DENVER – President Obama plans to build an Intercontinental Railroad between New York and Paris.

At a fiery speech in Denver,  President Obama unveiled his plans to build a railroad between New York City and Paris, France.  The President had mentioned this idea last week and some in the media thought he committed a gaffe.  “It’s no gaffe, it’s his vision,” said White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney.

“President Kennedy dreamed of going to the moon, I dream of going to Paris – by train!” Obama told the Denver crowd.

President Obama wants to put Americans to work building an elaborate array of tunnels of bridges that start at Grand Central Station and end at Paris Nord Train Station.

“It’s going to take a lot of manpower to get to Paris, but I think we can do it.   We are Americans!  We know how to build bridges and tunnels!”

President Obama plans to build 3,628 miles of tunnels and bridges between New York and Paris starting at the beginning of 2012.  “Imagine waking up in New York, catching a bullet train to Paris and being home with your kids for dinner.  That’s the future I envision. That’s the new American dream.”

Will the French help finance Obama’s “intercontinental railroad” project?  “Not a chance,” said French Prime Minister Sarkozy.

Most train experts predict that even with a “bullet train” it will still take about 50 hours to travel by train to Paris from New York.  “It’s going to be hard to get up in the morning, work a full day in Paris and be home in dinner.   You would need a 120 hour day to do that,” said Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief, Tom Hillstrom.  “I’m not sure going to Paris by train is worth it.”

“Let the naysayers nay say,” said Obama.  “We can get to Paris.  I know it.  And we will build a train, we will build bridges and we will build tunnels.  And we will save our economy by putting people to work.  It’s all in my American Jobs Act.”

“He’s completely lost the plot,” said British railroad engineer Ian Blackborn.  “It’s impossible to build a system of tunnels and bridges that traverse the Atlantic.  And it’s foolish.  He’d have just as much success building a bridge to the moon.”

“So, let’s build a bridge to the moon!” said Obama when told of Blackborn’s comment.

He has a dream..

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  1. The scarier part is the Bridge he is photo op'ing in front of is owned by Kentucky, but he is speacking to an Ohio Crowd
    If work on the bridge began today, by the time permits are pulled, EPA studies finished, enginneering completed and all red tape finished, the very fisrt construction worker would hit the site sometime in mid 2015.

  2. Romano Prodi asked President Obama to build the railroad. Prodi is way more powerful than Obama. Too bad the American news media doesn't know much about him!


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