Rumors are swirling that The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are headed for a divorce.
Rumors are that Kate is getting bored with the Royal lifestyle – and William.
The couple have spent the past week in the French Alpine ski resort of Meribel, along with Kate’s parents and her younger brother James. Sister Pippa and her friend George Percy were reportedly there, too – all sharing the same chalet.

Prince Harry has repeatedly said recently that William and Kate are already becoming decidedly middle-aged, even dull.  Their marriage has lost all it’s excitement – and that’s tough to do when you are a Dutchess and Prince.
William prefers staying home, having home-cooked meals and watching DVDs at their Anglesey home rather than going out on the town.

They even turned down an invitation from their friends last week in favor of their holiday with the Middletons. Holly Branson, daughter of Sir Richard, had invited them to join her, Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark at a party at the Branson family chalet in Verbier, Switzerland.
Kate wanted to go, William didn’t.
A source said: ‘They were invited to join Holly and her friends on the slopes but William and Kate chose to go away with her parents instead. Their friends see a lot less of William and Kate these days.’

The couple have vowed to holiday with Kate’s parents at least once a year, as William enjoys a warm rapport with both Carole and Michael, whom he sometimes jokingly refers to as ‘Dad’.
“William doesn’t really go out any more,” said a source close to the couple.  “Kate never did either, but she doesn’t want to sit on the sofa every night like William wants to.”
Next week, the couple will return to Anglesey for more of that ordinary life as Mr and Mrs Wales, as they like to be known. William will report for his search-and-rescue shifts at RAF Valley as usual, while Kate will be settling back into domesticity.
Rumors are swirling that Kate has met with one of London’s top divorce attorney’s.  “She wants it to be quick and easy,” said a source close to Kate.
“Kate is still a vibrant, sexy young woman.  She doesn’t want to be a prisoner of her house(s) for the rest of her life.  She wants to have fun.”  Sources close to Kate, say that her sister Pippa is prodding her sister to get a divorce.
Sources say there is a man in the wings, ready to take William’s place:

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  1. How can there be a news release about Kate being 5 days pregnant on one page and another about her getting a divorce on the same day? I guess these kinds of stories sell a lot of newspapers.

  2. I can't beleive all the crap you guys write about the Prince & his beautiful Duchess. This stuff about a divorce is nothing but lies. You all should go to jail for writing this crap. If your going ot write this crap then provide proof before you go about spouting yor mouth.

  3. oh great . i want to take kate's place and kate is a fool letting go of everything a girl dreams of-fame ,wealth ,family everything. just if i could live that life

  4. i want to take kate's place and she is a fool letting go of what every girl dreams of-fame,wealth,family everything
    kate is making a big mistake and why is william so boring. if he doesnt go why does he let not kate go.
    no girl wants to be a prisoner to her husband.so sad.but for me,yippee.

  5. The truth is William has found out that Kate was a former teenage prostitute, and he wants out.
    The ultimate humiliation.

  6. Mother always taught me "Debbie" NEVER believe what you hear, until it comes right straight from the horses mouth ! until you see someone say "yes this is true" don't beleive it !!!

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  8. What a load of bollocks lol! Doesn't anybody realise that if this was true it would be the biggest news ever? You wouldn't be able to pick up a newspaper, magazine or switch to any channel without seeing about it XD and the even funnier thing us. People are stupid enough to believe it!!! It's just too funny to me lol x


  10. Some people just cannot see others happy this so so bad so much negative energy is generated.William and Kate are always so happy toegther and they lived together before getting married, actually they lived in Anglesey ……. they are used to each other as William himself said in the inteview they gave when they got engaged, he said they had been together for a good amount of time and that was very important for them…. now Kate is pregnant with their firs baby…… obviously they are not divorced………and he was so caring with her when she was in the hospital he was there all day by her bedside…….not a behavior f one who is planning a divorce………

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