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Lonely Doctor is Suture Happy

DENVER, Colo. — Playboy Kurt Fulson has never made a proposal on his knee. “Though I have, in fact, just received one there,” the billionaire told Weekly World News.
Fulson, who took a nasty spill while snowboarding on Aspen Mountain, discovered a phone number stitched into his left leg after reconstructive surgery. “I saw the name ‘Sandy’ sutured right next to the number,” Fulson added. ‘Sandy’ turned out to be Dr. Sandra Nemington, head of the surgical team responsible for rebuilding Fulson’s ligaments.
 “I saw him when he arrived for prep and couldn’t resist leaving my info,” Dr. Nemington said. “I imagine he gets a lot of numbers and I didn’t want him to overlook mine.” Nemington insisted that the digits, artfully stitched, won’t become part of Fulson’s permanent scar in case things don’t work out.
Will love bloom a patella? Fulson remained guarded during a set of leg exercises with his physical therapist, Natasha. “I can’t make any promises,” he said with a wink, “though so far, Sandy has made me a bit wobbly in the knees.”

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