Katy Perry’s nudesuit is the hottest selling outfit for teen girls across America!

Katy Perry, wearing her nudesuit, performed her song ‘Wide Awake’ and won an award at the MuchMusic Video Awards (MMVA) 2012.

While accepting the award Katy Perry quickly realized her butt was showing through her outfit so she quickly hid it with her award.

Today:  her nudsuit is flying off the shelves.  Teen girls love it and want it.

In malls across America, over a hundred thousand sheer nudesuits were sold to teenage girls, and many of them were planning on wearing them to either their high school prom, high school graduation or both.

Some girls are even wearing the nudesuits to school.  Senior girls at Temecula High School in California all wore their sheer suits to school.  The Principal wanted to send them all home, but if he did – there would only be a handful of girls in the whole school.

“It was very uncomfortable for everyone (except the boys).  It looked like all the girls were naked,” said a source at the school.


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  1. This is totally inappropriate for teens. I don't think I'd care to see it on adults, either. I know, I'm a prude, but if I wanted to see naked women I'd go buy a porno magazine.


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