LOS ANGELES – Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have reconciled and plan to re-marry on New Year’s Eve.
Kim Kardashian returned from a promotional trip to Australia, and was mobbed at the airport.  At least she had her “Paparazzi Pillow to protect herself.

Fifteen minutes after landing, Kim got on another plane and… immediately flew to the home as seen making a e home of Kris Humphries in Chanhassen, MN.
She waited on his porch until he would come out.  He didn’t – so she called him repeatedly on her cellphone.

Kris never came outside and never answered the calls.  Kim left and soon after, Kris came outside.

But Kim cornered him at 7-Eleven and threw herself on him.  “They practically make the love in my store,” said store owner, Babu Jyoti.

The couple then went back to Kris’s house and according to sources (neighbors with binoculars), the couple “reconciled” in his bedroom for two days.

And now… Kim’s publicist has announced that the couple is going to get remarried.  But wait?  Is the divorce official yet?

“Well, the divorce has to go through, because it’s part of the E! contract.  We have a six-episode divorce arc planned for the show starting in January, but after that we plan on having some reconciliation shows and we are filming their second wedding on New Year’s Eve,” said Kim’s publicist Heidi Hamilton.

Many have accused Kim (and all the Kardashians) of deceiving the public just so they can make millions off the wedding.  The Kardashians reportedly made 17 million from the wedding, plus Kim personally pulled in 5 million in gifts and cash.

“They were really in love,” said Keeping Up With The Kardashian producer, Joe Fiori.  “And then they had a tough divorce and now they are back together again.  It’s real life.  And it’s  worth a lot of money.”

The New Year’s Eve wedding of Kim and Kris is reportedly going to take in more than $34 million for the Kardashians.   Producers say Kim and Kris won’t get divorce again – this season.

Someone is happy about that…

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  1. I never understood how people can get married and then realize it's not right in a few days or weeks! That is until it happened to me. After I got married, I found out a deep, dark secret about my wife – she had lied about something so important, to me it was a deal breaker. We stuck it on and we're good now, but if I was rich and famous, I honestly don't know what I would have done…

  2. Look at his low budget doorbell. That speaks volumes. He just isn't in her league. The doorbell tells the whole story in a nutshell.

  3. No matter wat happens between kim and kris I will always love the kardashians and I will always watch keeping up with the kardashians!


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