Bat Boy has been seen on the stand-up comedy circuit.
NEW YORK — While many thought Bat Boy had gone into seclusion in recent weeks to shed his current set of wings, several reports pin him in unlikely spots: comedy clubs throughout New York City. According to eyewitness accounts, the creature is trying his hand at stand-up.
Whether it’s Comedy Cellar or Carolines, Gotham Comedy Club or Laugh Lounge, Bat Boy has been doing guest spots at all of the city’s premiere stand-up locations. However, some find his stage show to be quite unsettling.
“He just kind of stands there and shrieks,” said Bart Hall, a regular club-goer. “I was expecting to hear about his exploits and daring escapes, his opinions on women and hot-button social issues. Seeing him just makes you feel … weird.”
Others feel that the creature has a novel approach to the art form.  One attendee to a Bat Boy spot was more than entertained.
“Seeing Bat Boy do comedy changed me,” said Ken Dawson, 44, of White Plains. “He’s taking stand-up and turning it on its head in a really profound way. I thought it was hilarious. It was like a big middle finger to all that stereotypical, airplane joke stuff. Bat Boy could change the world with his comedy.”

Though the audience may be split on their opinions, promoters and club owners seem to support Bat Boy’s foray into stand-up. Karry Batz, Bat Boy’s self-proclaimed manager, maintains that the creature is just starting out.
“He’s just dipping his clawed little toes into comedy,” Batz said.  “We’re taking it slow.  That said, Bat Boy is looking forward to his many spots around town this weekend, an appearance on Opie and Anthony on Monday and a possible summer tour.”

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