A WWN reader spotted a UFO over the mountains of Vancouver this morning.

Zahid Jiwa, an alert WWN reader from Vancouver, was out this morning at approximately 8 am.  That’s when he took the above picture of what is clearly and definitively a UFO.
The mountains of Vancouver have long been a haven for UFOs.   Alien spaceships have found the Canadians friendly and welcoming.
Zahid quickly took out his cell phone camera and took the shot.  Since then  people in Canada have been, “freaking out.”
WWN contacted the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials.  They sent Dr. Banesh Bannerjee to Vancouver to investigate Zahid’s sighting and he has this report.

“This is, once again, an alien spaceship from Planet Zeeba,” said Bannerjee.  “We have seen several Zeeban ships over the last month, doing recon of various cities.  We want to assure the Canadian citizens that the Zeebans are peaceful and are only here to help them.  They mean no harm.”
The Zeeban ships were seen over Vancouver in 2008 as well:

Dr. Bannerjee is going to meet with Zahid today and review all the photographs in his camera.  “We think Zahid did a remarkable job of capturing a Zeeban ship and we are going to invite him to the U.N. to discuss it in person.”
Meanwhile, WWN and the U.N. are on the lookout for Gootan spaceships.  The Gootans are here to – destroy us.

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  1. Why do all the alien or ET's or ufo's pics r never clear, always having some kind of gloomy gloomy picz, is that our techonology is not that advance to have a clear click of this ufo's


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