Bat Boy tried living the high life – but he hated it.  He’s selling his Vacation Cave.  You want it?

Sitting on 37 acres just outside of Morgantown, West Virginia a mining town-turned-Baby Boomer retirement, the Bat Boy Cave House is carved into an outcropping of granite boulder, extending more than 2,000-square feet into a desert grotto.

“Bat Boy is down-to-earth.  He doesn’t believe in hype and he just didn’t see the need to have a second cave.  He felt it was too  much,” said Dr. Barry Leed, who has been following Bat Boy since he was first discovered years ago.

Bat Boy’s strange and unusual dwelling is up for grabs and could be yours for $1.5 million. It occupies 2,890-square feet of living space and comes with a 890-square foot guest house, a subterranean game room underneath the guest house, a library building, a stand-alone workshop space, a separate home office, and a carport.

The main house features rough walls, rock and cement ceilings, and potable wall water seep that is collected from a natural spring. There’s a glass-walled batroom, a commercial-grade kitchen with stained glass cabinets and mosaic tiling, an-eight mutant dining room, a sunken living room, two full bathrooms, a sleep loft with walk-in closet tucked below underneath the loft stairs, and a back room that is currently used as an exercise and yoga room.

There’s also a wild party room, that Bat Boy took advantage of often.  Here he is with one of his many lady friends:

“It’s technically a bat made cave that was actually blasted out of the rock existing there,” explains Jean Noreen, a Realtor with Bisbee Realty and the listing agent for the Bat Boy Cave House. ”But it has all of the good qualities of a cave for living like it stays the same temperature all year round.” Maintaining a so-called ‘rock temperature,’ the house never slides below 66 degrees Fahrenheit or above 72 degrees.

Rather, the home’s natural pools are a short hike away, up the side of a nearby mountain and fed by a freshwater creek for six to eight months out of the year. The higher up the mountain you climb the more pools you have to choose from. The owners also installed a carefully camouflaged hot tub.

The other buildings on the premises peddle some secretive amenities, too. Lying below the two-story guest house is a game room with a separate entrance. The subterranean space is constructed of cement blocks and fluorescent lighting. The nearby library building, also constructed of cement blocks, doubles as a safe house, with a back room accessible through a roll-down metal security door hidden behind a sliding glass door. The back room is equipped with a Murphy bed, an air conditioner, an antique vault and a climate-controlled gun safe.

Some buyers are hesitant to own a cave that Bat Boy lived in but local realtors said that “it’s a celebrity property, demand is high.”

Go buy yourself Bat Boy’s cave!

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  1. Don't get me wrong here – the cave is looks really great. I just have to wonder why there's not so much as an air conditioner or ventilation. The place is going to get stuffy really fast when the mercury rises.


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