The findings have men cheering and women scoffing in disbelief over the idea that males could possibly be more advanced.

The Y chromosome dominates because it isn’t part of a pair like the rest of our 44 chromosomes, meaning that when gene mutations occur, there’s no matching chromosome to overshadow them.

And while 6 million years seems like a long time to us, the changes Y has undergone in that span would take other chromosomes about 310 million years to get right.  “Women will never catch up to men.  That’s just the fact,” said Linwall.

Researchers previously thought not only that the X sex chromosome was evolving more rapidly than the Y, but that Y was in danger of becoming extinct all together.  “In recent years there’s been a lot of speculation that men may go extinct in the next hundred years, but the truth is women will be gone long before men,” said Professor Hillary Van Camp of Oxford.

Women are not buying the study, saying that men may be more evolved than women, but they clearly don’t behave like they are.  Many women claim that men may be more “evolved” but are clearly less “mature.”

“Sorry.   Men are more mature as well,” said Linwall.   “Women spend a much larger percentage of their time hashing and rehashing conversations and talking about relationships.  This is not moving their gender forward, but rather it is an inhibiting factor in the evolution of women.”

What do you think?  Do you agree with the Oxford University researchers?  Are men or women more evolved?


  1. Apparently the person with this study doesn't realize the first rule of life – Never argue with a woman. Even if you're right, you'll lose. 😛

  2. First of all we are not evolved from chimps. We are created by God himself. Which ever Scientist proves that man evolved from Monkey, ask them to create a man from Monkey using his same research. In current advancement in science all must be able to prove it practically.

  3. this is the dumbest thing everr… men are smarter then women.. hahahahHAHA…

  4. Women were the first humans on earth and women created man through genetic engineering because they wanted to create a stronger human. So it's a form of transhumanism. However it backfired because man being physically stronger quickly used strength not intelligence to become the dominant human force in nature. The result being the planet is now in danger of destruction because men are actively seeking to destroy it with their maleness which dictates a need for violence and power. If you look at Egyptian history, it was a matriarchal society and it was scientifically more advanced than we are today. Also in 1997 it was discovered that a man can be created from modifying female genes…no sperm required. In other words with genetic engineering, women can create men without the need of an actual man. Men however cannot create women the same way.

    • There's research on that in a book called the First Sex. Studies done showed the y chromosome is younger than that the x chromosome suggesting it came later as we evolved more into diferentiation. The misguided Doctor above in his narrow definition of what constitutes "evolved" presumes becasue the Y chormosom ehas evolved more over time, not understanding the x chromosome already was evolved and the Y had some catching up to do. neither studies actually prove that either men or women are more evolved that each other. You'd need to take into consideration a lot of factors, not just survival. His premise is so flawed it's laughable when you consider that the women still live longer than men generally, even though they have entered the workforce and take care of things at home. The fact that there's a comedian's face on this post says it all really. Evolution is on a case by case basis concerning so much more than just whether or not a chromosome can survive better. This is Social Darwinism which has been proved to be flawed and discriminatory. Ridiculous.

  5. 'even' seldom occurs….the trait of making everyone feel that men is superior returns once again! IT SHOULDN'T…but sure v r not going to fall in here 😀 😀 😀


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