[mpoverlay]Real women have posted images of themselves in ‘fatkinis’  as a retaliation against society’s obsession with super-slim summer bodies.

In an age where Victoria’s Secret models are viewed as an ideal, 31 women sent in their images to prove otherwise.

Gabi Gregg, a writer for xojane.com, posted a request for the images, to inspire women with similar bodies as her own (a U.S. size 18) to feel good about wearing a bikini.

Ms Gregg wrote: ‘Our culture is so obsessed with having a “beach ready bod,” that the mere idea of someone my size in a swimsuit, let alone a bikini, is shocking to most.’

She continued: ‘I know first-hand how inspiring it can be to see people with bodies that look similar to my own feeling confident and happy on the beach in something other than a Hawaiian-print skirted one piece’

The bikini has come to inspire both dread and awe as our culture increasingly enshrines physical perfection through magazine features that encourage women to be bikini-ready for summer, and the constant trolling of other women by women.

Rather than being a statement about health, which it could have easily turned into, the gallery appears to be an endorsement of diversity, and an statement that no one particular size or shape of woman has a monopoly on being considered attractive or even ‘normal’.

The women featured in the gallery look vibrant and confident, regardless of their body-shapes or sizes.

While the writer and fashion blogger has received a wave of support from readers who applaud her confidence, some have been quick to judge.

There have been comments that Ms Gregg isn’t ‘flabby’ enough to be self-conscious, and her ‘toned, hourglass-shaped’ body makes it easier for her to put a picture of herself online.

Another commenter wrote: ‘I will be the combo breaker cause the sugar coating sometimes needs to stop. Sure you can love your body and flaunt it proudly, but objectively some girls needs to realize when an outfit just DOESN’T GO WITH YOUR BODY TYPE. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit right. Sorry, but it’s just how fashion goes, for thick and thin bodies.’

Ms Gregg, who posted the article today, tweeted earlier: ‘Already annoyed by the xojane comments. and I know they’re only going to get worse as the general public finds the article.’

Of her own body, Ms Gregg said: ‘I do acknowledge that I have some level of body privilege (but um, for the record: I totally have flab, stretch marks and cellulite, you just can’t see it in the photos I posted due to the high waisted bottoms and the distance of the shots).’

She added: “Hopefully this gallery, which features lots of body diversity, proves that it’s not only “toned” fat girls who can feel confident hitting the beach in a two piece.”

Olivia Fleming
Daily Mail  


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15 thoughts on “FATKINI”

    • I happen to be a size 18, and I am in perfect health according to my doctor. People with a preconcieved notion about someone without even knowing what their story may be is disgusting.

  1. I am so grateful to be featured on this gallery. I think a message of self love and confidence is good no matter what size you are. I want to thank Gabi Fresh and xoJane for such a great and unique opportunity! Much love, Tiff.

  2. What is America coming to? Being obese should not be praised or considered normal. It is a disease and it is killing our country and our youth. I am all for empowering women and helping people be secure with their bodies and self-image, but obesity is not ok. It is a major health issue and should not be celebrated.

  3. this is ridiculous, being fat isnt sexy nor is it healthy,, cover up nobody wants to see it… nobody likes boney twigs either but there is a healthy medium.. and you ate it…

    • I want to see it. I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles which was totally infected with crap like this from "Sunshine". Yeah, real sunny there "Sunshine". I pricked up my eyes any time a non-thin girl dared to put herself on the line at the beach. I wish there was a fatkini movement back then. And I'm really happy for NAAFA's Los Angeles chapter which is going to have campaigns for fat women to take to the beach together and be bold and beautiful. All you women out there with curves who come across this Black Hole by Another Name, know this, YES there are people who want to see it. It is sexy, and being happy and feeling sexy is a whole lot more healthy than what Black Hole here wishes on you!

  4. size does not dictate health — the only thing you can possible know about a fat person when you see them is that they are fat- what we can know about a person who writes rude things upon seeing someone else who is fat is that they are a bigot.

  5. Regarding bikinis at the beach, I was at the beach today and there were all sorts of bodies, some emaciated-looking, some average, some fat, and some extra-extra fat.


    People are people.

  6. Please tell me it worked right? I dont desire to sumit it once again if i do not have to! Either the blog glitced out or i am an idiot, the second selection doesnt surprise me lol. thanks in your good blog!

  7. first i want to say how disgusted i am with some of the comments, people who feel the need to call these women down should stick with the motto “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anythi at all”. you don’t know these women, you don’t know their lives if they are healthy or not. being larger doesn’t make you disgusting , it doesn’t even mean you are unhealthy. some people are naturally larger than others, some have genetic issues. i think that these women should be commended for their confidence, and courage to step out of the box and embrace their bodies. one of the joys of life is being different, think how boring our world would be if everyone looked the same. god made us all different for a reason, and who are we to judge others just because they don’t fit into society’ s idea of what normal is

  8. Gabi Gregg's swimsuit relationship having Tankinis For all was desperately anticipated from the trend blogger's thousands of lovers. Nevertheless get happiness and also supply concerns have remaining would-be customers let down simply by cancelled order placed. In addition to, however quite a few point out Tankinis For all was speedy in order to impose their own bank cards, the plus-size store have been slower with providing refunds.

    Gregg, extended well-known inside fat-acceptance and also plus-size trend blogospheres, became well known immediately after photographs she placed of herself comforting within a brazilian bikini — which usually she named her "fatkini" — went viral. In which concluded in Nowadays Show appearances as well as a gig producing a new line regarding InStyle magazine. The actual Tankinis For all relationship was announced with April and the solution images — photographs of Gregg and other ladies modeling neon and also galaxy-print sexy bikinis as well as a jewel-print maillot having mesh panels, just about all looking very trippy and also Planting season Breakers — ended up insured favorably simply by USAToday, Fashionista, Refinery29, the Every day Postal mail, XOJane, and also MTV, amongst others. The actual neon and also jewel-print matches ended up sweet, but the actual award with the selection was definitely the galaxy brazilian bikini, patterned simply by Gregg herself. Exactly who couldn't wish a new brazilian bikini that appeared to be the galaxy?


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