“The Hunger Games” inspires “Gladiator Style” Reality TV!

The upcoming movie sensation, “The Hunger Games”, is influencing Hollywood in unexpected ways. The film, which opens on March 23rd, is already breaking box office records. Advance ticket sales for the film have outsold previous record holder, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” making the dystopian series’ first film the most pre-purchased ticket ever- and Hollywood execs are finding creative ways to keep the cash-cow going.

“People are fascinated by the concept of the film- young people battling to the death, with the winner as the sole survivor. We want to bring that excitement from the big screen to every living room in America,” said one Fox executive.
Therein lies the theme of the hottest new reality T.V show: “Reality Gladiators.”
In the premiere season, 15 contestants will fight to the death in the most controversial program ever on TV.  As in the movie, the competitors will be released in an arena filled with traps and obstacles, and then will be provided with a variety of lethal weapons. In an attempt to up the ante and build public interest in the idea, the network has decided to use real reality TV stars as competitors.
“We want to make people care about the competition,” our source said, “whether you want to watch ‘Jersey Shore’s’ Snooki hit with a crossbow, or ‘The Bachelor’s’ Ben Flajnik decapitated with a machete, this is truly a program for every reality TV fan.”

WWN wondered, how will these Reality stars be convinced to participate in such a dangerous program? It turns out that there is already a waiting list to join the cast. Among those already selected are Bethenny Frankel, Pauley D, Kate Gosselin, and Ben Flajnik. Snooki was rumored to have dropped out with the announcement of her pregnancy, but is in talks to return for season 2.

“These ‘Stars’, they just can’t get enough of the limelight – good or bad. They were practically begging us to let them try out.” WWN was told that the selection process for the program is an unusual one. Rather than “audition,” the candidates’ entry was voted upon by a panel, based on how loathsome they were found to be, and “how beneficial” it would be for mankind to be rid of them forever.
Sources tell us that Lindsay Lohan made repeated attempts to land a role on the show, but was turned down for not being a true ‘Reality’ star.
Check out the film that inspired it all, “The Hunger Games,” beginning March 23rd.

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