NEW YORK, NY – Having been released on bail, Bernie Madoff is now open game for Bat Boy!
Bernie Madoff made his first public appearance since his arrest at a New York City federal courthouse, signing over his real estate to help cover his $10 million bond. He surrendered his passport and must abide by a curfew to stay in his apartment from 7PM to 9AM.
But it’s likely Madoff will spend the next few months holed up at home to avoid Bat Boy!
After announcing his mission of vengeance, Bat Boy has been on the hunt ever since, haunting the streets of Manhattan in the search for Madoff. He has been using his attuned sense of smell and echolocation to track the investor, but hasn’t made the final strike yet.
Madoff has not been making it easy for the world’s most famous mutant. He’s used a number of tricks to confuse Bat Boy, like wearing deer pheromones, urban camouflage and fake mustaches.
The only effective defense has been mosquito traps, which Bat Boy has fallen for every time.
Will Bat Boy triumph over evil?

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