LOS ANGELES –  Octomom is launching a show on parenting.  It will launch online first, but NBC is reportedly picking it up for the Spring. 
Nadya Suleman, Octomom,  inked a multi-million dollar deal to host her own talk show that revolves around – parenting.  She will give mothers across the country advice on how to care for children, how to juggle work and home life and generally… how to be a better woman.
Suleman has 14 children – 8 of which were born at the same time.

“Ms. Suleman has faced challenges that most woman have not had to face.  And she has much more experience raising children that most woman,” a source at NBC told WWN.   “We expect the show to be as big as Dr. Phil.   Her pilot show did extremely well in our focus groups.”

Dr. Drew Pinksy reportedly told friends that he thinks Octomom will be a smash hit on TV.  “Americans can learn a lot from her.”
Nadya has already launched “OctoTV” on the web.  She is streaming the show live from her home every Sunday.  Not only is she an expert on parenting, but she also gives advice on fitness, diet, nutrition, shopping, getting money from the government, how to be crazy and dating advice for single mom’s with eight or more children.

Many expect OctoMom to be much bigger than Kate Gosselin (Kate Plus 8).  Gosselin’s show ended this year, but she is still videotaping her children every day “so that they feel that they have a normal life.”

Octomom has proven that you don’t have to be single and alone.  You can  pay to get pregnant with multiple embryos and then get other people to pay you to raise your kids AND then make millions of dollars as a celebrity.
“I will tell all women how to do what I’ve done.  I’m a success and they can be too,” said Suleman.
The U.S. Census Bureau is expecting a major baby boom in 2012.
Here’s a clip from her online show:

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  1. That was funny. Can you even imagine the sad, pathetic loser that would want advice from that POS lunitic Octomom? I don't believe she's getting paid either." If it don't make sense, it's usually not true!" ~Judge Judy
    I want to know when someone's gonna come in & help those kids before they're damaged beyond repair! I doubt any of them will be rocket scientists but, they deserve to be in a loving home that doesn't smell like old pee, has holes kicked in every wall & is filthy. Isn't it enough that Octomom is their parent? Damn, those kids are in hell.


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