LOS ANGELES –   Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver called off their divorce on Christmas day.  They’re  still in love!

Sources told WWN that Maria Shriver told Arnold Schwarzenegger on Christmas that wants to reconcile and get back together with him.  Arnold was thrilled and accepted.  The couple plans to move back in together this week.

Maria reportedly feels that divorce does not fit with her strongly held religious beliefs.  She is a devout Catholic, as is Arnold.  “They promised themselves to God and each other. They plan to honor their commitment,” said a friend of Arnold’s driver.
Arnold never wanted to leave Maria and has been “extremely sweet” to her  since she found out that he fathered a child with their nanny and has reportedly had over one hundred affairs.   “He’s showered her with gifts over the last seven months and Maria saw that he was trying to make amends,” said a source close to the Shriver.

The nanny/mistress, Mildred Baena, who had an affair with Arnold and gave birth to his son, was thrilled to learn that Maria and Arnold were getting back together.   “I love them  both and I hope they stay married forever,” Baena reportedly said.   Baena also hopes to move into the Schwarzenegger mansion with Maria and the rest of the family.  “We are one big happy family now.”

Maria filed for divorce on July 1, though she moved out months earlier.  She bought a mansion in Brentwood, CA, which she’s in the process of renovating, but sources say she plans to just sell it now.
Another happy ending in Hollywood!

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  1. I do not believe that her real reasons for taking him back (IF that's what she's doing) have much to do with her religious beliefs. Those are nice reasons to trot out…sounds good and all. But there's something about Arnold that she likes–his fame, his fortune, the status. He fulfills some of her needs. She would not have nearly the career opportunities that she has had but for his fame as a rather outrageous actor. I do believe the happiness of her children is also a reason–but the whole Catholic thing. I come from a religious family (very) and I don't even believe that. Not for a second…sorry.

  2. One big happy ending and meantime here in Chicago I've been unemployed for five years and facing mortgage foreclosure, Who the f…k cares !!


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