LOS ANGELES – There are rumors out of China that companies hired to produce Kardashian products – use slave labor!
The Kardashians — who make millions of bucks off of their fashion lines — use “slave labor” and turn a blind eye to shocking working conditions … this according to news reports out of Los Angeles, China and a small island near Fiji.
They also reportedly make their workers wear “Kardashian” clothes to work and during their breaks they have to watch Kardashian reality shows.  Sources at the factories told WWN that watching the Kardashians is the real torture.  They feel that Americans are the ones that are the real “Kardashian slaves.”
A human rights group is investigating claims that workers in China — as young as 12 — are working in squalid conditions to manufacture merchandise for the K-Dash by Kardashian label, the Kris Jenner Kollection and ShoeDazzle, according to a Star Magazine investigation.
The Kardashians seemed unaffected by the reports:

The institute for Global Labour and Human Rights confirmed with TMZ that they have launched an investigation, amidst claims the Kardashians’ products are produced in factories reeking of stench from sewage, with temperatures north of 110 degrees.  An official from the organization told WWN, conditions in the factories that manufacture Kardashian products are “horrific.”
Here’s one of the better factories reportedly making Kardashian products:

“The Kardashians are multi-millionaires, thanks to the American public, and they employ people who work in sub-human conditions.  It’s just awful,” said a source close to Global Labour.
There are also claims the employees work up to 94 hours a week, earning $1 an hour (at the most).   The Kardashians rake in approximately $65 million a year – unless they have a faux wedding, in which case they can rake in up to $170 million a year.

The Kardashians are denying that they employ slaves (Kris Humphries excluded).
Kris Jenner told TMZ that the factories in China manufacture a number of products unrelated to Kardashian lines.  Jenner said, “As far as I know the factories that are used to manufacture the Kardashian clothing and shoes have nothing terrible going on at all and the factories are very well policed and meet factory standards.”   Kris says she has not visited the factories in China.
But she reportedly loves the products they make for their Las Vegas store.  “They do great work,” said a source close to Kris.

Producers for the Kardashian empire had a great idea to capitalize on the slave labor rumors… “they’re talking about having another reality show, Kardashians Go To China,” said producer Joe Gilmore.  “They will work in the factories that make their products and they will help to make all that work their beautiful and happy and ‘kool’.   They think they can change China – in 13 episodes.”
The Kardashians feel that they should capitalize on any news about their family – whether it be good or bad.  “It’s  all good news, as long as we can make money,” said a source close to the Kardashians.
Barbara Walters recently named the Kardashians “the most fascinating women in America,” and reportedly told friends that she believes the Kardashians represent all that is right with America.

Kim was recently in Haiti – helping girls living in poverty pick out the “perfect” mascara.

According to insiders, the Kardashians believe they represent “normal Americans” and because they are “famous for being famous” that affords them the opportunity to heal the world.  “We have special powers,” said a source close to the family.
Look out China… here they come!

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  1. I choose to read about this family when I need a laugh. They are the biggest joke in this world. It would not suprise me if they used slaves to make their products. They are the cause of societies decline, but as long as they fill their pockets they dont care. I hope kim doesnt have any children, shes not fit to be a mother, shes only good for sleeping around and getting a new boyfriend every month. Kanye will be good to get rid of this trash can and find himself wife material. Kim may be a good bang but shes not wife material. As for her sisters and mother and her dud step dad, they have all sold their souls to the devil for money. People stop buying into their brand, then their elongated 15 minutes turned 5 years of fame will be dusted.


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