NIGXI, China – Newly found scrolls reveal that 500 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, a man was born in China who lived an almost identical life.
Chinese Jesus taught the same principles, worked the same miracles – and suffered a similar brutal execution – as Jesus.
Many biblical scholars agree that the Asian prophet, Ying-Li, was the first incarnation of the Son of God!

The life of Ying-Li is almost perfectly parallel to that of Jesus – even in small details,” says German theologian Rev. Heinz Mueller. “Many of my colleagues and I believe that he was God’s first attempt to send us a Messiah to save us from our sins.  But for various reasons, the people of his time weren’t ready for his message and all written records of his life were lost – until now.
“Another factor that contributes to his anonymity is that other great men lived in the Yangtze Valley during and just after that time – most notably, Confucius and Lao-tse. These less important,  but better known men, got more notoriety and allowed Ying-Li’s message to be lost.”
Ying-Li’s life is chronicled in seven ancient scrolls discovered last month in a cave near Sian.

Here are some details of Christ’s life and how they compare to those of Ying-Li
Jesus – was born of poor parents in a stable that housed domestic animals.
Ying-Li was born of poor parents outdoors under a makeshift thatched roof built to protect oxen and other domestic animals.
The coming of Jesus – had been prophesied for hundreds of years.  A great star in the sky led seekers to the place of His birth.
The coming of Ying-Li had been prophesied for 50 years.  Several stars led seekers to the place of his birth from many different directions.

Jesus – taught that God is love and defined the Pharisees (the predominant religious teachers of His time) –  by saying that he was the son of God.
Ying-Li – taught that God is love and defied the aristocratic warrior class by saying that he was the son of God.
Jesus – cured lepers, blind men, cripples and the insane.
Ying-Li – cured lepers, blind men, cripples and the insane.
Jesus – walked on water, raised the dead and fed 5,000 people with just two fishes and five loaves of bread.
Ying-Li – walked on water, raised the dead and fed 5,000 people with ony one small bowl of rice and three stalks of grainl
Jesus – said “judge not that you be not judged.”
Ying-Li – said, Y”Your condemnatino condemns you.”
Jesus – was put to death by crucifixion on charges trumped-up by the Pharisees because His teachings went against their believes.
YIng-Li was put to death by beheading on charges trumped-up by the ruling warrior class because he taught peace.
Jesus – rose from the dead three days after his execution.
Ying-Li – rose from the dead three days after his execution.

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12 thoughts on “CHINESE JESUS”

  1. It's quite obvious: many ancient cultures have some kind of their-own-Jesus-like-savior. Maybe there was a real person and the news traveled far away and people just adapted their culture to the stories.

  2. There can be many Jesus ones out there, the problem might be if they set themelves for poltitical humiliation from others.
    Stage settings of such sorts to get attention can be many.
    Just a note, whoever knows how to interpret the Bible logically will know its adversary personally in many respects.

  3. I thought the Chinese worshipped their Ancestors, and not a monotheist God. I suppose some conspiracy nut will say the Christians ripped off the Chinese savior in a bid to gain more power and take over the world. 😛

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  5. Another copy made by the communist chinese. just predated it by 500 years so as to make it as though christ was chinese.

  6. Proud cultures have to have their own pre existing story of anything successful brought from outside. Upon learning of the success of Christ, some one in China has created their own version either to make the message culturally acceptable or not to be outdone. Predating events or manuscripts to fit the purpose comes easily.


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