This Chinese pig won’t let anything stop him.
Check out the YouTube video below. According to the description (as translated by Google Translate), this hog was reportedly born in July without any hind legs, but nonetheless learned to walk.
Nearby Chinese villagers call it “strong pig.” And we think it’s fair to say he is quite athletic, as he carries all 66 pounds of his own body weight over its head.

Is his talent enough to keep him from becoming bacon?  Well, he has a leg up on the other pigs.    This guy is a master at handstands.
A villager in the town  told WWN via Skype that the pig will definitely NOT be slaughtered. “This pig has already become a symbol of the strong Chinese spirit,” the villager told WWN.  “This pig show how strong Chinese people and animals are.  We much stronger than Americans.  If this were American pig, it would be in the corner whining and moaning about how bad the world has been to him.  Not in China.  In China we are fighters.  We overcome anything.”

Well, there you have it.   It is the Year of the Disabled Pig in China.
And here’s the amazing video:

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6 thoughts on “DISABLED PIG WALKS!”

  1. Strains the limits of credulity. So we are supposed to believe that the Chinese have a pig that they WILL NOT slaughter and eat. Much less one that is walking on it's front legs. The latter perhaps. No doubt it is trying to walk out of the hegemony minded totalitarian myopic pig pen in which it finds itself. PIGS AIN'T DUMB. Let's start a movement and free this pig. Bring it to the west I say. Go west young pig, go west. Respectfully, Egbert B. Stubing


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