For the last 17 years barfly Jason Fernway has supported himself exclusively on bar bets – and he’s raked in a small fortune!
Barfly Fernway is the world’s most unuual professional gambler. The Boston man’s net worth is now an estimated 10 million and he plans to retire – at the tend age of 28.
“I never had much luck with cards and I like the friendly atmosphere in bars much better than casinos.”  Fernway says.
“And unlike in casinos, where the odds are stacked against you, a well-prepared gambler has a huge advantage ina bar wager.”
Here, exclusively for Weekly World News readers, the expert reveals 10 of his all-time favorite bar bests.

Belly up to the bar and bet your drinking buddies, they’ll answer the following “simple” questions wrong (answers follow).
1. The “immaculate conception” refers to the birth of what biblical figure/
2. Which is the most accurate:  The original Star Wars movie is set 1,000 years in the future, 100 years in the future or five years in the future?
3.  Alaska is the northernmost U.s. state.  Is it also the farthest east, west or both?
4.  The Following piece of music as written in honor of a famous hero.  What was his weapon of choice?  (Hum the Lone Ranger theme.)
5. Is Reno, Nev., east or west of Los Angeles?
6. During a Leap Year, how many times does the sun go around the Earth?
7.  Which U.s. state known for its lovely beaches, lies farthest south?
8.  True or false:  the name of a notorious woman who was convicted of killing her parents with an ax was Lizzie Borden.
9.  Which goes farther north Maine or Idaho?
10.  Going from the Atlantic to the Pacific, through the Panama Canal, in which direction are you traveling – east or west?

1.  The Virgin Mary – not, as about everyone but a seminary student will tell you, Jesus.
2.  Five years – since the movie takes place in the past.  (Does the phrase “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, mean anything to you?”
3.  Everyone will say west, but it’s also the furthest east – some of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands are on the far side of longitude 180 degrees, the line that separates west from east.
4. Since the William Tell Overture is the real name of the tune,t he answer is a crossbow – not a six-shooter.
5.  West. (look at a map).
6.  Zero, Earth orbits the sun.
7.  Hawaii, not as suckers will presume, Florida.
8.  False.  Lizzie was found not guilty – like O.J.
9. Idaho stretches a lot further north than most people realize – about 60 miles higher than Maine.
10. East.

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