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A private investigator proves that the real  killer of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman was… Jason Simpson, O.J.’s son.

In a new book, ‘OJ is Innocent and I Can Prove It,’ William C. Dear alleges Simpson went on trial, and was acquitted of murder, in an effort to deflect attention from the true killer: His son Jason.

Dear says Simpson was at the crime scene — but not until after his ex-wife and her friend had been stabbed to death.

After a six-year investigation, Dear says he has found circumstantial evidence that links Jason Simpson, 41, to the murders.

The private eye claims he dug through Jason Simpson’s garbage and his abandoned storage locker in search of new evidence, the New York Post reported.

In the search, Dear says he found a hunting knife that forensic experts say is the murder weapon that was never recovered during the police investigation.

He also found photographs of Jason Simpson wearing a knit cap, similar to one that was discovered at the crime scene. Prosecutors were unable to link the hat to OJ Simpson.

Dear calls Jason Simpson ‘the overlooked suspect’ and produced a documentary film released in 2010 detailing the accusations that he is the real culprit behind the murder.

Dear says two months before the murders, Jason Simpson assaulted his girlfriend. The chef also deals with ‘intermittent rage disorder,’ according to the New York Post.

Despite these alleged findings, Jason Simpson’s DNA and fingerprints were never compared to those found at the crime scene. He was never interviewed by police, either, the Post reports.

OJ Simpson was the prime suspect for the murders because he helped to cover up his son’s crimes and, in effect, allowed himself to take the fall, the book claims.

The Post could not reach Jason Simpson, who is working as a chef in Miami, for a comment.

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  1. Do you remember the knife was found round trash can at Airport OJ"Actually went to well some foreigners hopped wall was clue or this Jason Simson age 41 two different trash cans the BLOODY KNIFE was found at airport as OJ went to airport proof showed he carried some knife thinking it belonged to OJ could it have not been OJ he is alive mabye he can tell he was too silent during trial his wife was killed in his home in California after the Limosuine arrived and servant may have been in quarters a hut outside Kato other crime OJ did was sports memorabilia later.Posted April 1,2012.

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