PALO ALTO, CA –   WWN has learned that Apple has created a special tombstone for Steve Jobs.

The shape of the Steve Jobs tombstone is an iPod.   It comes with a power adapter.

The inscription reads:  “Steve Jobs, fatal error occurred.”

Why the iPod?   Insiders say that the iPod was the first product that Jobs launched when he rejoined the company and it was really want made Apple THE dominant player in technology, music and every other medium.

Some thought this was his headstone:


The family considered it, but they went with the iPod headstone.

Steve Jobs is buried in a non-denominational Palo Alto cemetery.   Visitors must be granted permission to view the grave.  If you are lucky enough to visit the grave you are reminded by the cemetery guide to “stay hungry, stay foolish” – a favorite phrase of Steve Jobs.

There are rumors that Steve Jobs was buried in a coffin that looked like this:

Those rumors are false.

The family is happy with the tombstone, but they are not so happy with the unauthorized action figure that was recently created.  Check it out:


Looks real, doesn’t it?  The 12-inch doll from In Icons and has round glasses, is dressed in Jobs’ classic uniform of black turtleneck, jeans and sneakers and has the trimmed facial hair that Jobs liked. The company is even including a stool and a “one more thing” backdrop to make your WWDC re-enactments even more lifelike, but alas, a tiny Mac, iPhone and iPad aren’t included.

The doll won’t be released until late February, but break out your credit cards because pre-orders for the $99 likeness are now being accepted.

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