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Global Cooling on Pluto?

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Late last week, NASA received a desperate — and surprise — SOS from the planet Pluto.
“They wanted us to send heat lamps immediately,” explained Communications Officer Sunny Cavalier. “They need them to combat global cooling.
“They’re having the opposite ecological problem from what we’re experiencing on Earth,” Cavalier continued. “As Pluto’s orbit carries it farther from the Sun, their temperatures fall as low as minus four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.”
The thin atmosphere of the recently demoted ‘dwarf planet’ then freezes and falls to the surface, causing distressed locals to scream into the universe’s bandwaves, “The sky is falling! No, really! It is!”
“We’ve launched a supply ship that should provide them some relief,” said Cavalier, “if they can hold on until it reaches them in 2016.”

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