The corpse blew a casket!
Family members who gather at a Texas funeral home to mourn the death of 38-year-old Robert Cavazos Jr. reeled in horror when the dead man’s corpse suddenly exploded, according to their shocking lawsuit.
The force of the blast ripped open Cavazos’ cement-lined coffin and filled the funeral home in Raymondville, Texas with “a horrendous, foul oder,” according to Maria Perez, the family’s attorney.
The lawyer said Cavazos’ body exploded because it was not embalmed and gases formed within the corpse as the decomposition process occurred.

“Robert’s 82-year-old mother, Theresa, and about 20 mourners were at the funeral home on a Sunday morning in a room with the casket when they hear a loud explosion and smelled a real foul stench,” Miss Perez told WWN.
“They could see the body trhough the cracked casket and saw that Robert had been buried in his underwear,”  Miss Perez said.
“They still have nightmares!”

The family’s anguishing experience began when Cavazoss, who was divorced and lived with his mother, died of natural causes in his sleep.
Cavazos’ elderly mom and 18-year-old son were in the room when employees of Duddleston Funeral Home came for the body of the six-foot-four, 380-pound man.
“James Duddleston said they couldn’t get their gurney through the doorway so he called in some volunteer firemen and two police officers, ‘ Miss Perez said.  They pt two blankets on the floor then rolled the body out of bed and dumped it onto the floor t. They grabbed the blankets and held his arms and dragged him trough the house as his mother and son watched.  It was highly offensive.
According to Miss Perez the family was later told by funeral home officials that “embalming Robert wouldn’t do any good because he was so large they could also save $450 that way.”

Several hours after Cavzos corpse exploded mourners stood in front of Dudleston Funeral home watching in disbelief as workers used a crane to hoist the dead a’s body and casket onto the back of a flat-bed truck fort the ride to the cemetery, Miss Perez said.
The attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Cavazos family demanding $1 million in damages.
Funderal parlor officials have denied any negligence in the case.

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  1. This brings a new meaning to internal combustion. I think the family shouldnt get the money because they were too cheap to get the the body embalmed.

  2. lol this article is full of lies lies lies they dont say the truth at alllll but i guess this are the things people have to do to get more bussiness but what sarts bad ends bad just remember that "good sheperd"

  3. There was a woman in new mexico years ago, they found her in a room and she just blew up while on duty, a street worker. she went into the bathroom and the man had passed out for a few minutes after their thing and he found her on the floor in there. till this day the cause of death is unknown, but we all know what it was. there has bin a few documented cases of this.


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