NEW YORK – A rare breed of giant rat is terrorizing the New York City subway system.
The latest in a string a giant rat sightings was caught on video in the Bronx. Even more frightening is the news that, according to a veterinarian from the Bronx Zoo, the rat in the video recently gave birth. Rat litters typically have 8 to 12 babies, but can have as many as 16 or 18.
Dr. Paul Victorino, the Bronx Zoo’s mammalian veterinarian, provided a possible explanation for the recent rat sightings.
“This rodent is normally found in the northern parts of South America. The breed prefers a warm, moist tropical climate. I’m not sure how this poor creature ended up in the Bronx. My guess is that someone in the illegal animal trades was trying to raise and sell these them in the city. This type of rat gets very aggressive as it grows and requires a lot of space. Again, this is only a guess, but my feeling is someone had a litter of these rats and couldn’t handle them. Who knows, maybe they abandoned them on the tracks. I can tell you one thing. This rat here recently gave birth. And rats being what they are, we will be seeing her children’s children very soon.”
Ending speculation, Victorino confirmed that the animal is rat and not a possum.

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  1. wow…WWN wrote about this like its something special. Can you say….POSSUM. Makes me doubt so much on this site. Victorino needs to find another job since he clearly cant tell what a possum is. WOW

  2. Looks like a possum to me, too. If it makes the New Yorkers feel any better, Ill dig out my trusty plus five sword and slay them all. For a price.

  3. I'm interested to hear more about the city's planned rodent control program for the subway infestation. Will the food ban push through? Or bigger budgets for cleaning the subways and pest control services.

  4. This is a possum. I lived in California for 4 years and possums were all running around close by every night. This animal has every attribute a possum does. The colors, face shape, teeth and mouth shape, body, and even the ears.


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