The Triple Crown Winner has pulled out of the Belmont – and rumors suggest bath salts are to blame!
Horse racing was dealt a devastating blow on Friday morning. Trainer Doug O’Neill confirmed that his horse, I’ll Have Another, won’t run in the Belmont Stakes on Saturday afternoon.
O’Neill confirmed that news on The Dan Patrick Show. O’Neill cited injury as the reason the horse won’t run in the race. “It’s his left front leg,” O’Neill told the show.

But WWN has learned from sources outside horse racing that the real reason I’ll Have Another is not racing is because he’s been using bath salts, mixing them with his hay.  He was acting far too erratic to run.
“Some of the other trainers say they saw I’ll Have Another try to bite the face off a trotter,” said a stableboy in Kentucky.  “It was ugly.”

I’ll Have Another went wild the other day after a bath salt binge.  Below is a shot of him running on a beach in Asbury Park, New Jersey, after breaking away from his trainer.

Others are speculating that the bath salts were what propelled I’ll Have Another to victory in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.
The “official” word is that the horse looked like he was suffering from tendonitis.  But bath salts can cause tendonitis, so it’s unclear what exactly happened to I’ll Have Another.
It all sounds a bit “fishy” or “horsey”… something is rotten in Belmont.

I’ll Have Another will probably never race again. The horse improbably won the Kentucky Derby, entering the race at 15-to-1 odds. I’ll Have Another then captured the imagination of horse racing fans by winning the Preakness last month.
Are other horses running in the Belmont using bath salts?  Horse racing authorities are looking into it.
But WWN already has the answer:
Yes, they are.
But we can’t tell which horse until after the race, because we have some big money on the bath salt user!

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  1. oh give it a freakin rest….the horse had swelling in his leg and the picture of the horse on the beach is NOT IHA..that horse is not in running condion, just look at the belly on him…You are liars and have NOTHING to substantiate your unfounded lies…shame on you!!!


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