Supervillain Rex Velvet has issued a video to the citizens of Seattle –  superheroes not welcome!

It all started in January of 2011, when a vigilante calling himself Phoenix Jones began patrolling the streets of Seattle, breaking up crimes and annoying the police. At one point, they arrested him for assault.  Jones does this while wearing a color-coded kevlar vest and uniform.  He has been embraced as a superhero — despite his lack of super strength or adamantium claws.

On May 1 of this year, a video appeared on YouTube decrying Jones’ antics. Created by a group calling itself the “Social Villains Alliance,” it starred a dapper, mustachioed gentleman known only as Rex Velvet, who referred to Jones’ crime-fighting efforts as “a nuisance” and claimed that the “superhero” was actually doing more harm than good with his one-man crusade.

Check out this SuperVillain:

Seattle authorities are worried that the battle between Rex Velvet and Phoenix Jones will affect its citizens and has formed a SuperVillain Task Force.  The U.S. Department of Defense has also put out an alert to… The Avengers.

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