Prince Harry continues his wild adventure in Nevada – this time he went to Burning Man!
Prince Harry threw a wild party in a Wynn Las Vegas suite earlier this month. The party apparently included a game of strip billiards, naked twister and a game of “let me show you my 3000-thread count sheets”  with a dozen naked young women.

Prince Harry went back to London, but he kept in touch with his Las Vegas “friends” – so he decided to go back to Nevada and Black Rock City for Burning Man 2012!

“He’s been naked for over 52 hours straight. He’s calling his art installation, The Royal Jewels, and everybody is really getting a chance to see them up-close.  He’s been real cool about his installation,” said Web Overall, another attendee at the Burning Man.

“Keep Calm and Carry On Harry”  is a chant that Harry, and his friends, sing at night.  He’s reportedly been playing a banjo without strings on it – and from all accounts, he is quite the player.  “He hears things that nobody else hears, man, it’s so beautiful,” said Rainbow Bench, another Burning Man supporter.

Harry told WWN that he wanted to be the one to set Burning Man aflame, but organizers don’t want Harry stealing the spotlight.  “We’re all equal here, we are all royals, and we are all bums.  We all are one,” said Toga Long, another Burning Man devotee.

People close to Harry are saying, “yah, yah, bing, bing, goo,” which we were told means.  “Harry is naked, Harry is cool.”
Prince Harry will continue to be naked for the rest of the year, according to Prince Harry.

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