs down that hundreds of thousands of americans depended on 2 support there families n now they struggle 2 survive im from wv n ive seen thounsands of miners n others laid off from work n cant find another job because thats all there basically is in our state so tell me if you was 1 in 500000 thousand laid off n couldnt find a job because everyone else needs one 2 but theres not enough would you try 2 make a change or wait till 4 years pass n hope you n ur family dont starve 2 death

    • Clear evidence of the govt. mandated, govt. funded education one receives in a Liberal Democratic Indoctrination Center. For those of you who don't know what those are: you know them by their normally used name – Public Schools.

    • It isn't Missouri that is listed twice. It is South Carolina that is listed twice. Also, I see North Dakota is red on the map but I don't see it in the list.

    • In fact, Montana and Oregan are red on the map and not in the list. Mr. Lake, could you update the article so that the map and the list match?

    • May I add that I see Arizona on the list but don't see it red on the map. I see Colorado red on the map.

  15. if you think that this guy is leaving in 4 years—you haven't been paying attention to him……….or his goonies…….he has no intentions of leaving us alone–his mission is to destroy us now………this whold adminstration is pure evil

  16. Perhaps instead of seceding from the union we could win the government back at the ballot box by forming a third party. Perhaps we could call it the "Constitution Party"with it main theme "to uphold, preserve and defend the Constitution of these United States".
    In the U.S. today the electorate is composed of 31% Democrates, 27% Republicans and 42% Independents. If we could organize the Independents into the Constitution Party we would be the largest political party in the U.S.

  17. If anyone knew the history of the civil war; they would never think of seceding….500,000 soldiers dead!!!!
    I wonder if seniors would still get Social Security., Medicare, & Medicaid!!! Watch out for little old ladies with lead in their pocketbooks……

  18. Hi Molley,,,It is too late now. We wanted to set America right with Romney, but the people would rather see the country go downhill just because Obama is black and we are supposed to give them everythng!

  19. Really? You are from alabama and thinking about the UNION soldiers that died? What about the Alabama soldiers that died defending Alabama from an invading army?

    • Actually the former president of Russia, Vladimir Putin warned us NOT to vote for him. Told us to learn from Russia's mistakes with the old U.S.S.R. Putin called him a Communist!

  20. You know it makes no since that people in this country would even be acting this way. I can't believe the amount of evil I see in this country everyday and I'm tired of it. I mean all this because president Obama won reelection. I mean come on people get a life. You people are saying that all President obama wants to do is hand out free stuff which is not the case. Now first you people say that there is no jobs and the economy is doing so bad then you say he gives out to much stuff. Hello if there is no jobs then the people whose looking for work needs something to survive off of. I mean you don't even care that there is poor people in this country so you look down on everyone else because you got a little money. America wake up there are only two percent of the people in this country who is actually doing good. One percent rich and one percent very high middle class people. The rest of the country are either middle class and can become poor at any giving day or already have poor people who wish they could have what others have. Do you think people wake up one morning and say hey I love being poor. No they don't because no one choose to be poor. I mean come on people lets have a little heart. You know it bothers me that people would even become a republican and is not rich or high middle class. Let me put it this way 98 percent of the country shouldn't even be republican because your not RICH your either middle class or poor either one and in a rich person eye middle class is consider poor. Wake up american people stop the hate and let's just try to work with the president. He wasn't elected God.

  21. Maybe we should let the South secede, so they can be taken over by the Mexican Drug Cartels. I'm sure even the gun crazy Texans wouldn't be able to stand up to them.

  22. On th list, South Carolina is there twice. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and Arizona are on the list but not on the map. Michigan, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, and Oregan are on the map, but not on the list. I say get your facts corrected, Mr. lake.

  23. This is not about seeds of hate! Every time something is going down someone makes stupid argument about one race not liking the other. Let's face it people from one state to another don't even like each other and yet some want to force people who don't like each other to live together. Why don't we go to our separate corners and be good neighbors. We are simply to diverse and divided on ideas. SAD BUT TRUE!

  24. government has turned into a big Ponzi scheme. People who worked hard and the government took our money each week or payday before we got our checks now want to take it from the retired to give it to the young who have not put in the time. Government never gave me a choice if I wanted to pay into medicare or SS for that matter. Now that many of us are at the age to collect what we worked for they want a new deal!!! Madoff had the same idea. Take the money,promise everything but when it comes to paying out its a different store!!!! Government now is increasing medicare reducing what they will pay for so they can give care to the young. Because I am older and might need care I resent being exploited and my usefulness as a human being is not worth what I was told would be thier after my working years. I agree young people need insurance but it should not be at the cost of my life. Thank you so much Obama care.

  25. We are 16 T in debt and the federal reserve is printing money like no tomorrow. Private industry is being beaten to death. So few control the financial destiny of so many. I want to be an American, but the most patriotic thing to do now is oppose the powers that be. Revolution will be a bloody archaic mess, but we most free our selfs from the banking cartels and the propagandist that seek to force us to live together yet unequal.


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