Sources close to the Kardashians say that the stress of the last year is taking it’s toll on Kim – she’s going bald!
Doctors in Beverly Hills say that Kim Kardashian is suffering from stress-induced baldness and if she doesn’t get control of her life – and her hair – soon, she will be completely bald in six months.
Kim  shocked onlookers at Charles De Gaulle airport this morning when she arrived for Paris Fashion Week sporting a large bald spot.

The 31-year-old reality star was seen with a thinning patch at the side of her head.  Some witnesses said they saw a bottle of Rogaine in her bag.
Naomi Campbell, Alexandra Burke and Tamara Beckwith have all suffered from hair loss as a result of over-tight extensions and weaves – and just general hair abuse and stress.  Kim is no different – her wedding and divorce has caused her undue stress, which has caused her to lose hair.
Rumors are swirling that Kris Humphries dumped Kim because he noticed her bald spot just a month into the marriage:

Trichologists say that quite often with celebrity hair thinning or loss nowadays, hair extensions are to blame.
Some say it’s just bed head.  Others say it’s just bad genes.

Here is what Kim will look like when she’s totally bald in six months:

Rumors are that Kim is not only joining Hair Club For Men, but she will be their new spokesperson.
Reporting by Jade Waktkins, Daily Mail


  1. Whats so wrong with bald women anyway? Remember the one lady in the first Star Trek movie? And the blue lady from Farscape? Bald can be sexy!


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