SANTE FE, NM – An alien was caught with a night vision camera – in the act of abducting a woman from her home.

New Mexico authorities were stunned when amateur photographer, Jeff Norris brought in a picture of an alien abducting his girlfriend, Jenna Hawser, from their apartment.  Norris had just returned from Iraq and had a night vision camera.

Norris says he and Hawser were asleep in bed when the alien just appeared at the foot of the bed.  Norris said he was frozen and couldn’t move.  The alien then picked up Hawser and started to walk away.  Norris got up and tried to run at the alien, but “it felt like there was a force field stopping me.”

He then fell to the ground right near his photography equipment.  He picked up the night vision camera and caught the alien holding his girlfriend.  “He seemed friendly, almost serene, but when I took the picture he got a little agitated and ran out of the apartment.”

Norris hasn’t seen  his girlfriend in three days.

Sante Fe authorities called in Dr. John Malley of the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials and he examined the photos that Norris took.  “We had the U.N. lab run tests and these photos are authentic and have not been manipulated at all.  We have officially registered this as an alien abduction.”

Malley went on to say that the alien was clearly “from Planet Zeeba.”  The Zeebans are part of an ongoing alien invasion, which started last October and will continue until December 2015 according to UFOlogists from around the world.   Malley told WWN that The Zeebans along with aliens from Planet Xixuc have been landing on the planet for months.  He said that the aliens from Planet Gootan are arriving in November – and it appears they may be hostile.

“We have issued a Code Purple for all the countries in the world to prepare to the invasion,” Malley told WWN.

Well, why hasn’t it been reported in the mainstream media?  Why is it listed as a hoax on some internet sites?

Malley said that the U.N. is battling governments around the world.  “Most governments have adopted the policy of denial and cover-up.   We disagree one hundred percent with that approach.  We think citizens of Earth need to prepare.”

WWN is following the invasion closely.

Meanwhile, Hawser’s family and Norris are searching for her in the mountains around Sante Fe – hoping that the alien will return and bring her home safely.

Hopefully, she wasn’t taken “up” like this:


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  2. Según dice el relato, el se quedó inmovilizado!! .. (supongo alguna fuerza de este ser), y por eso no pudo luchar por su chica y lo único que pudo hacer fue tomar las fotos. .. pero .. como tu dices .. hasta posó (el alien) para la cámara!!! .. y de haber estado inmovilizado, no hubiera podido tomar las fotografías. .. en fin…saludos


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