HOLLYWOOD –  A new plastic surgery procedure is all the rage in Hollywood.  Women are getting a uniboob!

Women are deathly afraid of having a  unibrow, but now they all want – the uniboob.  This is a new plastic surgery that conjoins a woman’s breasts.

“The uniboob actually enhances a woman’s breasts,” said renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Randy Wilkins.  “It keeps the breasts firmer, and will keep them in the desirable ‘up’ position for far longer, well into a patient’s 70s or even 80s.”

“I got the uniboob in April and I’m thrilled,” said Missy Conrad of Brentwood.  “Some of my girlfriend’s were horrified to learn about it, but once they’ve seen how I look in dresses and tank tops, they are thrilled.  Everybody wants to get it done.”

The Uniboob also looks good in bikinis.  “Look, it all depends on how much you want to show.  And it’s sexier to show a hint of cleavage, than letting everything show.  The uniboob still allows for a dab of cleavage and looks great in most bikinis.”

Tell that to the Brazlians, who are not shy to have plastic surgery.  “Uniboob?  That is ridiculous.  I would never get uniboob.  I want my breasts to show to everyone.  Sound like new stupid American thing,” said Lenina Goao.

Look who got a uniboob:

But many women in Hollywood are sporting the uniboob and loving it.  “I’ve had more sex since I’ve had the uniboob, then I had in the last five years combined,” said Michelle Wagner of Malibu.

Here’s another starlet with a uniboob:

The American Board of Plastic Surgery has approved the “uniboob” procedure – and should be available in all 50 states soon!

All for one?

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