The blogger known as Bugeyes126 has come forward as the tagger that has been defacing billboards for the chinese restaurant, Wu’s Diamond Garden.<
Bugeyes126 has been defacing the billboards with the mysterious text, “The Men In Black Suits Are Real,”  along with a phone number (888-202-9797), and a plea for readers to “Join the MIBelievers.”

The intent of his message is unclear.   Is he recruiting readers for his blog?  Or perhaps there is a higher purpose for his message… much higher… extraterrestrial perhaps?  Experts at the United Nations Panel on Extraterrestrials are closely monitoring his blog and have put him on the international watch list.

Bugeyes’ blog presents some compelling evidence for an alien presence on Earth.  He seems to be set out to prove the existence of a group policing these extraterrestrials, the men he calls “The Men in Black Suits.”
But who are they?  And what exactly does he  hope to prove?  Why now?

Bugeyes has been tracking strange and unexplained incidences all over the globe that he feels will prove the existence of aliens in our midst. We recommend monitoring his blog, www.themeninblacksuitsarereal.com, for further information.
One thing that Bugeyes needs to explain however, is why he targeted these particular billboards?  Something smells fishy…and it isn’t Wu’s famous “Delicious Blob.”


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