SALT LAKE CITY, UT –  Mitt Romney celebrated his inevitable Republican nomination with his sister wives and dozens of children.
Mitt Romney, a devout Mormon,  was thrilled to learn that, Rick Santorum – his chief rival in the Republican primary – bowed out of the Presidential race.  It was heated and often vicious contest, but Romney is the clear winner.  He reportedly flew back to Utah to be with his wives.
Here’s Mitt Romney with his primary family:

Mr. Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, said his victory is a validation of his strategy to use his experience in private industry to cement his victory. The candidates who had hoped to unseat him – failed..
“Todoay we celebrate. Tomorrow we go back to work,” said Mr. Romney, who strode into his victory party at Brigham Young University.  The students gave him a twenty minute standing ovation – and a glass of lemonade.
Another branch of the Romney family:

Mr. Romney had his entire Mormon family with him on the campaign trail – taking up over 20 buses.  There are estimates that Romney has nine “wives” and over a hundred children.  Those  estimates were reportedly last tallied by Newt Gingrich.
Here’s Romney on stage with another one of his families:

Mitt Romney is on course to become the first Mormon to secure the nomination to run for the White House.
Supporters of the former governor of Massachusetts have dismissed claims that his religious beliefs could hamper his presidential ambitions.  And the fact that Mr. Romney reportedly has “sister wives” doesn’t seem to affect voters.
Here’s yet another branch of the Romney family:

Mr Romney’s membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints has only briefly threatened to become an issue in the 2012 campaign.
Last year a pastor close to fellow candidate  Rick Perry said Mr Romney was “not a Christian” and described Mormonism as a “cult”.
At the time Romneysaid: “The great majority of Americans understand that this nation was founded on the principle of religious tolerance and liberty. Most people do not make their decision based on someone’s faith.”
Here’s Romney and his “lead wife” in their Mormon underwear:

Joanna Brooks, the writer behind the Ask Mormon Girl blog, told WWN: “During the general election campaign we will see increased scrutiny of the Mormon faith.
“Most Americans are unfamiliar with what Mormons believe, so this increased publicity will go a long way towards creating greater understanding.
“But I don’t think his Mormonism will work against Romney in the voting booth. Partisan divisions are far stronger in the US than antipathy towards Mormonism.”
Joe Biden grees.  “I think the fact that Mitt Romney has more children than the last 44 presidents, combined, will be a real deterrent to voters.  Plus, which wife will be the First Lady,” a source close to Gingrich said.
Another Romney wife had a baby last night, just before the polls closed in New Hampshire:

Mr Romney often talks about the time he spent in France as a young man, completing two years of traditional Mormon missionary duty.
His father George, who was governor of Michigan, sought the Republican nomination in the 1968 campaign and little mention was made of his Mormon faith before he lost out to Richard Nixon.

Mitt Romney’s faith did crop up during his failed 2008 campaign when he was criticised by rival Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister, but formerNew Hampshire senator Judd Gregg says things will be different this time.
“Americans have fully embraced Mormonism, it will not be a problem at all,” said a source close to Gregg.
Tim Tebow had no comment.

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  1. This is why I love Weekly World News; where else can you find great stories like this that the others are afraid to report? By the way, they forgot to mention that bat-boy is actually one of Romney's sons, by wife # 12 I believe.

  2. I was first babtist when I was old enough to make a religious choice, which is 14 to most but my preacher claimed I was old enough to be saved at the ripe age of NINE! Later on I then went back to live with mormon family for a few years, converting I believe I was twelve, thirteen. I loved the people, they are amazing when it comes to community love. No one was married to more then one wife, that BS is only alive in Utah and Arizona in compounds ravid with death and desease led by a man who now serves life in prison. I do not believe in any writen text that is mass produced that claims your only key to salvation is its word. I find faith in myself and family. I preffer salvation found through personal enlightenment of my own being and the unkown. Anyways… bantering. Point is, half these photos are chopped up. That is obviously not a picture of Mitt and his wfie in their underwear, though I will confirm that is indeed what most of them wear.

  3. Do you guys not see the OBVIOUS F'N PHOTOSHOP with "ROMNEY" in the hospital? I mean, I don't like the guy what so ever, but come on! Obvious shoop is obvious.


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